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Jeremy Austin (Rookie)

welcome back Matt. Hope the trip was worthwhile. Did you get my message about Tuesday?

Danny M

Adrian S 187
Ian B 221
Danny G 274
Michael M 151
John B 233
Shane H 148
Davin 221
Phil C 228
Amelia 187
Lisa W 229
Lee W 188
Aaron P 200
Fletch 286
Rob D 215
Nathan B 221
Clay 207
Niki 231
Janna 205
Belinda 168
Troy 247
Josh 215
Monique 257
Drummond 272
Anna 260
Liz 227


had to pick the mower up after that workout. Sam the Mower Man said to me, "you just come from aerobics love..." I said, "more like a fight gone bad...". "oh, that bad love", he quipped.

anyway, off to the mow lawn now. have a good weekend.

Josh Gan

215 today versus 251 on 22/12/2008 (both rxd). Difference in the box jumps; pushing the SDHP today killed them for me. Need to work on that form to get my reps back up. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Niss [MIchael N]

No rower or pylo boxes @ home so subbed with;
3 rounds of Thrusters 35 kg/SDHP 35 kg/Squat jumps/Push-Press 35 kg/Bent over rows 35 kg for 1 min each; 1 min rest between rounds: 225 reps total.

Cody Lee Johnson

Matt, glad you had a safe return. did the minute pull ups Friday to make up for it. 13 with 14 failed.

Today, my Saturday, did the WOD

317 was my total.

Take Care.


5 Hang Power Cleans (42.5kg)(30kg)
5 Front Squats
5 Thrusters

A.M.R.A.P in 3 minutes
5 Rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.

2r+5, 2r, 2r, 1r+5, 1r+5,5 - 8 full rounds 31Kg

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