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Cody Lee Johnson

Hello all,

Did today's WOD, my Friday for the DL's. 155KG and worked on strict MU's and L MU's in between. Have to fly out to Yuma AZ this weekend, so I have to miss this WOD on Saturday. I will make it up on another day.

Good training to everyone



Did todays WOD, also Friday here. 75kgs. Worked on pullups and ring dips between the first 3 sets and then it got busy and people were trying to steel my bar so i had to stay on it. So afterwards i did some more pull up stuff. Im excited to get back into it. Im in Wales now for a week.. no crossfit here so i will have to try and do it in the gym, with all the people looking at me wondering why i keep running around like a crazy person from one thing to another.

Anyway i hope everyone is well. I am having a great time. Went to Dublin for St Pats day and then to Amsterdam for a few days. Then next week im off to Germany and Poland. Missing Crossfit alot though.... ill be back.

Have Fun


7:30am Group
Number in brackets is number of rounds completed

Liz (2 + run) 25min
Linz (4) 22.52
Nathan B (4) 24.50
Lyndon (4) 25.15
Bill (4) 26.48
Anna (3 + run) 26.00
Michael M (4) 25.00
Jamie (4) 25.00
Adam D (4) 25.00
Nick W (5) 24.35
Lou F (4) 24.26
Phil C (4) 22.39
Lilly C (3) 20.46
Brandon (4) 23.04
Jasmine (3) 23.31
Kate T (3) 21.40
Davin (3) 25.00
AP (4) 26.13
Shane (4) 23.25
Damian (4) 22.34
Adrian (3) 21.15
Jem (3) 21.12

8.30am Group

Kelly (3) 20.51
Jenny (3) 20.43
Monique (4) 26.57
Kym (3) 21.32
Ruarri (3) 19.55
Clay (3) 23.25
Tim (3) 19.05
Sharon (3) 17.50
Mad Dog (4) 27.08

Great job this morning!

Doug A

Modified wod at home.
5 rounds for time:
750m hill sprints
15 Box Jumps, 24"
15 Burpees


Enjoy the hill sprints with matt and wendy tommorrow for those who are going! If your legs are still working see you on monday.


Hi Janna, great to hear from you. Keep stirring them up in the Welsh gyms!

Today's WOD at 5pm:

Matt (600m row instead of 600m run) 28.32
Rob Rxd 29.20
Wendy (4 rounds - back ext for KB's & Miles-style burpees "mylurpees") 26.28

Anyone who would like a demo of the 'mylurpee' see Miles - he usually turns up for the 6am WOD's :-)

Saturday crew - WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!

ian b

done @ home for 4 rounds


I would love to see their faces as you did the WOD in the gym in Wales, keep it up Janna!!


You mean we could stop without doing 5 sets???

I did a bit of a modified workout.
5 sets
600m run
30 DB swings (10kgs)
15 Pushups


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