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Andrew "AJ" Smith

This is going to be awesome!!! I can't wait, See you all there this morning!


OMG...100 presses. Get out!!!!!!


Over Head? Arrrrgh 3 2 1 GO!!


Looked like a lot of 'fun' this morning from what I saw of Heat #1! Awesome stuff... hope all have a great time!

Darren Shaw

Looks like a coupla great workouts so far. Looking forward to seeing number 3.
Great turnout Swifty. Im sure it will be a super event. Well done!
Looking forward to seeing the results


Holy Smokes, what an incredible spectacle. Well done to everyone for giving it a go and an incredible effort from CFB to make this happen.

Looking forward to coming back...


Loved spectating this morning, you all rocked. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences...those who SURVIVED, that is. Mwahahaha, MWAHAHAHA...

Troy  (CrossFit Penrith)

Awesome, I am so angry I could not make it :(.

Any word on results ?


Thank you Matt and everybody else for an awesome day :)



Thanks to everyone involved! It was a great day, the workouts were a smash. Congrats to all the competitors! Thanks Tiff for helping me sell the last of the cookies (thanks Rachel!), your a super salesman!


Thank you to everyone who organised, competed or supported as spectators for an awesome, spectacular, inspiring and bloody well organised day! I agree with Matt when he said that the spirit of Crossfit was the best part about it. It was wonderful to meet so many people from other affiliates and have such local support.


I just want to say, what an awesome day, well done everyone, everyone gave it their all, and it was inspiring to watch. Thanks Matt, Wendy, Danny and all the volunteers for organising such a well run event. It was so good to hang out with everyone today! Thanks to AP & Karel for coaching me through the workouts, couldn't have done it without you guys and well done to the finalists, can't wait to see who took out the title!! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! I'm alreay having trouble lifting my arms, so I look forward to trying to wash my hair tomorrow!!! :)

Rebecca Elmore

What a fantastic day, full of great surprises!! Thanks Wendy for talking me out of pulling out, I am glad to have participated in such a great event! Thanks to Lyndon and AP getting me through that last workout I really really sucked and you guys kept me going!!! Thanks everyone involved for such a great day...I won't be forgetting it in a hurry, there are many aches to remind me.


Just while we have everyones attention I have registered on to go to CFX for the wounded warrior games in Oct. Who else will come to represent CFB? I am happy to be the central point to organised.
Have a think a let's chat .
Well done team.
Lisa S


Stokesy, I was talking to Liz about this yesterday to try and organise a CFB contingency and I just asked permission from the "holy one" and YES i am in !! Lets chat later about it.

Matt, Wendy, Danny, Tamryn and to the guy in the warm-up area, thanks for organising an awesome event. Very much appreciated. To Patti from NZ and to Sean my time-keepers to get either an extra rep or round from me was just the encouragement and the belief i needed.

A tad sore today..actually no, very sore - I'm with you Mon - washing the hair is not going to be easy. But hey, Hard-nup!


Interested in knowing

Would love to see the final results????

Jeff w

Fantastic day, hurting today!!! Thanks Sharif for getting me thru the first WOD, great motivation, whenever I put the bar down you counted me back in and I just kept going. Looking forward to catching up again. Thanks to Matt, Wendy and the entire CFB crew. Pumped to train harder now.



Absolutly awesome day, Thanks Matt, Wendy, Danny, Taz Daz and Rob for their efforts though out the day. as well as all the volunteer competditors and spectators, Actually thankyou everyone. Our crew had a ball. Cann't wait for the next one.
CrossFit North Queensland

PS Wearing the hair down today because i cann't actually bend my arms to put it up. I Love CrossFit :)

PPS Sherif would love to finish off our conversation that we were having before we had to move at the pub, drop me an email

Baby John

Wicked day...

I just loved the way that everybody cheered everybody on regardless of whether or not they even knew them or not. I met so many people and saw so many inspirational (this word doesn't even really do it justice) efforts.

One person that comes to mind is Jo a chick from Toowoomba that does the workouts every day in her backyard shed by herself while the kids watch. Jo barely stopped for more than a few seconds in both workouts.

Also I would like the back station on the right hand side checked for springs as Drummond and Johnie big guns appeared to bounce off the ground while doing burpies in the second workout (it felt like I had a vacuum holding me to the floor).


Thank god for deep heat and Skins!! I am so sore. My legs are fine now but my shoulders feel like they're going to fall off! I don't know how but I managed to have to never put the bar down for the SDHP.

I'd like to congratulate everyone who competed yesterday, whether you won or lost. Everyone was putting in fantastic efforts. I've actually lost my voice from cheering and counting you all!! I didn't get much of a chance to cheer on the guys (except for the top seeds) as I was panicking about my own heats and then trying to get my breath back.

