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why on earth would you put us back into a world of pain with 150 kb swings - my arse is only just getting over Saturday's :)


I had a "break through" today - managed 10 double unders in row on my first attempt. I came home and announced my new feat and while my kids didn't see what was so special about it, and gave me that "mum your crazy look" (quite a common occurrance), I am still loving myself. My improved skill probably cut my skipping time in half at least.

I am loving this sport!!!! Or maybe I am just loving hanging out with people who also think being able to pass a rope twice under your feet before you jump is cool. Hmm - Matt! I think this is your fault!


Well done Lisa!

Crossfit is certainly becoming more widespread. I was chatting to my local baker (note, the bread is for the kids - I am still trying to be in the zone), and told him about this morning's workout. He immediately asked if I did Crossfit, and knew it was over in Coorparoo!! He said he liked all those weird exercises like kettle bell swings (I was impressed he knew what a kettlebell was). Of course, I encouraged him to come along, to the annual challenge in August if not before...


Lisa my hat is off to you.... it truly is about perserverance coupled with the coaching. I am sold out to the CrossFit difference in having the input from skilled practitioners who have walked the walk. Even stringing 4 d/unders together this morning felt like a major victory. Having underestimated the impact of a 20kg KB at full stretch I have once again been slapped down by the realities of scaling... died at 7 rounds but am wiser for it. After a succession of squat sessions I think I understand why Matt keeps saying "open your hips".... it's so there is an easy way for the pain to get it in!!! This is the most fun I have had in a gym in my life!!

Shaun McK

It's days like today that have you standing at the bottom of the mountain, looking up - and realising there is such a long way to go. Technique, strength, stamina (the list seems endless..) all needing to be developed and worked on.

Daunting yes, Boring NO !

"I've missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot . . . and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." (Michael Jordan)

I bet MJ hates Double Unders Too.


Geez, I haven't been in all week and feel like I'm really missing out! But I need to continue my OCD-like need to practice over and over for my beep test on Saturday.

Wendy S

Hi Bill, I just read your post from yesterday and I think you have things the wrong way around. I think if you dont get your kipping pullups before the Hard'nup Challenge that you should compete TWICE, rather than take yourself out of the picture! Cheers! Wendy. p.s. I am going to go and play at CrossFit Sunny Coast tomorrow - cant wait! See you at lunch time Lee and Lori.

Danny M

Andrew W 14.18 (12kg mod reps)
Bill S 12.23 (20)
Baby J 13.18
Lily 14.23
Ally 17.00 c/o
Davin 13.58 rx'd
Ryan B 12.13
Jimmy H 15.17

Miles 15.15
Lisa S 13.57
Glen W 9.34 (mod)
Shaun McK 14.45
Adam W 16.15
Tara 11.33
Anna Ry 12.15
Shaun McT 11.15
Dom McK 12.30
Liz 15.45
Gaz 10.15 rx'd
Brad 16.35
Roger 12.45 (20 7rnds)

Blythe 14.03 (12)
Mark F 18.13 (16)
Kate M 14.31 (12)
Linda D 10.14 (12)
Aussie B 11.31 rx'd
Jonnie big guns 9.57 rx'd
Felipe 12.39 rx'd
Tor 12.37 (16)
Kym 14.16 (16)
Crazy Ross 13.03 rx'd
Westy 12.59 rx'd


so i was coming to the 5pm session, until i was showing off to my Alice Springs friends (about 2pm) that I could "thruster" a 2.5m 4" x 2" block of hardwood at least 10 times.....i found out very quickly that the 4 by 2 is a lot harder than a bar :)

the new "chook-pen project" has been put back a week....but i should show up tomorrow, as golf is now out as well :(



Matt and Steve have a 5 min interview on the Main Site and Journal
called Meet the Aussies -- to quote part of it

"CrossFit is growing by leaps and bounds in Australia, thanks in part to the two men Tony Budding interviewed when they visited CrossFit One World in San Diego on January 17, 2009.

Matt Swift, who once owned an IT consulting firm, now operates CrossFit Brisbane. Steve Willis has a big personality (even by Australian standards) and an interesting past. He was a Counter Terrorism Team Leader with Australian Special Forces. Today, he is known as “Commando Steve” and owns CrossFit FX in Syndey. He spoke of changing people’s lives by whipping them into shape.

Matt and Steve discussed their CrossFit tour of the U.S., which included a workout soon after stepping of the plane, an oxygen-deprived visit with Lisa Ray at CrossFit Flagstaff and spending time with Lauren and Greg Glassman. A highlight was a pilgrimage to Mike’s Gym where they found it “kind of cool” to receive “a highly technical cue” from Coach Mike Burgener: “Stop being a f@@%%’ pussy.”

Matt said he quickly learned there was more to being a CrossFit trainer than starting and stopping a stop watch and writing scores on a whiteboard. The level of professionalism shown by CrossFit HQ staff has impressed him. The plan now is for CrossFit in Australia to match that level of virtuosity as rapid expansion continues.

Doug A

10 rounds for time:
15 Burpees
15 KB swings, 24kg
18:38 rxd

That will teach me for not having a jump rope at home.

Rach W

Im soooooo peeved i had to miss todays session :(
It looked AWESOME!!

2 in a row tomorrow anyone?????

Danny M

James S 16.01 (16)
Gerard 12.33 (16)
Joel 9.38 (16)
Rob D 14.01 (20)
Tiff 9.44 (12)
Bec 11.59 (12)
Abmanda 10.10 rxd
Jimmy Iron 13.46 rxd
Micah 15.38 (16)
Mike P 13.01 rxd
Danni 14.56 rxd
Adam D 13.42
Jesse 9.45 rxd

Shane H DNF
Loui 12:56 (12) 6 rnds Box Jump
Bel 12:28 (12) Box Jump
Pat C 14:11 (16)
Yvette 10:06 rxd
Johno 12:36 (16) Box Jump
Tony 13:23 (24) 7 rnds
Adam (Ruffy) 16:55 (12)
Kirsten 12:17 (8)
Virgil 22:42 (16) 1 DU in 150 attempts.

7pm: Intro
Ramona 7.25
Aaron L 7:56


Couldn't get in because of work today so I did my own little improvised workout at home:



Frank 14:15

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