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Hi CFB, I am on my way home! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of days. Cheers, Matt

Nathan B

Hey Doug, looking at your numbers I know as a 40 year old desk sitter there's no chance of me ever matching them, but they're bloody inspirational. So I just keep trying to beat my best, which is what we love about CFB.

Danny M

Janna 30kg
Jasmine 25
Davin 51
Troy 60
Kate T 31
Max 62.5
Lyndon 52.5

Anna R 28
Glen W 40
Drummond 65
Miles 40
Felipe 60
John B 62.5
Monique 32.5
Liz 32.5
Josh 42.5
Hayley 32.5

Nathan R

Yo Nathan, Matt is close to 40 or maybe even be 40 so there is hope for you yet. Just keep training hard mate.


Hi Nathan B

Doug and Matt are an inspiration and so are a lot of the people at CFB

I would love your numbers of 60/10 71 from yesterday :)

I was happy with 40/Dead Hang/70 as last year they would have been 25/Band/60


Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3 reps (32.5kg)

Remember to change the weight when copying and pasting this time Nathan!! :)

As a 31 year old desk jockey myself, i reckon if we stay consistent over time we can match the CFB elite :) ...... it may take me til I'm 40 though!

Well done this morning Anna you are getting stronger each session !

Danny M

Janna 30kg
Jasmine 25
Davin 51
Troy 60
Kate 31
Max 62.5
Lyndon 52.5

Anna 28
Glen 40
Cookie monster 65
Felipe 60
John B 62.5
Monique 32.5
Liz 32.5
Josh G 42.5
Hayley 32.5

Kim C

Brandon 45
James W 50

Tor 45
Ingrid 25
Kory 55
Danny G 67.5

Jamie E

Clay 60
Fletch 70
Adam 40
Niss 52.5

Mikey P 55
Rob D 55
Lee W 40
Niki 27.5
Bel 29.5
Phil C 52.5
Mike M 37.5
Glenn 35
Virgil 60
Miel 27.5


Hi Mon,

Thanks for your encouragement. I was trying hard, but dust on my bar made it a bit too heavy this morning ;-).

Cody Lee Johnson

155lb was my best 160 lb was 2 and fail third

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