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Jesse S


Ross 79/8sets (30kg)
James B 7 sets 25kg 40
Alex 106/7 Rxd
Gaz 108 rxd
Lisa S 140Rxd
Miles 70 Rxd
James 5-8 (20kg)
Anna 120 Rxd
Liz 102 (6)
Gerard 7 Sets 115 (20kg)
Jim 71 7 sets 15kg

Joe K 4 rd
Annie 109 (25kg push press) 9 rds
Abmanda 116 (8) Rxd
Rachel V 131 (7) Rxd
Kym M
Johnno 92 rds Rxd
Andy Mac 71 (7) Rxd
Jimmy K 73 (8)
Bel 82 (20kg) F Squat 54 (12) KB (7rounds)
Jess M 83 Rxd 8 Rounds
Jesse S 128 Rxd 7 Rds + Run
Max W 92 Rxd



AP 100%


Thinking further on my last comment...... all I need now is a muscleup and my life would be very cloese to complete. At least until the next challenge!!

Have a great weekend all and to anyone doing to Gold Coast Marathon / Half Marathon.... good luck!!

Be the Muscleup, Be the Muscleup, Be the Muscleup!!!


Good work everyone.

I passed my beep test this morning! Then got to spend 1.5 hours waiting around for the other 60 people to finish to do the practice of the physical abilities test. I'm not sure why they only do 7 at a time.

I forgot that throughout the physical you have to wear a 20kg vest. Doesn't worry me too much, just some extra preparation to do. See you all next week.

rach v

0830 crew - thanks for an awesome workout! Amanda it was inspiring training behind you. Jesse - thanks for pushing me with your work rate. The down side of driving down is that one's legs don't work too well after sitting for two hours on the drive back!! (got to love Saturday roadworks!!).

Have a great week everyone, train with integrity and I'll see you Saturday.


Micah - 125 (7 rounds) 20kg


Awesome video ;)

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