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"He's not gonna pull some sort of ninja crap if we win is he?"

ian b

Where can I get me a marines haircut...like that?


"Let's see how he goes with those kipping pulls now that I've tied his pony tail to the wall."


he farted, not me.


Well done Mon getting your first muscle up !!

Shaun McK

He ain't from around here, he be one o dem 'merikans...yesiree


To work out total reps for these ladders
add the min num and the max number
and multiply by half the max number

ie 12 rounds = (1+12)* 12/2 = 78
ie 15 rounds = (1+15)* 15/2 = 120


thanks miles, i'm stoked! My celebratory "woohoooo" while I was holding myself up in the air almost ended in tears, as I lost a bit of stability on the way down! But I can work on that :)


6am: (pull up/ Burpees)
Kim C 15/9 jump pulls
Adam W 12/17 mod push up/Box Jump 32"
Roger 8/11 jump pulls to 10
Lisa "Absent" S 8/11 jump pulls
Shaun McK 10/10 jump pulls to 10
Dom Mc 6/10 jump pulls to 10
Aron 12/10
Micah 15/12 awesome effort!
Kai 11/12
Miles 12/12 mod
Anna R 5/17 jump pulls to 15
Monique 12/12 and FIRST MUSCLE UP WOO HOOO!!

Andrew White

You think IIIIIIIIII have chicken legs??? Check out his dude!!

Danny M

Awesome work Mon, you must be stoked. Your hard work is paying off.

Josh Gan

Fantastic Monique!


I walked in this morning just on time to witness Mon's first muscle-up! Congratulations Mon.


Well done Monique...congrats!! what a feeling it must be....all that hard work...

Bill S

Nice work on the MU Mon!

Weis-Bar, I'm not ignoring your post from yesterday :)....just waiting on Dougie to finalise the DU challenge but if you want to go one-on-one, by all means!!! Bring your A-game...no excuses!!! haha!!

Drummond's photo caption....
Surely his name's not Drummond too....ya can't be serious??? Really??? :)


12pm:(Pull ups/Burpees)
Andy.M 11/10
Carmel 14/16
Michael.M 14/13
Cassius 13/11
Rach 8/11
Felipe 18/15
Kory deadlift 152kg
Scotty 11/14
Mad Dog 7/10
Blythe 16/12
Sean 7/12
James.S 10/15
kATRINA 15/10 J.P
Rob.C 10/10 J.P
Andy 12/15
Tor 9/9
Annie 11/13
Kate 9/12

Trainer Wod
30 Double Unders
5 Clean & Jerk 80kg
200m Row
5 Rounds for time
JBone 13:55
Disco 14:46




YAY, Monique, really really happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny M

5pm: (Pulls/Burpees)
English Col 12/9
Jimmy K 18/13
Tiff 15/15 JPU/Box J
Oz 11/14
Gaz 19/14
Owen F 10/13
Mikey P 13/16
Geoff P 11/12
Sean O'G 9/11
Brad M 14/12

AP 13/14
Bill S (5)14/12 JPU to 14
Abmanda 17/13
Joel 17/14
Virgil 13/9 JPU
Liz 13/10 mix JPU
Westy 14/13
Emma H 13/12 JPU
Amy H 13/12
Amelia 15/12 JPU
Tony B 12/11 JPU/PU
Kate M 12/10 JPU
Damian L 13/11
Rob Ch 10/11 JPU
JP Intro


I am really proud of you! The muscleup is a great achievement, but over-shadowed by the grit and determination that you showed on the journey to achieving it. Nothing of value comes easily, and you have demonstrated the drive and PATIENCE required improve. Actions are decisions. Day in and out, you showed us a steadfast decision to climb the mountain, despite many failed attempts. I applaud you. Well done!


AMRAP in 15 mins
4 Handstand Pushups
6 KB Swings, 32kg
8 Burpees
Matt S - 8 rounds + 2HSPU rx'd
No friends & a pussy effort. It sucked more than it should have.

Doug A

Jonnie 17 pullups/18 burpees
(pulled him up at 17 to stop him tearing his hands too bad 1 week out from the games! He could have gone a couple more rounds I reakon.

Yesterdays wod:
Doug A 18:33 rxd
Dammo H 24:22 rxd
Brad I 17:43 (40kg Power cleans)
Brett H 27:40 (50kg)


I donno.....:)

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