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10 -rounds
jumping pullups
8K dumbells

Totally stuffed today after 9 days straight (not smart!) felt
like DNF after warmup !

Super effort by Monique - 8 rounds Rxd just fantastic - well done !



Kettle bell (16 kg) swings x 15 (subbed for thrusters)
Jumping pull ups x 10

13 rounds

Got a sweet blister to show for my efforts!


For comparison, we did a similar workout on November 8:



8 rounds in twenty minutes of:

30kg/20Kg Thruster, 10 reps (20kg bar)
10 Pull-ups
Thanks Miles

Glen, you gotta get yourself a set of those very masculine cotton gloves, so you can moisturise before you go to bed and pop them on!! Probably pink would be best don't you think? ha ha :)


BS 130/3 130/3 130/3
PR 65/3 65/3 65/3
DL 170/3 170/3 170/3

Matt Swift

Hello CFB,

I want you guys to ponder your training schedule. The best CrossFitters in the world train 3 days on / 1 day off OR 5 days on / 2 days off. They do not do double sessions, ie two sessions in one day. They do the workouts as posted on the site. They do not do "extra" training. The do not dodge strength days or the things they do not like. When they do the WOD, there is nothing left in the tank at the end of the session, nothing. They do not pace or game the WOD. I have seen this first hand.

At CFB, we train 4 days on, 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off. We follow the main site WOD (from the archives), and we encourage you to achieve maximum intensity in the session. This is what you need to do to (a) achieve results and (b) stay healthy in the long run, ie not break.

I am noticing some double wods in a day, some no rest days, some triple metcons in a row, some specialising or focusing on a single area. Some reduced intensity or scaling in favour of greater volume.

Consider your training. Are you following the program? I want the absolute best for you. The program works. Have faith and follow it. The results I am seeing over here in people who follow the program as prescribed are amazing. I talk to the trainers and they universally agree that messing with the program ends up training your strengths and ignoring your weaknesses over time. Folow the program, it works.

End of my rant. Miles, I am not targeting this at you. It is at no-one in particular, just prompted by seeing your 9 days in a row and Mon's clean and run day:-)

Having a blast over here. Currently in Arizona. Train hard!!!!


Danny M

Jasmine DNF
John B 15 (30kg)
Davin 9 (20)
Ian B 11 (20)

Liz 11 (20)
Drummond 10 rx'd
Max K 12 (16)
Glen W 13 (16)
Chris D DNF
Kym 11
Sarah M DNF
Miles 10 (16)
Annette 9 (16)
Chris T 9 (20)
Monique 8 rx'd
Anna R 15 (20)
Felipe 12 rx'd
Josh 9 (20)
Alexei 7 (20)

Graham & Gail (intro)

Lisa W 8 1/2 (16)
Carmel 7 1/2 rx'd
Peter W 10 rx'd
Fletch 13 rx'd
Tor 10 (20)
Brandon 9 rx'd
Danny G 11 rx'd
Rob A 15 rx'd

David Macmaster (intro)

Shane H (intro)

Clay 9 rx'd
Alex 10 rx'd
Danni B 13 (10)
Niki F 14 (16)
Westy 9 (20)
Nathan B 7 rx'd
Andrew 9 (16)
Belinda G 12 (10)
Rob D 7 rx'd
Frederik 7 rx'd
Virgil 7 (20)
Lee W 9 (16)
Dave Mac
Glenn G 10 1/2 (16)
Peter T 8 (25)
Jesse S 6 rx'd
Jorke 9 (30)
Amelia 12 1/2 (12)

Wendy S

I am a day behind
Hang Power Clean


Hi Matt,
Becoming a real CF celebrity now with this picture on the CF main site. You look buffed mate! Secretly been doing some bodybuilding training hey. Steve is not looking that happy though. Maybe buy him a beer.
Enjoy Arizona.

Cody Lee Johnson

G'day all,

As Rx'ed 12 rounds complete.

Awesome WOD. Nothing left in the tank as Matt stated over the WOD.

Take care all.

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