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Monique B 80
Kim C
Anna R 50
Jacqui C
James W 115x1 120x1
Brian D 40
Jorke O 110
Josh G
Glen W
Bill S 70
Felipe P 115
Mark C 100
Miles W 85
Liz B 80


Looks like body comp is dialed in Matt, I'll forgive you for not looking at my squats if you destroy the games qualifiers next weekend :) Its go overhead anyhow so that has to make you happy.


All the Best at the Games next week guys

Here is the WOD from the site - I notice that the CJ are overhead anyhow and the pulls are not to chest

I hope they come up next week for us in CFB :)

My guess is for handstand pushups and muscle ups on Sun :)

Games Standards Rules Regulations

Each competitor will have his/her own judge. The standards will be strictly enforced. See below for standards required.

There will be time limits for each event.

Scaling will be allowed. Athletes who scale any part of a workout will be out of the running for the qualifying slots.

6am Mandatory Check In
On Check in you will receive a copy of the latest heats and timings.

7:30am Workout 1:

Three Rounds
10 Clean & Jerk Men 60kg / Females 40kg
15 Ring Dips
20 KB Swing Men 24kg / Females 16kg

1300 Work out 2:

21 - 15 - 9 Reps
Pull Ups
Row 400m

Sunday 5th Apr 8am Workout 3:

This will be announced Saturday Evening after the final heat.

Every participant will be briefed and have a fair chance to warm up on the exercises prior to their own heat.

Clean & Jerk - The bar must be lifted from the ground to over head. The hips must be fully open and arms extended so the ear is seen in front of the arm in the over head position.

Ring Dips - In the lowered position the upper arm or the shoulder must touch the top of the ring. Then the participant must extend the arms to extension so there is no bend in the arm .

Kettlebell Swing - The kettlebell must swing between the legs to above the head so the ears is exposed in front of the arms.

Burpee - The body must be lowered and legs kicked out to extension together, then the body is to be lowered to the ground evenly until the chest touches the ground. The feet may then be moved under the hips. A six inch jump is sought but at long as the body is fully open in the vertical position hands must clap above the head when the feet are off the ground.

Pull Ups - The chin must clearly pass the bar. The body must then be lowered to full arms extension, with no bend in the elbows.

Row - Any technique as long as the prescribed distance is covered.

Bill S

I'll be down there next weekend cheering the CFB lads on!!!! Fire up boys!!!! :)


Jonnie 140/140/140/150/150

Danny M

Mike M 70kg
Greg W 70
Karel 80
Carmel 80
Allen 55
Adam K 100
Phil C 130
J-Bone 145

Kate Th 65
Anne K 65

Wendy S

Drummond 120
Lyndon 90
Rebecca E 60
Elliot P 80
Bel 50

Alex S 110
Lily 30
AP 150
Lee W 70
Ian B 135 + first Muscleup!!
Nick W 40 + first Muscleup!!
Andy Mac 110
Clay 110


hmmm the head in that pic looks suspiciously redder, photoshop??? lol

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