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and didn't I need that hug.

Thanks Jake


On Holiday :)

5 rounds
5 x 40kg Thruster
10 Pullups

Doug A

Ed 22:43
Andrew 17:16
Cameron 14:19
Paul 15:37
Pauline 16:58
Ally 22:06
Dean 15:28 rxd
Micah 17:14 rxd
Anne 20:47 rxd
Kate 18:38 rxd
Gaz 10:14 rxd (10kg)

Chris 16:30
Rachel 19:17
Patty 16:15
Lisa 15:47
Monique 17:49 rxd
Anna 19:26 rxd
Roger 21:22
Adam 19:00 (mod)
Shaun Mc 15:47
Felipe 16:08 rxd
Clay 18:43 rxd
Aron 18:42
Alexei 16:53 (mod)
Michelle 17:49
Brad 19:50
Kai 20:27


Shaun McK

What a great way to start the week.

The challenge is on - me and wonder woman (aka Lisa) are going to wean our selves off of jumping pull ups - Roger and Clay are our sponsors/witnesses.

Wendy S

Hi Rookie, this is one of my favourite photos! Congratulations on your level 2! Cheers, Wendy

Jarrod B

B-Dog 14:19 rxd
James 19:07 rxd (10kg)
Katrina 11:50 (4kg)
Rob 15:10 (4kg)
Fletch 14:05 rxd
Scotty 20:36 rxd
Moose 17:48 (6kg)
Tor 21:01 (8kg)
Andy 19:11 rxd


WOD Thanks from CFX
(Didn't have 32KB and Rowed instead of Run)
4 rounds for time
9 Clean & Jerk 60kg
9 KB Swings 28kg
9 Ring Dips
9 Pull Ups
400m Row
JBone 15:54 rxd

Danny M

Sean S 16.13 rx'd
Mad-Dog 17.57
Sharif 18.13 (20cal row, JPU)
Crazy Ross 12.37 rx'd
Tiff 14.13
Bernie 16.52
Weis-Bar 13.42 rx'd
Jorke 17.42
Murray 16.00
Jesse 9.55 rx'd
Mike P 14.01
Owen 17.33
Bel G 14.14
Virg 15.29 3rnds
Andy Mac 17.32
Jimmy K 13.03 rx'd
Ross M 16.58 (15DU, 8kg)

Greg H 23.30
AP 19.23 rx'd
Bill S 17.38 (8kg)
Abmanda 14.47 rx'd
Shane H 18.18
Lou 16.21 scaled reps
Jimmy Iron 16.16 rx'd
English Col 20.16
Westy 15.40 (8kg)
Lee W 22.30 (8kg, JPU)
Kate M 19.14 (JPU)
Dom S 20.04 (8kg)
Amelia 17.42 (JPU)
Emma H 17.43 sc reps
Amy H 17.44 sc reps
Damian L 18.47 (mix PU + JPU)
Karel 23.17
Geoff P 16.16 (6kg, 15 DU, JPU)
Danni B 21.46
Sam C 18.25
Liz 17.56 (JPU)


Aww, that is one cute photo! My kids hate hugging me when I'm all sweaty from a workout.

Karel, kudos again for your persistence with the rope! Though I was laughing when Shane kept slapping your arse on the last round - I did wonder if that was an incentive...

Jeff W

Today's WOD 18:56 6kg med ball


20:01 for me 23:00 for my wife. Jump rope handle broke on 2nd round. Did knee tucks to sub after the rope broke.

Loving crossfit


This is a great photo!

Good on you both Lisa and Shaun. I should start getting off the jumping pull ups but I'm really bad at kips.

Liz, it was only one slap (unfortunately). It was either that or touch my sweaty back!


I'm going to have bruises all over me tomorrow. I really should practice double unders but after a night like that I really don't want to!


Matt S Lonely WOD #3
400m hill run
21 KB Swing 32kg
21 Handstand Pushups
400m hill run
15 KB Swing 32kg
15 Handstand Pushups
400m hill run
9 KB Swing 32kg
9 Handstand Pushups
14.18 rx'd


Is that the hill of Instant Exhaustion near your house?? I don't know how you did KB swings after running that! Good Job Matt!

ian b

i'm with you on that cassius...i remember how hard it is walking down that hill after a run let alone doing kb swings!

did this WOD at home, no med ball did DB squat cleans instead w/10kg otherwise as rxd

Shane H

It only takes one slap hey big guy hahahahahahaha
And yes he was right Liz the pants or the sweety back plus i figured he had enjoy marks on his back from the rope
Keep at it big Karel practice makes perfect you can trust me on that one

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