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Cody Lee Johsnon

Today was a rough day. Wednesday's WOD today was

111kg and had to skip the double unders. Ran a little the morning to work on my ankle. Now it is pretty sore, so I didn't do the du's this time. I feel like a bum not being able to do every part. Thrusday;s WOD looks to be a great one. Happy Crossfitting


In Darwin

Back Squat 4/5 60Kg
Deadlift 4/5 80Kg
50 chins


Matt, that is probably the best photo taken of me to date. Thank you for putting it up for all to see...haha...shiiiiiit....

Jesse S

21 Minute cutoff enforced


Micah 5 @ Cutoff (15/20)
Ian 6 @ Cutoff (24/20)
Ryan 23:18 rxd oh (missed Cutoff)
Bill 6 @ Cutoff Rxd
Les 5 @ Cutoff (16/10)
Alex B 6 @ Cutoff (24/15)
Kate T 19:00 (10/10)
Boo 6 (10/12)
Anne 20:00 (20kg PP /16)
Lily 6 @ Cutoff (16/8)
Katrina 5 @ Cutoff (8/8)
Rob C 5 @ Cutoff (10/15)
Lyndon 6 @ Cutoff (24/16)


Chris 21:45 6 (24/15)
Lisa S 17:58 7 (10/8)
Bec 20:00 6 (12/8)
Monique 5 @ Cutoff (15/16)
Max 20:08 7 (24/15)
Adam 6 @ Cutoff (24/10)
Kym C 20:48 7 (10/-)
Andrew W 21:08 7 (5/8)
Ross 21:29 7 (10/10)
Roger 18:26 5 (10/20)
Drummond 17:23 7 (24/20)
Liz 22:07 5 (15/16)
Steve A 20:26 7 (20/20)
Anna 6 @ Cutoff (15/16)
Gken W 6 @ Cutoff (Mod 20kg Farmer)
Christine 20:37 7 (20kg OH squat/ 16)
Ruarri 6 @ Cutoff (5/16)
Nick 6 @ Cutoff (10/10)
Felipe 19:59 7 (20/24) + OH
Jesse 19:36 7 (20/24)




I don't want to be a farmer any more Matt.


ohhhhhhh the legs!!! Doesn't pay to be a desk jockey!! aptly named Killer, now Drummond wants to smash me down at the park with shuttles, squats and pushups.

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Good look Mad-Dog! have you got your muscle up yet? I remember when I was at CFB a few weeks ago doing the walking lunge, pull up, sit up WOD you looked pretty close.

How are the Lunges supposed to be done? as in how is the weight carried? Thanks for any help.


Danny M

B-Dog 17.36 (20/24) 7rnds
Carmel 19.24 rx'd

Jeff W 20.26 (15/16) 6rnds
Mad-Dog 14.54 (5/10) 5rnds
Kate S 21.30 rx'd
Kym 22.03 (15/16) 7rnds
Jonno 14.52 (10/16) 5rnds

Kym Marriott

Drummond you are mad as a hatter but great time. Killer is aptly named

rach v

I was going to ask the same question as AJ Mad-Dog! You were so close when I last saw you! Hopefully when you do we'll see a photo of you on the rings grinning! Trained at Crossfit Auckland today - it is so cold here!!


Dont know whats going on with the muscle up guys...
I'm gonna keep at it though!! I'm going to get that bugger if it kills me


AJ carry the weight, using something odd as in a big round weight.. Although there was the option to hold it above your head with your arms straight.

I agree that this WOD is aptly named!


I got distracted by someone visiting with a new exhaust on their Ducati...

AJ .. carry the weight in front or behind your back but make sure you don't bend your torso.

As for holding it over your head there was one person I saw doing this... the Animal knows who they are ;-)

Nat R

@ AJ. I did it with an Oly bar mate. If you are one of those animals, do em with the bar locked out overhead.

Danny M

Big welcome to Lisa Ray from CrossFit Flagstaff, thanks for hanging out and doing a WOD with us!
J-Bone 15.36 rx'd
Cassius 21.16 (20/24) 5rnds
Pommy Battler 19.05 rx'd
Wendy S 18.23 mod
Matt S 15.50 rx'd
Lisa Ray 17.16 rx'd (24kg KB)

Nicholas B 21.30 (15/16)
Lisa W c/o (15/16)
Mikey P 21.13 rx'd
Shane H c/o (15/16)
Tiff B 20.41 (5/12)
Jacqui 20.42 (5/12)
Bel 20.46 mod
Danni B c/o mod
Gerard c/0 (15/16)
Emma D 14.45 (12kg KB) 5rnds
Cam N 19.45 (10/16)

Damian L c/o (5/16)
Paul S c/o (15/12)
Ingrid 15.22 (5/12) 5rnds
AP 20.26 rx'd
Phil C 21.48 rx'd
Lee W 28.45 (16kg KB)
Nathan B c/o (20/24)
Troels c/o (20/24)
Ken L 20.55 5rnds

Sharif 20.22 (5/16)
Mike M 20.57 (15/16)
Sharon A 22.14 (10/12)
Jamie E 20.39 (15/16)


Dave H 15.04 rx'd
Jonnie 15.49 rx'd
Dammo 17.16 rx'd

OH lunges and OH KB swings. Can't walk. Good sesh.


Awesome, awesome workout! Jonnie, Dammo, Dave H awe inspiring effort!

Drummond's did the tights help?

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Thanks for helping me out with the exercise description. I lost the time in the day to do the WOD (I'm still at work). Will make it up on the weekend for sure.

Maddog, I am sure you will get there soon. Make sure you let us all know when you do!!


Shane H

I can see why they call this Killer my legs and buttocks are dead does anyone have a wheel chair i can borrow
enjoy the rest over the weekend i do believe alot of folks are going to need it to recover from this one

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