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What a classic photo !!

Happy birthday Rob !


Happy birthday Rob :-)


You don't need to use your legs to deadlift do you? It's all arms yes?

Danny M

The original Aussie Battler!!
Happy Birthday mate, all the best. You are a legend.
Pommy Battler.

Scotty A

Happy Birthday Rob!


Happy Birthday Aussie Battler!! hope you have a good one mate!

Cody Lee Johsnon

Happy "B" Day Rob.

"Karen" in 10:03 today. Tomorrow is a good Dead lift day.

Jeremy Austin (Rookie)

Happy Birthday Rob. see you next tuesday


Happy birthday Rob!

Jeremy Austin (Rookie)

Dougie - did you see this?


Thanks for talking me into the wall ball challenge yesterday Kym!!! I'm currently dealing with wall ball legs in 2 degree weather here in Canberra! Might visit crossfit here and do it all over again! NOT! :)

ian b

happy b'day aussie battler

ian b

hahaha my legs haven't hurt like this since bottom to bottom tabata squats ;-)
lot's of quality time with the roller ahead..


Happy birthday Rob!

I shouldn't have told Matt the WOD's this week have destroyed my shoulders. Now he's going to destroy my legs!

Doug A

Happy Birthday Rob! Catch up with you at the 12p session.

Rookie - thanks for the thought. Interesting concept, but I'm going to focus on getting faster and stronger for next year!

Bill S

Happy Birthday Rob!

Had the day off training yesterday and went fishing with a mate (after work of course) in beautiful Darwin Harbour! Caught a couple of beautys (GT & Queen Fish) and it was a workout in itself pulling them in, especially after my rod snapped!! :)

Did a workout here in Darwin this morning @ Time Out Fitness Centre and lets just say it was different, but at least I got my heart rate up!

Danny M

Gerard 80kg
Kim C 40
Lisa W
Felipe 115-140
Max W 5 x 5, 70-90 kg
Roger 5 x x, 80kg
Kai 105
Liz 70-92.5
Josh 60-80
Krista 5 x 5, 27.5-45
Paul S 80




Happy birthday Rob! Have a good one.

Matt, further to our discussion this morning - I did the calcs. and my dead lift power to weight ratio has increased from 1.1x body weight to 1.3 x bodyweight. So I'll quit whining :-)


Happy Birthday Rob. Lee :-)


Bappy Hirthday Rob =D

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend! Hopefully it won't be raining on me in the tent the whole time.

Rach =]


Gavin 135kg
Mike M 92.5kg
Tor 100kg
Jonnie 170kg
Kory 152kg
Troels 110kg
Andrew J 100kg
Dougie 195kg
Karel 95kg
Greg W 120kg
Donna J 92.5kg
Ingrid 87.5kg
Carmel 87.5kg
Ryan B 147kg
Sharon A 72kg
Wendy S 77.5kg

Kate 81.5kg
Anne 7.15 wall ball WOD
Clay 140kg

Cassius Clay Rob A Birthday workout
Pommie B 35.39 130kg 60kg
J Bone 28.00 142kg 72.5kg 20pull ups
Aussie B 23.31 130kg 70kg
Matt S 23.54 rxd


AP 185kg
John B 162.5kg
Bel 67.5kg
Micah 5 x 5 55kg
Jesse 145kg
Mike P 147.5kg
Rachel W 67.5kg


Happy Birthday Rob!


Phil C 165kg
Lily C 65kg
Richard 180kg
Daimian 112.5kg
Danni B 65kg
Virgil 145kg
Alex S 132.5kg
Westy 142.5kg
Tiffany 55kg 5x5
Lee W 102.5kg

Wendy S

Happy Bday Rob, hope you still remember it tomorrow! Freddy, its good to hear from you - haven't seen you for ages! Good to see such a strong showing from the girls today! Quite a few pb's achieved. Well done. Wendy

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