I just wanted to acknowledge all the inspirational efforts put in by all competitors. I did a lot of counting for competitors and it was incredible to watch! I saw people start off with no confidence when they walked into the comp area and then finish their overheads unbroken or get almost double the amount of rounds for heat 2 than they were planning!

Finally I have to point out the big effort put in by the top seeds (I counted for Rachel, Mon, Chris (CFX I think) and Kieran (I think)) who just didn't stop or give in until time was called. Rachel, I still cant believe how much you accelerated on those burpees! I strive to reach the levels of perseverance you all showed.


Amen to an AWESOME day, our small crew had a ball and cant wait for next year!!!! it's all been said but thank you and congrats to all involved!!!!

Brett Fforde

Thanks to Danny and Matt for a great day, inspired me to do another WOD today 1kg steak for time at OBJ - new restaurant in Tvl. I got cut off at 30mins and only had 27 wedges left :(

Awesome day I wish I could travel the country doing crossfit non stop.

Best moment for me was watching Mick punch out a 100 reps without putting the bar down - impressive.

Chris (Coastal CrossFit)

The crew from Coastal CrossFit QLD thank all that were involved in organising, volunteering, time keeping, motivating etc. The day really showed the comaraderie that makes CrossFit great. Keep your eyes peeled for a friendly up at the sunshine coast before Christmas.

Scotty A

Rach and I would just like to echo everything that has been said. An outstanding event with loads of amazing people and inspiration to boot.

Thank you to all

edwin Townshend

Inquiring minds want to know... what was the 3rd WOD?

Looks like I missed one massive day, though I think I may have been blessed to be working, the first 2 WOD's look brutal:)

Lee (CrossFit Sunshine Coast)

Once again the CrossFit community has came together. From all the crew and members of CrossFit Sunshine Coast thank you to Matt, Danny and everyone who helped put a great day together.


The final WOD was open ended Max Deadlift.
- men starting at 145kg increasing by 5 kg per round
- women starting at 80kg increasing by 2.5kg per round

winner decided by Max lift divided by body weight to give a score.

Sorry I cant accurately remember the final lifts Mens was over 210kg? Womens over 110kg?

I'm sure Matt will post it soon.


Thanks to Matt, Wendy, Danny, Tamryn and the rest of the crew for a truly amazing day! So many people... incredible effort.
Five stars for organisation - not an easy task.

Thanks to my time keepers - Amelia and AP, it was much easier to get through with your help :-)

Congratulations to all competitors for giving your best.


Thanks for an awesome day!!! It was amazing seeing so many people in action!

Thanks Karel, Amelia and Kelsey for your encouragement!!

I look forward to next year :-)

Andrew "AJ" Smith

it was a deadlift ladder. The females started at 80Kg and went up in 2.5Kg intervals, and the fella's started at 145Kg and went up in 5Kg intervals. The winner was the heaviest percentage bodyweight lift. I can't remember what the girls managed to DL but Pete Maxwell managed 220Kg which I think was a little over 2.3 times bodyweight.



Both Emma and Kylie managed 110kgs successfully and were DQ'd on 112.5

edwin Townshend

Thanks for the info Cassius and AJ.. :) 145kg is nearly twice my BW..!!!

Amanda Lye

Another great CFB event! Congrats Matt, Wendy and Danny.

I had a blast of a day and took your words Matt to heart and gave it my all (to ensure I didn't think about it for another 3 months that I couldn't given more). I have a massive bruise on my collar bone from WOD#1....

Another outrageously awesome CrossFit event full of great friends, memories, laughs, cheering, awesome WODs, never-give-up attitudes, sweat, tears, fun and most of all I learnt something new. What a fantastic wonderful community of great people!! I hope I remember all the new names of great people I met this time. This is WHY I keep challenging myself at CrossFit.

Thanks to Darren for the tips in the warm-up area, Tam for her energy, my counters Kam and Amelia. Big Thanks goes especially to Amelia for keeping me going on those burpees...

As for Fi and Weis-Bar - I SO feel your pain today. Flying home to Sydney was a hoot, as I struggled to put my bag in the overhead locker!! Don't even mention trying to scratch my nose - I look like a weirdo pointing my finger at my nose!!

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces once again in October at CFX!!

Thanks again to everyone! Some awesome results achieved on Saturday!

Amanda L

Shane H

Hi all what a fantastic day, everyone that was there thank you so much for the best show i have seen ever. To be part of it was an inspiration for me to better myself and try harder with my crossfit journey
Matt,Wendy,Danny and all who helped for the day a massive THANK YOU ,you guys put together a great day for all to enjoy and prove to themselves they could achieve feats they never thought possible physicaly and mentaly
To my CFB brothers and sisters you guy's rock keep going the world is out there for you're takeing
To all the brothers and sisters from the other Crossfit Clubs thanks heaps for being part of our world also you guys are awesome

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