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Danny M

Paul 16.30 (50)
Micah 16.16 (50)
Kate T 10.00 (27.5)
Ed B 15.14 (40)
Pauline 15.24 (15)
Bill 12.23 (50)
Anne K 10.41 (30)
Michelle R 14.34 (30)
Ally 17.20 (15)

Lisa S 13.24 rx'd
Josh G 11.32 (40)
Anna 11.44 (35)
Rog 10.31 (40)
Kai 12.26 (50)
Michelle M 11.51 (15)
Kim C 13.57 (15)
Chris R 13.54 (40)
Shaun Mac 14.31 (30)
Rach C 13.37 (15)
Adam W 13.03 (20)
Clay 14.53 (50)
Patty 12.47 (15)

Bill S

Far out brussel sprout....that was a tough one!!

At work and can hardly walk...does that mean I over compensated with my legs? lol! Well done to all this morning...tomorrows another day...to get flogged again...hahah!!


Well done to the boys who conquered 50kg this morning... really strong work. And all praise to Lisa!! Rxd AND a great time.... seeing you power through the same 40kg as a number of us boys were using was impressive; humbling.. but impressive. It's inspiring to see your progress, keep it up....


Hey Lisa,

That was something! Impressive and inspiring! I will try to catch up... ;-)
Go girl!

Shaune Irving

one tough wod, 10.33 @ 45kg. I can only imagine the pain of a rx'd WOD


I was looking at doing it @ 40kg, but after Danny's coaching this morning it clicked and suddenly 50 kg was do-able! Thanks Danny.

Awesome work Lisa Definitely inspirational!!


Firstly Thank you all for your words of encouragement & praise as I am very pleased with my performance today and my progress in general.

However this work out was definitely my thing, and as a former strength athlete it really played to my "super powers". I am still in awe when I see Anna fly through burpees with super human performance, or Mon doing a muscle up.

It was a great effort by everyone this morning.....now I am resting till Sat's challenge.



Happy belated birthday Drummond! You're a legend. Just wanted to let everyone know I had my shoulder surgery yesterday, everything went well. Will be out of action for a fair while but once I'm driving again I'll drop by for a WOD and see what's happening. Looks like it's going to be lots of squats and bike work for me. Anyway go hard everyone! :)

edwin Townshend

Micah, how quickly the student overtakes the teacher awesome effort really thought it would be close... leaving me for dust brother!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps for time:

Power Clean
Push Jerk

15.00 (40)

ian b

8:32 w/wheels
did this WOD in the park at work..great day to train outside!


Tor 9:26(40)
James.S 13:25(30)
Kate.M 11:36(20)
Amanda.M 13:13
Rach.W 13:15(20)
Grid Iron 12:41(25)
Scotty 10:22(40)
Felipe 11:34 rxd
Joel.B 10:58(40)
B-Dog 11:30 rxd
Kyle 6:43(25)(Front Squats / Push Press 8-1)

30m Farmers Walk 10kg
200m Run
10 O.A.O.H Lunges 5kg
3 rounds for time
Jenni 7:55
Jenni 7:55

Danny M

Aussie B 7.31 rx'd

James W 13.10 (40)
Rob D 14.26 (40)
Kelsey 13.56 (35)
Bec 9.59 (15)
Jacqui 11.48 (25)
Bel 9.30
Andy Mac 13.42 (45)
Nathan S 12.32
Elliot 12.17 (45)
Kim R 12.00 (15)
Blythe 9.29 (20)
Sharif 11.02 (20)
Fletch 10.57 (55)
Virgil 12.11 (40)
Matt S 8.42 rx'd
Damo L 11.10 (30)

Gavin 8.52 (40)
Westy 13.23 (50)
Sam 10.28 (30)
Nick Mac 10.46 (20)
Carmel 9.10 (30)
Nathan B 11.33 (50)
Mike M 12.08 (45)
Tony B 16.03 rx'd
Karel 12.00 (40)
AP 11.15 rx'd
Joel M 10.04 (50)
Abmanda 8.30 (30)
Niki 10.22 mod
Jesse 17.16 rx'd
Jess M 8.35 (20)
Greg H 16.01 (50)
Amy H 13.53 (15)
Emma H 12.39 (15)
Liz 16.20 rx'd

Wendy S

Hi Ian, I would have loved to have seen the faces on the people passing by while you clean and jerked your wheels in the park! Too funny. It was also really nice to see everyone at the gym tonight. THanks for all the good wishes. Cheers, Wendy p.s. remember there is NOTHING SCARY about Saturday!!! It will be so much fun!


Aussie Battler on fire!

Andrew White

What a great WOD! Wished I was there 5am crew! Great times by all! Roger I reckon the time you did reflects on the weight you chose brother! Your posting good numbers keep pushing yourself! Lisa awesome effort rxd! Good luck everyone on sat at the games, unfortunately I'm laid up with the flu, hoping to make it back Monday morning if I can rest up enough!
Andrew W(Whitey)

Rebecca Elmore

Wendy Thanks so much for your encouragement I will definately be competing in the games on Saturday now!!! I am really really looking forward to it- just the experience!!!!



Mate....... you killed tonight’s WOD buddy for a couple of reasons which I am about to elaborate on:

1) 60kg in relation to your body weight is probably 80 to 85% which is awesome lifting, I could not have completed the WOD if I had to lift 80 to 85% of my weight.

2) your form was perfect all the way through on both the cleans and the jerk where my form was poor for at least 60% of the workout.

In short mate I have a long way to go to be as good at Crossfit as you are and I take my hat off to you as I am sure everyone who witnessed the WOD tonight would for your effort, perseverance and form.

Danny mate thanks for putting both Jess and I on the spot with a head to head, it was fun!

Cheers mate.


PS Liz great work tonight going Rxd on your workout, you did a great job..... and thanks to all the 6pm crew, you guys and girls rock!!


Wendy S,

Really nice to see your smiling face today, and even better to see your in good spirits.

Take care.


ian b

Hey Wendy, great to hear from you.
i'm not toooo sure what people make of the "unusual" training methods in the park, i was kinda self concious yet at the same time had a blast!
see you saturday

Jesse S

Thanks AP! I appreciate it.

Sorry to everyone there for keeping you so late :)

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