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Baby John

I'm not MIA I've got the black lung pop (common flu not swine) and will hopefully be back before the end of the week but not before I'm over it.

Happy squatting...


Feel better John hope to see you back in the box soon.

Cody Lee Johnson

Hey all,

Did 12 rounds and 5 pulls of farmer cindy. Wife did 8 strong rounds.

Can't wait until the front squats.



Anna R: 40-49.5kg /13


Hey everyone! Hope all is well at CFB
I get back from Townsville tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will make it to my usual midday session. NOT looking forward to doing my 150 burpees, but I am looking forward to seeing your friendly faces
Cya soon!

Doug A

Yesterdays wod.
20 rounds + 5 pushups rxd


Interesting study about 10k running training


"Compared to the tempo trainees, the interval individuals achieved double the 10k performance gains while carrying out half as much training! The lesson is that the most productive way to improve your training and performances is to upgrade your average workout intensity (running speed)"

Danny M

Bill S 110kg pb/27 dips
Cam N 70/0
Ryan B 100/65
Dean S 92.5/39
Micah 90/35
Katrina 22.5/21
Montana 20/10
Ally 22.5
Andy W 60/0
Kate T 47.5
Anne K 45
Michelle R 52.5
Paul F
Pauline F

Kai 120/4x7
Miles W 60/77
Aron 80 pb/33
Lisa S 65/14
Brad M 100/37
Damien M 70/12
Josh G 87..5/31
Kim C 32.5
Shaun McK 55
Adam W 50
Glen W sq therapy
Roger 75/47
Michelle M 47.5
Tara 40/26
Monique 62.5/29
Anna R
Patty D 40/35 slow lowers
Dom Mc 75/22
Steve A 100/38
David McM 50/40
Ed B 80/12
Tracy D 1st session, welcome.
Pat A

Tor 62
J-Bone 117.5 pb
Rach W
Kate M 57.5, 60f
Franky C 65/32
Adam D 52/26
Andy J 70/66
Mark E 1st session, welcome !!
Trent K 1st session, welcome !!

Jimmy Iron 100/31
Joel M 85/70
Jess M 50/30
James S 65/38
Joel K
Crazy Ross 85/41
Bronwen 30/2 1st session, welcome!!
Kelsey S 70/ring supports
Bel G 47.5/28 slow lowers
Blythe 45/34
Aussie B 95/147
Andy Mac 42.5/14
WeisBar 60/9
Tiff 45/29
Mikey P 95/82
Abmanda 65/41
Alex S 92.5/52
Jorke 85/23
Jesse 85/70
Virgil 82.5/supports
Karel 75/29

Tony B 92.5/21
Lou 57.5
Sharif 50/slow lowers
Elliot 80/41
Liz 65/slow lowers
Mike M 72.5/32
AP 90
Sam C 50/42
Westy 77.5/17
Amelia 42.5/slow lowers


For those of us who couldn't think of the term for fatal flaw - it's hamartia (gotta love the Internet)

hamartia, the Greek word for error or failure, used by Aristotle in hisPoetics (4th century BCE) to designate the false step that leads the protagonist in a tragedy to his or her downfall. The term has often been translated as ‘tragic flaw’, but this misleadingly confines the cause of the reversal of fortunes to some personal defect of character, whereas Aristotle's emphasis was rather upon the protagonist's action, which could be brought about by misjudgement, ignorance, or some other cause.


Maddie, can't WAIT to see you!!!!!!!! (And might have been better not to have mentioned the burpees, maybe it would have been forgotten!!!!!!). Someone at training was telling me how they miss your smiling face around, me too!
Doug, you are a freak.
Wondering if there is a Crossfit forum in Australia. Would love to ask people questions, find out the SECRETS to their SUCCESS (so I can steal them), and get moral support when I am caving in to the call of the Tim Tam.
Thanks 5pm-ers, nice training with you. :)

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