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ian b

for time.."franabeth"

15 thruster/pullup 45kg
9 thruster/pullup
9 clean/dips 45kg
15 clean/dips


thanks to Rita's blog where i saw a WOD kinda like this one....
couldn't get to the gym today...enjoy your weekend!

lee klein

Danny,Lee is scared of you so he wrote that comment and pretended it was from me. I think he needs to come and train at CrossFit brisbane and hard'nup. Lori



Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.
10,10,10,10,8,9 = 57

Was tired today

Danny M

Thanks guys for making this mornings Tabata a real spectacle. Good vibes from everyone and heaps of intensity. Keep up the great work. See you all next week for a big one!!!!
p.s. Thanks also to the people who gave up their spot on the rower to do SDHP

Nathan B 39 rx'd
T-Bone 60 rx'd
Josh 44 rx'd
Monique 34
Dave Mac 38
Janna 36
Drummond 42 rx'd
Clay 35
Lee W 41
Lisa W 41
Danny 43 rx'd
Fletch 59 rx'd
Andy Mac 27 rx'd
Alex S 43 rx'd
Phil C 44
Aaron 30
Liz 39
Anna R 59
Anne K 45
Kate T 46
Bel 34
Shane 21 (top marks for form and effort!)
Max 44
Donna J 51
Annette 40
Chris T 44
Greg W 35
Luke A 35
Jimmy K 48
Wendy 41
Gaz 53 rx'd


400m Lunge Walk
Danny M 17.41 rx'd
Matt S 13.20 rx'd


And there's Matt again on the main CF site, this time in some weird position. Nice photoshopping! How was this done? Blocks holding your feet up? A thread hanging from the ceiling? Or something more fancy involving pullup bars, 90 degree rotation and superimposition :)

Matt Swift

Freddie, the really tricky bit was covering Boz's face with my feet:-)

I can't believe you told everyone about the photoshopping!


Freddy cracks me up in that photo :):):)


today was an absolute killer. Loved it.
The SDHP were awful though - think i might row next time. Thanks for the awesome session.


Tabata Intervals
20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times
Sit-ups (Back Extensions)- does that make it rxd for me? Not sure....

with a one minute rotation break between exercises.

Danny M

Sorry Mon, Rx'd is as written on the board. Back extensions are a good sub for you, but a sub none the less. See you next week, cheers D

p.s. Lori, Lee is too soft to make it to Brisbane. Tell him to put his dress on and come to training :-)

Matt Swift

Hi Mon, This is a good question. Wend and I were discussing this today as well.

The short answer is no it is not Rxd, but not because the exercise was changed. Let me explain.

In this instance, you haven't scaled the workout to make it easier, but rather substituted an exercise for injury reasons. As a general rule I am happy for you to claim rxd if the substitution preserves the stimulus of the original exercise, that is, matches the intensity and has similar range of motion. In your case, the back extension was on an abmat and has a much smaller range of motion than the situp, therefore requires less work to complete. So it would not be fair to claim rxd. If we had substituted full range back extension (on the boxes or a back extension machine)then it could be easily argued that the cycle time is the same and the range of motion is similar (even though a different exercise/bodypart) so therefore you are matching the intensity/work.

So we need to make sure that whenever you sub an exercise that we set you up with a sub that preserves the range of motion, stimulus and work so that you can claim the rxd. So sorry, I should have set you up on the boxes for back extension.

Wendy's tabata yesterday was strong but she didn't claim the rxd because her squat range is reduced due to injury. It is close but not good enough. In her case it probably drives her nuts because i am stopping her from going deeper to prevent flaring up her hip.

Not breaking your body is more important than rxd. I love how you are training at the moment, keep it up!!

Cody Lee Johnson

Hello to all,

On my Wednesday did 5,5,5,5,5 DL's with 370lb(168k) for PB

Friday made up for thursday WOD with 13:10 for time

today, My Saturday did WOD with 48 for my score.

Late entries due to work and also a day behind in time zones.

Take care


Tabata Intervals: 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times with a one minute rotation break between exercises.
Squat/SDHP 20kg/Ring Rows/Push-ups/Sit-ups TOTAL REPS: 48

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