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Nathan R

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

30kg Thruster, 10 reps
10 Pull-ups

as rx'd 15 rounds 8 thrusters

Cody Lee Johnson

G'day all,

Will do this one in the morning my Wednesday. Today, my Tuesday, I did the WOD as rx'ed 12 rounds of
30 kg Thruster, 10 reps
10 Pull ups. Nothing left.


15 mins

Danny M

Good work Cody. Leave nothing in the tank! Cheers Danny


And I was worried about the volume of pullups lately...

Matt Swift

I did this wod at 7500 feet elevation at CrossFit Flagstaff today ...

For time:
155 pound Power clean 15 reps
30 Ring dips
155 pound Power clean 12 reps
24 Ring dips
155 pound Power clean 9 reps
18 Ring dips
155 pound Power clean 6 reps
12 Ring dips
155 pound Power clean 3 reps
6 Ring dips

There is more oxygen under water:-) I think we should all hold our breathe from now on when doing Met Cons:-) The really cool thing was that we drove 4 hours to do a 12min WOD. Pretty ironic when you consider that the average globo-gymmer drives 12 mins for a 4 hour workout.

Train hard. We are off to San Francisco tomorrow!!!

chris d

Ironic but very cool matt:) Pullups as rx'd-10 mins, failed attempting 11 mins.

ian b

13 mins of ring pushups...


I hope the view was worth the drive Matt...when you're in San Fran go to La Taqueria, 2889 Mission St. Best buritos and tomatillo sauce ever! And dirt cheap. BTW, will you be doing a workout on "The Rock"? lol

Danny M

Davin 15 pushup
Jasmine 11 burpee

Felipe 15 pulls
Chris T 16 push
Drummond 16 pull
Glen W 14 push
Annette 16 push
Liz 13 push
Anna R 18 push

Nathan R (yesterdays WOD) 15 rnds rx'd

Brett Harris (intro)

Jonathan H (intro)

Brandon 10 pulls

Fletch 18 + 12 pulls
Tor 12 push
James W 14 pulls
Doug 13 + 9 chest 2 bar pulls
Carmel 13 burpees
Adam K 12 push
Kym 11 + 7 K2E

Steph Shaw (intro)

Wendy (yesterdays WOD) 9 rnds rx'd
Clay 11 pulls

Garry 15 pulls
Amelia 10 push
Andrew Mc 11 push
Belinda 14 push
Alex S 15 push
Jesse S 14 pull
Lyndon 12 pull
Virgil 9 push
Frederik 11 pull
Janna 10 push
Jorke 10 push
Richard C 9 push
Lee W 16 push
Michael P 12 burpee
John B 13 push
Westy 12 burpee
Phil C 11 burpee

Wendy S

I am still a day behind
Today AMRAP in 20mins
10 reps of 20kg Thrusters
10 Pullups
Completed 9 rounds Rxd
Thanks again to Clay for counting me through!
Matt you will have to come home 'cause I wont have arms tomorrow!


Ooh, so you meant 'leave nothing in the WATERtank' Matt. That's easy! You got me worried earlier. I thought you wanted us to work harder. Phew, thanks for clearing that up.

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