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why do i always looked stoned??


Wow i really suck at pull ups compared to kips ! was just doing bodyweight and on second round did 3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1,1 etc seemed to spend a lot of the workout on the pullups - maybe i should have done with a small jump or reduced reps.

More weightlifting photos from Arafura Games at


25 min cutoff (CO) enforced

Micah CO
Garry O CO
Ryan CO 3 rnds
Les 24.33 (15/5pu)
Chris T 24.28 (15/RR)
Lily 24.10 (10/rr)
Adam W 23.38 (15/JP)
James K 22.54 (15/10)
Katrina 21.15
Kate T 22.35 (15/5)
Davin 20.12 (15/10)
Alex B 21.34 (20/10)

Miles W CO 3rnds
Monique CO (15/strict)
Johno ?
Andrew W 20.22
Ross 24.55
Gerard 21.52
Steve A CO
Lisa S 23.50 (15/RR)
Roger 20.52 (5)
Josh G 24.07 (15)
Anna R 25.32 CO
Michelle ?
Alexei 21.35
Mick Slow Hips 25.40 (15)
Suzie 22.00 (15)
Adam D CO (10) 3 rnds
Greg H CO 3 rnds (10)

Andrew "AJ" Smith


This was a tough one! I used 20Kg for the walking lunges but couldn't use the 15Kg on the pull ups so just did unweightd dead hangs and I struggled enough with that. Finished the four rounds in 23:35.


Danny M

Linz 22.34 (20kg lunge/Strict PU)
Scotty A 25.00 cutoff
Rachel 25.00 c/o
Tor 25.00 c/o
Kory 25.00 c/o
Andy J 25.00 c/o
Ingrid 16.30 (10kg/ringrow)
Carmel 19.55 (15kg/strict pu)
Nick M 23.14 (15/ringrow)
Mad-Dog 22.20 (10/ringrow)
Lisa W 22.35 (15/jpu)
Jeff W 25.00 c/o
Blythe 16.57 (8kg sq/strict pu & ringrow)
Marisa 22.02 (15/jpu)
Anna J 14.16 3rnds (10kg lunge/30 box jump/20 pushup)

Doug A

wow...that was hard.
With OH walking lunges:

Doug A 14:37 rxd
Jonnie 16:21 rxd
Dammo 20:32 (7.5kg PU)
Brett 22:30 (10kg PU)
Andrew 27.04 (7.5kg PU)
Ben 25:35 (15kg WL, 7.5kg PU)

Bill S

Evening all,
I'm taking a few days off due to illness! I've somehow picked up a nasty gastro bug and I felt pretty average during and especially after last Saturday mornings WOD - probably explains why I felt flat and lethargic! I've lost nearly 5kgs since Saturday and I can't seem to keep anything down so I think it's best if I stayed away until I'm 100% healthy again. Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later. Happy training!!

Jesse S


Amanda M 5:30
Chris 6:03


Walking Lunges
Push Press
KB Swing


Matt S 20 Rxd
Aussie B 18 Rxd
Pommie B 14 Rxd
J-Bone 18 Rxd

Amrap 20min
5 H.P.S 40kg
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Jimmy CO
Jorke CO
Niki 17:32
Geoff P 20:18 15kg lunge 15 hanging pulls
Shane H 23:17
Wendy S 21:44 15kg 10 strict pulls
Elliot P 20:49
Danni B 21:49
Jacqui K 24:05 R/rows 5kg Lunge
English Col 23:34 15kg Lunge
Sharon A 18:41
Bel 19:24
Phil C 20:15
Drummond 19:26 Rxd
Dom 21:00
Amanda C CO
Jessica M 15:45
Rob D 25:04
Andy Mac 20:10
Jesse 23:31 8Kg pull


Alex 24:45 strict pull
Pat 21:08
Johno 21:08
Damian 24:57
Gabe 22:07
Dave 25:00
AP 25:56
Westy co 20kg lunge
Amelia 21:52 5kg rr
Mike 21:45
Troels 25:00 20kg
Richard 19:25
Ken 24:53
Jamie 20:34 15kg lunge 10 pull-ups

Danny M

Aron 10.45
Dave R 13.17
Bernie 12.55
Jim H 10.34
Shaun W 6.50
James B 13.22
Louise H 9.49
Owen F 7.28


Came back from camping for the last 4 days. Did Saturday's WOD Rxd
15 hang power snatch 40kg
400m run.
Managed 5 rounds in 20 minutes.


I was doing B/W only dead hangs and only 10 of them for each of the last 2 rounds ... living the dream once again!!!

Wendy S

Hi Bill, we really appreciate you keeping your germs to yourself. Hope you feel better soon! Cheers, Wendy

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