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G'day all,

This looks to be a good one. Tomorrow we will be hitting this one up. Thanks again for such a great site and programming.


Crazy Ross

"The Killer" by myself at a gym
7 rounds for time ( i missed saturday's session)

2okg barbell lunge (30steps total)

25kg dumbell swing (instead of Kettle bell 24kg)

15 pushups.

I've done in aournd 25mins. It was killing me.

Crazy Ross

I also joined for brisbane marathon festival.

I'm going to run half marathon at Southbank on 23rd Aug.

I aim for 1hr 50mins.

It is second try after gold coast half marathon.

Is there anyone who is going to do run that day and faster than me?

Bring it on!!

It is gonna be fun!! woohoo!!

I can not get enough of it.


And thats why you get the nickname "Crazy" Ross!
Fun and Half marathon are not on the same page EVER in my book.

Lordy I wish I could run.......Hmmmm maybe we could have a CFB BBQ after at Southbank for those who go for a run with this nutter?

Crazy Ross

Yes, It is fun.

Fighting, overcome and enjoy yourself.

Do you know what I mean?

It sucks but feeling great.



Happy Birthday Big D. Have a good one

Lee Klein CF Sunshine Coast

Happy 21st Drummond,
Look forward to doing a few WOD's with you when your up here mate. talk soon

ian b

happy b'day Drummond! have a great day!

Andrew White

Happy Birthday Drummond!! Hows life without Boeing??? must be easy don't know why I'm even asking you!! Will hopefully get up the sunny coast one weekend for a WOD to check out the new box!! Although looking at Sals monster workouts I'm not sure!! he he he.

Good luck Crazy Ross with your half Marathons!!



Happy Birthday Drummond, I am sure your gonna have a great day!

Jesse S


Bill 150/200
Pauline 55pb 30 x 20
Jim 100pb 70
Davin 105 pb
Paul 140pb 90
Anne 87.5 60 x 20
Michelle R 95pb 60 x 20
Ed B 130 85 x 20
Micah 135pb 90 x 20
Boo 60kg 40 x 10
Baby J 155
Katrina 60 40 x 10
Rob C 130pb 80 x 10
Andy W 130pb 80 x 20


Aron 120 pb 80 x 20
Josh 112.5 75 x 20
Kai 175 110 x 20
Greg H 150 105 x 20
Mon 92.5 60 x 20
Miles W 100 70 x 20
Michelle M 75pb 40 x 20
Anna 73.5 pb 55 x 20
Lisa S 117.5 80 x 20
Roger 170pb 110 x 20
Dom 90 75 x 20
Patty 70 40 x 20
Rach C 70 40 x 20
Adam W 73.5 55 x 20

Scotty A

Happy Birthday Drummond, have a great day mate


Happy Birthday Drummond!
your new set of pump up calves should arrive in the mail today enjoy!


145kg, failed on 152.5kg. 90kg x 20

Bill S

Happy birthday Drummond!

Nice work to all who got PB's this morning!!!!


Thanks to Crossfit Sydney for letting us use their box.
One person rows for max metres until other person completes triplet then swap for 3 rounds of each.

3 rounds for time of:
x row
21 Deadlift, 100kg
15 Box Jump, 24"
9 Pullups

Doug A 1790m
Jonnie L 1708m

Andrew McGilvray

Hi AJ,

For callouses i use the "HEROS CHIROPODY SPONGE" .. it is much more effective than a pumice stone .. every few days use it at the end of a shower when your hand have softened up a bit or soak your hands in a bucket of warm water for a couple of minutes .. as the edges start to blunt just scrape it on some concrete and it will be good to go again .. its only a few dollars and lasts for months so its very good value.

Remember that you only want to smooth the callouses out .. don't dig them out because that will only make things worse .. just a couple of seconds of light scrubbing on each callous will do the trick.

Hope this helps. cya.



