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Doug A

Ryan 90kg-107.5kg 6:00rxd
Katrina 20kg-35kg 4:18(4kg/JP)
Jamie 40kg-65kg 5:53(8kg)
Andrew 40kg-65kg 6:19(8kg)
Dean 90kg-97.5kg 7:27rxd
Lily 35kg-52.5kg 6:56(6kg/JP)
Micah 65kg-80kg 7:26rxd
Boo 35kg-45kg 9:25(6kg/JP)
Anne 35kg-45kg 8:23(6kg)
Kate 35kg-47.5kg 6:07(6kg)
Ally 20kg-25kg 7:11
John 90-107.5 5:57rxd

Liz 60kg-67kg 7:59(6kg/JP)
Dominic 30kg-60kg 6:30(6kg/JP)
Kym M 60kg-80kg 6:30(8kg)
Sarah 9:40
Kai 140kg 8:20(10kg/JP)
Miles 60kg-67.5kg 10:20rxd
Karel 50kg-75kg 8:02(8kg/JP)
Aron 65kg-75kg 9:29rxd
Tara 20kg-35kg 5:36(4kg/JP)
Glen 5:26 mod
Shaun M 30kg-60kg 7:00(6kg/JP)
Lisa S 50kg-62.5kg 7:10(6kg/JP)
Steve A 60kg-100kg 7:00rxd
David M 6:03(6kg)
Patty 35kg 6:25(6kg/250mrow)
Michelle 20kg-30kg 7:25(4kg/JP)
Josh (mod)
Monique 50kg-62.5kg 9:20rxd
Anna 45kg-48.5kg 9:39rxd

Brad 105kg 9:25rxd

Baby John


140kg front sqaut is a monster effort mate.

Nice work


This sucked after the first 10 wall balls !! :):)

John you must have done a different workout :)

Feel good now though and neck 100% :)


There is a really big difference between a 6kg med ball and the 8kg. I really felt that.


Doug A

Carmel 55kg 6:32
Ingrid 50kg 6:05
Donna 55kg 5:40
Adam 50kg 6:57(8kg)
Scott 85kg 8:04rxd
Tor 60kg 10:25(8kg)
Linz 4:54rxd
Drummond 3:39rxd
Brandon 90kg 6:51rxd
Jeff 80kg 8:28
Elliot 85kg 5:12rxd
Rach W 55kg 9:37(15PU)
Blythe 6:33
Andy J 80kg 8:23rxd


W.O.D. Monday 13/07/09

Jonnie 7.28 rx'd


Hi, whoever. PB of 50kg in the front squat. (Was a bit slow getting it on the board). If I make this entry, I can come back to this page when I forget what I can front squat! rxd in workout. Thanks.


Crazy Ross 100kg 8.11 rxd
Gabriel 80kg 6.52 (jp)
Joel B 72.5kg 7.11 rxd
Jacqui 20kg 7.31 (4)
Ross M 80kg 7.15 (6) JP
Gerard 80kg 6.06 (8) JP
Jimmy Iron 105kg 8.09 rxd
Andy Mac 95kg 10.26 rxd
Joel 35kg 8.00 (6) mod reps

Bill S 100kg 4.57 JP
Nathan B 100kg 9.52 rxd
Westy 75kg 9.14
Shane H 100kg 6.42 mod 20KB swing
Lou 50kg 5.44 mod reps
Abmanda 60kg 5.14 rxd
Tiff 50kg 6.19 mod row
Bel 50kg 5.59 JP
Joel M 60kg 6.25 rxd
AP 105kg 8.30 rxd
Gaz 80kg 4.11 rxd
I Coach 87kg 6.11 rxd
Aussie B 100kg 4.29 rxd
Sam 40kg 4.36 (6) mod reps
Virgil 90kg 7.12 JP
Damian 60kg 6.47 JP
Amelia 42.5kg 5.23 JP


As much as I would like to claim rxd today I can't. I scaled number of pull-ups.

Danny M

Kristen C 15kg F.S. 6.38 JP
Kate M 55kg 7.43 JP
Rob 45kg 7.00 scaled
Greg H 100 7.15 mod PU reps
Shaun W 45 7.50 JP
Sharif 3.11 mod
Mikey P 110 5.19 rx'd

Danny M

Late entry
2pm Trainer WOD:

2 rnds
750m Row
20 Ring dips
20 KB Swing 24/16
20 Pullups

Aussie B 11.23 rx'd
J-Bone 11.56 rx'd
Wendy 11.43 mod
Matt S 13.09 rx'd

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