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ian b

Miles's CrossFit truck paid me a cumulative visit after the last week or so (or has it been a dodgy menu?)...instead of WOD today did some light rowing/stetching, frustrating for now but better long term.

Cody Lee Johnson


Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks Wendy, Johanna says thank you as well.



Ian B :):)

Thought i had recovered from my illness today until i did the workout - It really smashed me up - bit stupid really should have scaled - but wanted to do the workout.

Glen I admire your dedication in recovering from injury.


Jonnie: 5 rounds rxd 1)21/70 2)16/50 3)14/42 4)12/34 5)12/36
Damian: 5 rounds rxd 1)17/50 2)14/40 3)13/40 4)14/40 5)10/30


Davin.M 5r 46/74
Jasmine.N 4r 31/43
Lily 5r 58/60
Billy S 4r 36/51
Annie. K 5 42/56 Rxd
Kate.T 5r 28/79 Rxd
Ian. B Rehab
James. F 4r 40/42
Lyndon 6r 41/64 Rxd

Glen.W 6r 24/46 sub rower,pull up, V-up
Kim.C 4r 42/48
Miles.W. 4r 40/60
Ruarri.F 5r 44/67
Josh.G 5r 58/69 Rxd
Baby. J 5r 27/95 Rxd
Anna. R 6r 11/75 Rxd

Mod FGB 2rnds
Luke.F 186
Teresa.H 160
Tim.M 164

B-Dog(Poodle) 5r 65/86 Rxd
Carmel 5r 40/85 Rxd
Ingrid Push/Pull Remedial

Ronnie 5r 28/70 Rxd
Mad-Dog 5r 45/27 JPU
Adam 5r 24/73 Rxd
Greg 5r 19/68 Rxd
Westy 10/82 (Sub Row)
Gavin 5r 42/73 Rxd

Danny M

Felipe 5rnds 87/90 rx'd
Phil C 5r 54/100 rx'd
Shane H 5r 30/57 (sub Row)
Andy Mac 6r 36/52 rx'd
Annette T 5r 64/63
Joel 7r 51/116 rx'd
Mike P 5r 44/76 rx'd
Elliot P 6r 40/159 rx'd
Bel 5r 78/89 jump pull
Alex S

Damian L 5r 72/71 + run
AP 5r 28/67 1% better :-)
Paul S 5r 67/80
Geoff P 6r 60/55 rx'd
Danni B 5r 54/42 jpu
Rebecca E 3r 31/30
Troels 5r 68/62 rx'd
Lee W 5r 35/27
Gaz 5r 95/82 rx'd
Dominic S 78 pushup (mod 400m run, 15 kb swing, max pushup)

Danny M

Rachel 5rnds 42/40
Sharon 5r 57/77
Jamie E 5r 35/51
Virgil 3r 27/15

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