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Nathan R

ewww, I was going to have a rest day but I have to come get some of this.

ian b

enjoy nathan...
i liked this heaps more than FGB...thanks danny and wendy!

ian b

BTW, there are some familiar faces on the crossfit main page cert photos today..
howdy matt and steve :-)


Great workout this one - wished i gone faster in the thrusters -
love the variety at CFB


Quarter Gone Bad

Five rounds for total reps of: (53 reps)
60kg Thruster, 15 seconds (40kg) - 3 reps per round
Rest 45 Seconds
20kg Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds (dead hang) - 3 reps per round
Rest 45 Seconds
Burpees, 15 seconds - 4-5 reps per round
Rest 45 seconds

Post total reps for all five rounds to comments.


More fine mentions of Matt: http://www.crossfitbalboa.com/blog.php?id=1188&PHPSESSID=6b03af2224e72e746241503707ab6b43


Interesting photo on many levels!


Nathan R

Really good wod, great little smash session.

Quarter Gone Bad

Five rounds for total reps of: (53 reps)
60kg Thruster, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
20kg Weighted pull-up
Rest 45 Seconds
Burpees, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

90 reps total rx'd

Cya tomorrow guys.

Nathan R

oops thats will teach me for the old cut and paste off Mon's post added her 53 reps at the top of the comment.

Danny M

Good work guys. A big step up for lots of people.

Jasmine 20kg/band pulls 64reps
Gaz rx'd 73
Ryan rx'd 66
Max 40/10 107
Mon 40/strict pull 53
I-Coach 50/15 73
Kate T 30/kip 73
Slinger 40/strict 85
Davin 40/12.5 55

Anna R 30/strict 65
Liz 35/band 88
Sarah M 20/band 83
Josh 45/strict 72
Kym Deadlift/jump pu 68
Hayley 30/band 64
Drummond rx'd 84
Glen W Cln pulls/strict 82
Miles 40/strict 70

Jacob D (intro)

Nathan R"ocd" rx'd 90
B-Dog rx'd 67
Grid-Iron 30/band 69
Torminator 45/strict 49

3.45 pm:
Graham & Gail (intro)

Adam K 12d.b's/strict 88
Lisa W 10d.b's/band 104
Kory rx'd 89
Fletch rx'd 96
Danny G rx'd 84
Danny M rx'd 86

Alex S 50/20 79
Shane H 40/strict 60
Jesse S rx'd 65
Clay 50/strict 76
Danni B 20/band 85
Niki 12.5d.b's/band 74
Westy 40/10 74
Phil C 40/10 73
Wendy 40/strict 58
Nathan B 60/10 71
Lyndon 40/10 94
John B 50/strict 78
Andrew 40/strict 86
Belinda 30/band 77
Lee W 30push press/strict 84
Frederik 40/10 75
Donna J 30/band
Joel 50/10 76
Peter T 40/strict 75
Amelia 8d.b's/band 103


Total reps 108 rxd

Great to see this wod pop up again. Previous PB was 85 reps April 2008


Hey Doug,

Massive effort mate! Well Done!


Awesome work OCD!! i loved this work out, great fun!


Thanks fletch; good score yourself bro

chris d

Thruster(50kg)18reps, Pullups(10kg)20reps, Burpees 31reps. Total 69reps.

Cody Lee Johnson

G'Day all,

As Rx'ed

Thruster(60kg) 23 Reps, Pull Ups(20kg)24 Reps, Burpees 30 Reps. Total 77Reps


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