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Nice work Matt !

Shane H

Awesome lift Matt maybe one day i will be able to lift half of that :)
one day its nice to dream

Matt S

Thanks guys, it was a fun night of lifting

Kim C 4
Krista 8 (alt wod)
Monique 4
Jenny 5
Kelly 5
Liz 3
Lisa 4.99
Kai 4
Glen W 4 (alt wod)
Miles 3.99
Sean 5

Matt S

3 rounds for time
500m row
12 push press 30kg
12 20" box jumps


I did 3 (15 DU) - but my hand was shaky so it was probably hard to read :)

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Solid Lift Matt!!! is that a PR?

11AM Dili:
AJ 4 Rounds... still need to work on my double unders


Does 3.25 count? Those double unders slow me down so much.

Nice lift Matt. Good to see you've got that stick out of your hands.

Danny M

Mad-Dog 3rnds
Karel 3 + 15 du's
J-Bone 5rx'd + pu's
Donna J 4.5
Felipe 6 rx'd
Rachel W 4
Westy 4 rx'd
Andy J 4
Adam K 3
Elliot P 5

Anne "Acrobat" Kelly 4 rx'd
Gavin "Buddha" J
Aussie Battler 6 rx'd
Pommy Battler 4 rx'd + K2E
Cassius Clay 3 rx'd
Doug "3rd Fittesy man in Oz" A 7 rx'd + 4 burpee's
Jonnie 6 rx'd + burpees's
Thorpedo 4
Wendy S 6rnds (Wendy WOD)

Micah 5
Shane H 4 + knee raises
Geoff 4 + 8 burpee's
Mike S 4 + 2 Knee raise
Bill S 4 + 15 pushups
Jimmy Fe 5 + 14 pushups
Lyndon 5 + 15 du's
Jesse 6 + 8 burpee's

Bel 4 + du's
Lee W 4 + 2 burpee's
Alex S 4 + 7 burpee's
Virgil 4 + 2 du's
Ingrid 5 + 9 knee raises
Carmel 4 + burpee's


Its the stick that makes him so good at the lifts....*mental note:- More broomstick Snatch practice for Clay

Tough workout today (is there another kind?)

Cody Lee Johsnon

Hello everyone,

Today was a great day, I was able to do the WOD for Friday, and to be safe, subbed the 30 double unders with 15 cal rows. Did a bench press 3 round max rep finisher with 84kg. felt great to be able to do burpees recovering from the ankle

Have a great day



Great Lift Matt, thanks for looking after me even though I was an hour late to train this morning.


3 rnds + 10 burpees/15 K2E/20 PU
Tuck jumps subbed for DUs

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