Scotty 120/85
Rachel 75/50
Jeff 155pb/100
Ingrid 85/60
B-Dog 152/100
Kate 115/75
Kim 57.5/35
Joel.B 120/80
Felipe 142/100
Linz 195/140
Chris.R 110/60
Tor 110/75
Carmel 92/60
Donna 95pb/65


Happy Birthday Drummond - I know you will go well in your new job


1PM: 5 Rounds

5 Reps (95/65)

(1 Rep includes: 1 Power Snatch and 3 OHS)

15 Pull Ups

Rest 5 minutes: Tabata Row (1000m is the goal)

JBone 10:01 rxd 1025m
Drummond 11:25 rxd 965m
AussieB 13:46 rxd 868m


Thanks for the birthday love team CrossFit.

I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday. PUMPED!


For Max Load: Back Squats 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep rounds [119kg]
Finisher: 1 set of 20 Back Squats at 70% 1 RM [82.5kg]
followed by CrossFit Football WOD 090803
3 rounds for time:
12 right arm DB Power Snatch 17.5kg
12 left arm DB Power Snatch 17.5kg
12 Push Ups
Sprint 50 yards


Hey, midday clan. Missed you today, I was at Coochiemudlo with my 2nd grader today and won't be there tomorrow, either :( Hope to see you all soon. And Maddie, WHERE ARE YOU, bad girl??
Bel, thanks for teaming with me today, thanks for the encouragement, and sorry didn't get a chance to say goodbye.
All you ladies who are lifting crazily heavy weights, just wanted to tell you how in awe of you I am and how I am aspiring to get to the same point. It's not like it's a little bit more than I'm lifting, it's heaps, and that's great because it really makes me think, wow, there is so much further to go so I'd better get working!! Men, sorry, I hardly even look at your weights because they are SO far away from mine that I can't relate.
Yay, a PB for me today!
Happy Birthday, Drummond!!


Happy Birthday Drummond!!!

And Happy Birthday for yesterday Anna!

Good work tonight Team 1700!


Yay Blythe!! You rocked tonight!!

Happy Birthday Drummond!!

Bill S

5km run - 28m 55s

Danny M

Happy Birthday Big Fella!! Hope you have had a great day, despite the sledging about your calves!!!

Damian L 135/90x20
Crazy Ross 120/80
Owen F
Blythe 77.5/50
Andy Mac 145/102.5
Bel G 75/50
Bec 100pb/70
Jimmy Iron 180/115
Sharif 110pb/80
Adam D 110pb/77.5
Shaun OG 70/50
Shane 140pb/90
Joel M 155/100
Abmanda 85/55
Bernie 120/80
Murray 90/60
Matt O 105pb/75
Karel 115pb/80x14
Liz 102.5/75
Virgil 155/102x16
Lyndon 117.5/82.5
Dom S 105pb/70

Michael M 97.5/65
AP 200/140
Niki 75pb/50
Tiff 82.5pb/55
Lily 75pb/50
Phil C 165/120
Oz 180/130
Max W 137.5/95
Freddy 97.5/65x12
Westy 135/95
Geoff P 130/90
Emma H 25
Amy H 25
I-Coach 175/110
Jesse 142/70
Chris M 70/50x 15
Jess M 65/45
Amelia 72.5pb/50

Crazy Ross

Hey,, Drummond, is it your birthday?

Happy Birthday, dude.

I want to call you CAZY DRUMMOND!!

Enjoy yourself.

Peace out!


Happy birthday Drummond (and Anna for yesterday)!


Happy B'Day Drummond. My wife and I just finished Tuesday WOD got up to 200kg for RM and then 143kg for 20 broken up. We started with a row and wliptical warm up then the WOD then focused on some skill isolation.

Hope all is well at CFB.


Happy birthday Drummond! I hope you had a great day!


Happy birthday Drummond, well done on your new career! :)

ian b

nice work on the 200kg Cody!


Jonny 125kg 20x87.5kg

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