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Hey all,

Today being my friday, My wife and I did a tweeked version of the WOD. I combined CFFB's 2 snatches every minute for 15 with the idea of pull ups and burpees. We took it down to 10 minutes total time. At the tope of each minute, we did 2 snatches, 2 pull ups and 2 burpees. We cashed in with the row and cahsed out of the WOD with 30 wall balls. That was great. My wife and I need to work a little more with the distance run, so instead of making more work in time we don't have, I came up with this . Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday is cash in row, bike or run 10mins then WOD and cash out with something then Wednesday, Saturday we do some sort of distance running. Matt, this is due to the demands of my PFT and time that we have to train. Our time is 5:15 A.M. to about 6:05 A.M. then book it to work. Except for Saturday. Please tell me your thoughts.


Battler to bar chins lol


Does Grizzly Adams train at CFB?


ha ha ha very good Drummond :):)

I feel great after this mornings WOD - better then when i arrived.
However i wonder if its a bit like - after hitting yourself with a hammer for 17 min it feels great when you stop :)

Matt S

Well done guys, that was a great morning!

Sorry, I didn't get weight that were used for the KB swings for all people, feel free to add comments, if you went rxd and I didn't note it is because it wasn't on the board, update comments if you went rxd...

Paul 14.20 3rnds
Pauline 14.57 3 rnds
Annie 18.54 (row)
Ally 19.48
Miles 20.52
Adam D 21.34
Anna R 21.25
Ian 17.53 (row)
AP 18.07

Shar 10.04 3rnds 8kg KB, knee raise, 200m run
Jimmy K 21.43 (20)
Greg H 25.00 well done pushing through
Kristen 21.09 6kg knee raise
Jes 19.16 12kg knee raise
Rach V 20.50 rxd
OZ 19.24
James S 20.07 (20)
Linz 21.29
Nathan B 21.00
Baby J 3rnds still crook
Dave H 12.20
Gaz 20.31

Have a great weekend all!!

Doug A

5 rounds:
400m run
15 Hang Power Snatch, 35kg
15 Knees to Elbows

Doug A 17:50 rxd
Jonnie L 21:15 rxd (row)
Dammo H 23:35 rxd


At Coastal Crossfit Queensland Open Day.

"Dirty 30"
Sharif 14:20 (sub row for DU)
Fleur 16:00ish (MOD) Fleur did her first WOD today, she has officially crossed the line of commitment!

Rach thanks for the tips on the knees to elbows and pull ups!

It was great to see a few of us there from CFB with Ando, Felipe and Clay (eventually got there) dropping in to show their support.


I forgot to add in a true show of grit Rach V turned up and smoked the Dirty 30 RXD after doing this mornings WOD at CFB!


Good to hear Fleur!!! Sorry I missed it! Well done rach, champion stuff.

I had BJJ down the coast in the morning, and if anyone has ever met my coach Vince, you'll know I was lucky to get away in time to get up the north coast at all!

Nice looking place up there, absolute credit to Drummond and Chris.
At least I know where it is now.

Rach V

Thanks Sharif and Clay. I had a score to settle with myself after the morning's WOD which helped the motivation!!

Fleur hope to see you training Saturday mornings at CFB from now on! You did a great job.

Great to see part two of the interview with Matt and Steve in the crossfit.com journal. A preview of it is on the main site today.

Bill S

12km run/jog today in preparation for next Sunday's City to Surf run in Sydney which is 14km. Purposely ran a hilly course to prepare for 'Heartbreak Hill'.....hopefully I'll have enough legs to run after Saturday's Hard'nup Challenge which I'm looking forward to!!! 78 minutes:35 secs


30 Double Unders
5 Squat Cleans (60kg Sandbag)
40m Farmers Walk (2/24kg Sandbags)
3 rounds for time

JBone 4:58rxd

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