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4 x 1K run
rest as much as want between rounds

A lot harder than 5K ! :)

Jesse S


James S 20:28
Shane H 22:06 (6 rds 20/20)
Lou 18:10 10 Rebs
AP 17:08 Rxd
Alex S 18:04 Rxd
Anna R 16:23 Rxd
Nathan B 21:28 rxd
Lisa S 17:36 Rxd
Weis Bar 20:00 Rxd
Micah 21:23 20/20
Chris R 19:29 16-20kg
Damian CO
Bill 19:07
Bel 21:16
Tony CO
Andy M CO 20/20
Kingy 13:47 (16)

Rach V 15:40 Rxd
Michael M 19:50
Aran 21:47
Kym 17:56
Sharif 19:50
Michael P 16:46
Jess 16:50 15kg 12kg kb
Amy Emma
Janene 17:08 10kg 8kg
Ryan 20 20
Neil 18:09
Greg CO
Abmanda 16:00 Rxd
Joel M 17:58 Rxd
Joel B 18:10 Rxd
Sharlene S


Crazy Ross program for endurance for long distance.

if someone has tread mill or goes to gym,

you guys give it a shot!

It is called "Crazy Running" for long distance (more than 10km)

Interval running 100m on and off on a tread mill for 50 times which made up of 10km run total.

at start, set kms between 18km and 20km per hour.

then, Running 100m and rest 100m and then do it again

constantly for 50 times on and 50 times off.

you can run 10km within 30mins. and will be really exausted.

However, if you keep doing at least 2 a week, it really helps you to run half marathon and marathon as well as Crossfit.


Crazy Ross.


"Crazy Running" I love it! I vote we launch CrossFit Crazy Running as a direct competitor to CrossFit Endurance. Ross, you are crazy:-)

Lonely WOD at home
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time
24kg KB Swing
Double Unders

Shane H

I-Coach you did an awesome job with the classes today
Great work mate keep going you're presentation and comunication were spot on Keep up the good work
Jesse and Drummond thanks to you guy's also
AP you and my wife will get a mention for the push at the end to finish my 6th round


I was right. 'Killer' was a bit of a misnomer. It should have been called 'Icepacks and sofas'.

Shane H

Hey Alex not sure about ice packs it was more like the sofa needed to be made from ice


The 15 lunges (each leg) is deceptive it should just read 30 lunges! I forgot to post my weights 15kg plate and 16kg KB. It was a real killer too I was feeling the soreness by lunchtime on Saturday... good stuff!

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