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Matt S

Well done to everyone that learnt Split Jerk this morning!!

Ryan 62.5
Davin 47.5
Lily 38
Andy W 35
Ally 20
Katrina 22.5
Kate T 39
Annie 39
Jimmy H 30

Damien M 40
Josh J 80 PB!!!!
Brad 100
Lisa S 45
Michelle M 30
Suzie 40
Shaun McK 40
Murray 40
Anna 45
Roger 45
Adam W


B-Dog 90PB

Scotty 55kg
Rachel 35
Jonno 80
James 20
Tor 55
Katie 35
Micah 50
Andy.J 65

Danny M

1pm Trainer WOD:
60 Hang Pwr Cln

Cassius 5.48 (40)
Pommy B 7.31 rx'd
J-Bone 4.41 rx'd
Matt S 4.39 rx'd




Got my first kipping pull-up today! To put it in context I have been coming to CFB for over two years (with no pull-up of any kind) - so for me it is a big achievement. I wasn't swinging my hips up enough - as soon as I did that it was relatively easy.

Matt, I repeated it so Virgil could take pictures ;-)

Looking forward to doing these in workouts!




I am so proud of you! Never has there been a more deserving pullup!!!!! Your determination and humble approach is an inspiration to all of us. Please send me the photos ASAP. This is the beginning step for you in achieving a whole host of things that you never dreamed you would be able to do. Keep training hard, I can't wait to see what the next 2 years brings.


Bill S

Well done Liz!!!

I've been having dreams about perfecting kipping pull-ups (still haven't got the movement).....bloody CrossFit in my head 24/7...haha!! There's a video of Chris Spealler today on the HQ Website - he did 100 consecutive in 1m 27secs (106 in total)....freak!!!

Danny M

Jimmy Iron 20kg
Gerard 75kg PB!!
Bel 45 PB!!
Ross 40
Shane 132 DLift PB
Jesse 92.5
Jess 45 PB!!
Andy Mc 65 PB!!
Virgil 82.5 PB!!
Liz 62.5 PB + 1st kipping pullup : )

Rob C 40
Nick M 40
Damien 47.5
Michael M 65
Karel 55 PB!!
Aron 55
Lee W 60 PB !!
Adam 40
Carmel 40
Sam 40
Tasha 25

Jim 85 PB!!
Shaun W 35 PB!!

Amelia: 8:23
21/15/9 kb swing
double under


Well done Liz !!

I was looking at you yesterday and was thinking how much you had transformed yourself since the Sassom days.

not sure you will be enjoying them in the workouts :):):) - but i know what you mean


I was broom sticking it today for the split jerk with 40 kg weighted lunges.

Awesome work Liz, it's a great example of perseverance and determination and what chipping away at a goal can achieve, it's a particularly good example for those of us that are impatient in chasing our goals.



Well done on getting your first Kipping Pull, I can identify with how you feel 100%.

Congratulations and keep up the great work.


Wendy S

Wow Liz, I am so impressed!! I cant wait to see those photos. Well done, and I expect a demo next time I see you. I am also amazed at the numbers of so many people today - Bel and Anna at 45, Lily, Suzie, Josh, Virgil, Gerard ... blew me away! It almost makes me not bother to mention that Kelsey and I did 6 singles of Hang Power Clean:
Kelsey (a light day) 52.5kg
Wendy (a new PB) 50kg


Congrats Liz!!! You know the sky's the limit!
Congrats Wendy, and you were sweating 45? I cant believe how many PB's today.


Hey Liz, you are a champ! Well deserved success. You worked hard for it.


good work liz

Shane H

Hey Liz what an awesome achievment you are one of the most inspirational people i have had the pleasure of knowing and watching do the tasks you do
Keep going with all you are doing and thanks for all the encouragement you give me

Shane H

Hey Skippy hope you are well today keep you're chin up even when you think you are struggling with life and the workouts
In the big picture you will make it through i know you will we all have bad weeks at times and we all suck with our technique and as we all know these movments are not easy and take time to get even close to doing properly
just showing up is the biggest step always remember that and we are all there to help get you through


Well done Liz....i thought the other day when we were talking you were so close....and now you've nailed it....

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