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Feel like i have been hit by a truck, i can hardly work !
its knocked me around more than i thought !

Mon and Liz great efforts !

Monique are you going to the Crossfit Games in Sydney?


I agree, Mon that was an awesome effort! I'm really going to have to get my finger out with the weights - you are thrashing me!! Your form and consistency are really inspiring.

Nat R

19m42 rxd

Wow really tough wod. I knew by about the 4th thruster into the 1st round that it was going to be a long workout for me. Good stuff though, let me know that I need to do more overhead work. cya all tomorrow.


Doug 12:02 rxd
Johnny 11:22 (50kg)

soft time but that is all I had in the tank today. Too many beers at aussie day bbq yesterday!...


7 rounds for time:- (27:27mins) rxd
7 thruster, 60kg (40kg)
7 pullups
7 burpees

Thanks Miles & Liz, I feel more like I've been runover by a steam roller with a 200kg guy in the driver's seat right now, than hit by a truck but a good sleep will fix that! Nope, not going to syd for the games miles, but I will aim to go next year :)

Lisa W

ok so i'm lucid again after 2 hours from doing that, and my pulse has returned to normal. it nearly had me beat. as much as i tried, i could not start that last round. if not for ian, yelling "just do one. just do one to start...." i would've crumpled in a heap. thanks ian. and thanks again danny.

Danny M

No problem Lisa.
Awesome day guys, we had a huge number of people through the doors. Thanks for persevering, more sessions to come. Cheers Danny.

Jacob 18.40 (30)
Troy 16.12 rx'd
Ian B 21.28 (50)
Annie 15.41 (20)
Kate T 18.09 (30)
Davin 25.14 (40)
Sean S 17.40 (30)

Miles 21.44 (35)
Monique 27.37 rx'd (well done Mon!)
Chris T 20.33
Drummond 16.54 rx'd
Glen W 25.00 mod
Special-K (Kym) 17.43 mod
Sarah M 20.40 (20)
Felipe 18.00? rx'd
Liz 26.33 (35) mod
Max 17.06 (40)
Chris D DNF
Annette T 18.32 (20)
Hayley 21.03
Josh 20.33 (40)
Anna R 13.46 (30)

Jeff W

Luke D

Nathan "OCD" 19.42 rx'd

Grid-Iron DNF
Donna J 16.23 (30)
Jenni 16.22 (10)
B-Dog 20.52 rx'd
Torminator 27.17 (40)

Greg W

Damian L

Lisa W 16.15 (25)
Fletch 16.36 rx'd
Danny G 19.22 rx'd
Jimmy K

Niki 14.05 (25)
Danni 21.15 (25)
Shane H 18.21 (40)
Clay 20.01 (50)
Michael M 19.20 (30)
Jim M 16.05 (25)
Karel DNF
Phil C 21.21 (40)
Rob D 19.45 (40)
Nathan B 23.57 (50)
Aaron 17.56 (40)
Jacqui 19.59 (16)
John B 23.05 (50)
Frederik 15.59 (40)
Dave Mac 15.02 (30)
Amelia 18.53 (20)
Richard C 22.55 (30)
Jamie E 20.17 (25)
Virgil 26.58 (30)
Mark C 18.27 (40)
Adrian S 14.52 (40)
Alex S 16.43 (50)
Lee W 18.01 (25)
Jorke 23.46 (40)
Garry O 21.41 rx'd
Amanda 25.19 (30)


Wow Monique, very impressive!!

That was a hard WOD for sure!

Cody Lee Johnson

G'day all,

As Rx'ed 19:57

Great WOD Thanks for everything

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