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Was awesome having the Marines come in for a workout yesterday, super nice guys, and they sure know how to push themselves! I have never been called sir so many times in my life!

Great Team WOD, just came up a little short in the end against the locals. Fantastic atmosphere during the work out, a few mechanical failures, but heaps of fun for all!


Paul 25:00
Pauline 25:00
Andy W 17:39 (400m row/20kg)
Davin 25:00
Dean 24:50 rxd
John B 24:58 (50)
Annie 18:13 (400m row/26kg)
Katrina 14:55
Kate T 22:30 (22)
Boo 24:35

Sharif 20:30 (mod 15SC/40PJ)
Moose 16:19 (20)
Patty 20:00 (15)
Rachel 19:53 (LB)
Tara 21:20 (15)
Kai 19:13 (35)
Shaun McK 20:42 (20)
Roger 24:10 (30)
Kym M 20:41 (25)
Micah 21:13 (40)
Sarah 24:40 (17.5)
Anna R 22:05 (30)
Kim C 25:00
Brad M 18:27 (30) 2 rnds
Greg H 21:48 (30)
Damo M 25:00

* 25min cut off for this work out


Love the T-Shirt in todays pic! Thanks to the camaraderie of the 6am team this morning I went passed a point I could never reach training solo... proves what we have in the CF environment is gold... who knew that feeling destroyed could be so satisfying. Particular thanks to Anna, Shaun and Sharif for the urging to beat cut-off, you guys got me there..... and Micah, congratulations on another terrific performance, your consistency and gains in the last couple of weeks have been great to witness.

Shaun McK

I suspect that the Tao of Crossfit is:

We can get clever people to do dumb things (for time) at insane times of the day. Just because everyone else is doing them too.

BTW Roger awesome display of sucking it up and just lifting the damn bar.

Baby John

It is so so ssoooooo good to be back. Only a week and a bit off (flu) and I had to check that I was at the right gym and at the right time as there was stack of new faces and the normally half full 5am class looked like the 5 or 6pm crew.

It’s just great to see so many getting on board and lifting big weights (Bill’s 200kg mammoth Deadlift) it just makes me more motivated and determined to not get left behind.

Baby John

Refering to yesterday's 5am class in the above post.

Lee Klein CF Sunshine Coast

Just wait a second while i pic my sorry ass off the floor. Thought i would give this WOD a go today, boy that was my first mistake, 2nd was RXD the WOD (never done 60kg SC B4) and 3rd was doing a workout by myself. Result = Cut Off 3rd round 4SC in :-(

See you guys on the 8th. We are looking at a team of 10 and about 5 others on the coast are coming that i Know of.

Bill S

Good to have you back training Baby J!!

It's quite astounding to see so many people getting stronger and lifting PB's in the strength exercises....it's a bi-product of the great coaching we get and also the atmosphere that all the CFB members create when we we're all getting smashed on a daily basis...haha!!! On that note, I'm just to about to head off to the 12pm session this arvo...looks like a good one!!!


B-Dog 25:12 rxd
Scrappy 25:00 co

Blythe 19:13 (15)
Fletch 21:02 (50)
James.S 23:39 (30)
Elliott.P 18:20 (35)
Bill 22:05 (40)
Felipe 23:23 rxd
Aussie.B 23:10 rxd
Pat.C 23:00 (30)
Katie.M 19:48 (35)
Tor 24:54 (35)
Andy.J 22:30 (30)
Kyle 24:35 (50)

Awesome work guys, great intensity shown by all today, and with appropriate scaling, all made the cut off time. Nice meeting you Kyle, (US Marine) you did a great job jumping in and smashing it up.


Sorry Clay, last comment was from JBone, all good.

Bill S

Awesome work Blythe & Katie M & Elliott...you guys killed it!!! Well done to the rest of the 12pm crew too...it was pretty intense....my running sucks!!! haha! Time for a coffee to get me thru the rest of the arvo..... :)


Bill, time and place for DU challenge ? So glad you put these types of workouts on my golf / rest day...hit 83 off the stick...3 under for today. Feeling pretty chuffed...and what a glorious day to have been smashing a little white ball.


Hey Blythe - I took your advice and watched some youtube Pole-Dancing...I came across the 2008 national champion named "Felix".....my jaw was on the ground the whole time i was watching her....Do you know her? Or was that you and your stage-name :) Fellas, do yourself a favour and watch these girls for their strength alone ....if nothing else !!

Danny M

Sean O'Gorman
250m Row
Push Press

Owen F 18.18 (30)
Crazy Ross 22.35 (40)
Jonnie 20.21 (60kg mod Row)
Jaqui K 21.12
Phil C 23.44
Shane H 19.51 (mod 21 Push Up, Row)
Dom S 20.51
Matt O 21.40
Adam D 20.38 (20)
Bernie 18.35 (25)
Kim R 21.51
Gaz 25.00 co

Nathan B 21.11 (40)
Jimmy K 22.01 (40)
AP 22.30 rx'd
Karel 23.37 (25)
Nick Mac 20.00 (20)
Mike M 21.22 (40)
Mikey P 21.18 (45)
Tony B 16.55 mod
Bel G 20.39 (17)
Damian L 18.36 (25)
Jimmy Iron DNF
Rob Cook 19.40 (15)
Amy H 20.12 (10)
Emma H 20.28 (10)
Sam C 16.24 (20)
Geoff P 21.30
Westy 21.30 (45)
Drummond 20.14 rx'd
Rob Ch 22.00


Tough workout today!!! Drumrole (AKA Drummond) thanks for pushing me through and great time mate.

Anyone who took part in this WOD today, congratulations on a job well done.

Have a great Friday everyone.


PS I am in for the Double under challenge!


Deadlift: 5-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 [120-157.5kg] then
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time: Double Unders; V-Ups
[16.27; subbed singles 4:1]


Hello, Beautiful Lisa, yes I know, Felix is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! She is actually the World Pole Dancing Champion, go Australia! She is in a league of her own, honestly, no one comes close.
Thanks for the nice comment, Bill, but I was lifting very little weight. It still shocks me how under rxd I am, and I wonder how that will improve...I was focusing on technique today, with squat cleans being a new move for me, but even with the lighter weight, I still found it a strenuous workout! I have so much respect for those of you lifting heavier weights. Did it happen gradually, or was there a breakthrough moment?? Or were you all stronger to start with anyway????


Blythe, speaking for myself I'd say heavier to start with, and that is about the only time I'd say it was an advantage...though technique makes a massive difference too. Look at the beautiful cleans that Kelsey does! Makes them look effortless.

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