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Cody Lee Johsnon

Hello all, today is Thursday, and we did the 5,5,5,5,5 squats instead of today's WOD due to time limitations, and the fact taht I was forced to take a break on Wednesday since our daughter was not feeling good. Only went to 225 today and my wife did an awesome 115 today. This was great, did a finisher of bench press today. Will continue with the flow for Friday's WOD. I am going to do a WOD come Saturday. I tweeked my back which is now recovered from an improper warm up during the DL's this week.

Take care all



Shaun McT 60/70
Lilly 31/33.5/35
Tara 5x5 (20kg)Press
Roger 52/62
Shaum McK 40/47.5/40
Adam W 55/60/-
Lisa S 35/41/43.5
Miles 55PB
Danni 35PB/37.5/40PB
Gerard 110 (5x5 DL)
Anna R 30/37.5/42.5PB
Jim H 32.5/37.5/35
Micah 45/50/50
Liz 37.5PB/40/40

Andrew McGilvray

Is there a set of 5 missing from the Push Jerks for a reason? or just a typo?


typo:-) fixed now. thanks!

Doug A

I want to see Euan Warren from crossfit unreal do 'diane' with freestanding HSPU! - Awesome videos!!

Danny M

Pat Canny 35/45/50
Tim OC
Murray 40/50/-
Jonno 40/57.5/60
Tor 47/52.5/52.5
Blythe 30/32.5/30
Lisa W 37.5/42.5/45
Mike M 47/52.5/52.5
Owen F 47/52.5/52.5
Ingrid 32.5/35/30
Andy J
Tiff 30/32.5/30

Trainer WOD
As teams of 3
AM Reps AP 15 mins:
250m row (as a pace setter)
Power Clean 3/4 BW
Box Jump 24"

Team Battler (Cassius, Pommy B, Aussie B) 617
Team Trash Talk (Matt S, Wendy, J-Bone) 584

Danny M

Jimmy Iron 87/100/102
Bernie 55/55/40
Shaun W 30/37/30
Bill 60/62.5/50
AP 75/85/85
Bec 35/37.5/32.5
Mikey P 65/65/60
Jesse 57.5/65/75
Jess M 30/32.5/32.5

Kate M 37.5/35/30
Nick Mac 45/50/55 pb's
Bel 35/40/40 pb's
Andy Mac 50/60/52.5
Lee W 45/50/45
Greg H 52.5/52.5/20
Tony B 70/80/60


Jimmy the human shoulder is living up to his name..... awesome lifting today mate, 102'5 kg over head for 5 reps was great to watch. To everyone who got a PB, great job!

For everyone else..... good on you for turing up to CFB today.

Cheers and have a tip top weekend.



Trained at CFX today.

CF Total
Single rep max deadlift 105kg (PB) starting load 60kg worked up to singles
Single rep max back squat 82.5kg (PB) Starting load 40kg worked up to singles
Couldn't Strict press have re-injured my shoulder so back to square one with the over head pressing movements.

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