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For every person that says I am the one that looks like trouble I will do 1 burpee...... now this is a social experiment if I have ever seen one!!

No you can not post multiple times Drummond!!

This might hurt but it will at least be character building and I am going to find out who my friends are 1 burpee at a time!!!



Just to add another rule here as the ramifications of my decision hit home.....

you can not add multiple people on one post... you must post the comment as an individual and this is how the tally will be calculated.

Its still going to hurt. lol!!!

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Did this one the other weekend at Matt's Birthday party... He wouldn't let me leave until I did a WOD. Thanks Clay for helping me get it done!!!

40Kg 5:43



There is also a 24 hour time limit from the time of the first post at 9:09pm for your comment to be counted.... I relly should have thought this through more.


I see at least 2 trouble makers, and yes your one of the AP.


AP - i see at least 7 trouble-makers, and i can count at least another 32 in the background of the photo.....sorry mate....

Jesse S


Dean 7:01 Rxd
Pauline 10:03
Kate T 7:25
Micah 8:19 50kg
Katrina 6:36
Ally 7:02
Michelle R 8:43 35kg
Paul 7:25 30kg
Boo 9:00
Bill S 6:55 50kg
Ryan 5:56 Rxd


Sarah 8:36 22.5kg
Kym 6:44 40kg
Shaun McK 7:25 30kg
Roger 7:50 50kg
Lisa S 8:21 Rxd
Karel 7:41 35kg
Michelle 8:35 20kg
Drummond 6:07 Rxd
David M 10:12 30kg
Patty 6:03 20kg
Adam 19:25 5 rds (400m 50sq)
Liz 10:58 rxd
James W 6:03 40kg
Nathan 6:56 40kg
Kim 8:07 15kg
Alexei 5:32 40kg
Miles 6:04 40kg
Brad 8:08 50kg
Damien 7:28 30kg


Over 10 hours down and only 2 burpee's, where is the love people!!!



4 rounds

9 power clean & jerk (40 kg)
9 KB swings (24 kg)
9 pull ups
9 ring dips
400m run


Jeff W

Yesterday's WOD

Didn't have sqaut racks so I did a clean from the floor then 3 front squats, all at 60kg.


I think the "pairs" format in the 6am session worked really well. It was a huge boost to have that 1-on-1 encouragement (not to mention someone else to count!). Thanks Shaun for the support - it really helped getting through those last damned burpees!! Huge applause for Liz and Lisa completing as Rxd, that was a tremendous effort. And given Drummond and Ryan were only separated by 11 seconds I for one definitely want to see them go head to head sometime....



B-Dog 7:09 rxd
Sean 11:27 rxd


Kory 7:52 rxd
Elliott 6:15 (30)
Ryan 6:25 (40)
Tor 8:03 (30)
Anna 7:09 (35)
Ingrid 7:45 (27.5)
Blythe 6:34 (27.5)


I agree the pairs worked very well - i hope we do more

Also i thought Lisa showed great character taking on the challenge of the Rxd as she originally had 30kg loaded. And Liz was awesome as well.

Damien was my pair for the workout and he put in a great effort ! - also i liked the way he managed to get danny to do some burpees during the workout :):)

Rebecca Elmore

Hey all, sadly I am missing the gym all this week due to swine flu, I will be back next week hopefully swine flu free!!! Oh I am not sure why we are always referred to as trouble makers lol!!!!!


AP, I don't even know you, but I'd call your 5 posts the sign of a troublemaker...


AP, you can do a burpee for me (happy for you to be my partner next time and do ALL the burpees!)

I like the random pairings too - esp. now that the groups have gotten bigger and we all tend to just chat to the people we know well (except Drummond, you social butterfly).

James, it was nice to meet you properly, and I think you'll give Drummond and Ryan a run for their money once your hammies are back to normal - you whizzed through the cleans!

BTW, Blythe - in response to your post from yesterday - you could always try Crossfit Addicts Anonymous on FaceBook - though I think the crossfit journal is possibly your best bet for extra training tips. Personally, I think this CFB site is the best for motivation. Take a look at all the lovely comments of support from today alone!


Hey Shane, thanks for your encouragement tonight, I was doing it tough..! ;-) your positivity makes you a great training partner!

Ian B


Crazy Ross 7.29 (50)


Ross 7.30(30)
Andy Mc 8.06(50)
Phil 7.16
Tiff 6.58 (20,row)
Jacqui 9.08
Shane H 8.40(50)
Aussie bob 5.11 rxd
Owen 7.18(40)
Lily 8.12(22.5)
Dom 9.35 (35)
Adam 6.36(40)
Max 6.20(50)
Maddog 7.09(20)
Jimmy iron 5.52 rxd
Danni B 7.22 (20)
Mike P 8.59 (60)
Jesse 7.54 rxd
Tara 8.06 (25)
Jimmy K 6.31(50)
Joel 5.36 (45)


Pat 2.45 (mod)
Ando 6.10(40)
Kath 6.39(20)
Nathan B 7.11 (40)
Kelsey 7.06 (35)
Nick 7.17 (30)
Sharif 5.52(30)
AP 7.18 rxd
Damian 7.07 (40)
Sam 5.54 (40)
Gaz 6.50 rxd
Pommie B 8.25 rxd
Virgil 9.17 (40)
Amelia 8.16 ?
Lee w 6.48 (40)
Kate M 9.42 (30)

Fantastic intensity tonight! Top effort all round.


Miles, I don't think it was great character as much as you convincing me that I could do it and Karel and Ryan pushing me through. Roger I agree that the team thing was great as I am pretty sure I would have given up without the team effort. .......although I have to say...it really, really hurt :-)


It was a great effort from you Lisa. Remember, "Just do one more round!"

Matt S

10 rounds
10 KB swing 24kg
10 pushups
7:10 rxd but very lazy


so pissed off it was my rest day yesterday......but it was great going on the golf-course with the weather we had....

i love these types of WODs and you go and do it in teams....which i also love....bugger...

Shane H

Hey Jac it was a hard slog of a WOD and the best part for you was the effort you put in had nothing to do with me
It's always good to do WOD's with a partner brings out the best when you have others giving you a push
Thanks to you also for the encouragement you gave me, you really helped me through the Burpee's ( man i suck at them )
Have a great day and see you Saturday morning ( you can make it )


Front Squat, max Ring Dips
60/12 x 7, 66


I did 30kg : )

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