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Andrew McGilvray

Danny, Pat Sherwood and the team in Perth :-) http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/FtHoodVancouverPerth090726.jpg

Doug A

Katrina C
Rob C 30kg-90kg
Davin 80kg-87.5kg
Bill 120kg-200kg (PB)
Paul 30kg-90kg
Pauline 25kg-30kg
Alex 30kg-90kg
Ally 25kg-50kg
Monique 60kg-90kg
Andrew 80kg-113.5kg (PB)
Boo 50kg-70kg
Anne 65kg-85kg
Kate 60kg-90kg (PB)
Micah 80kg-130kg
Dean 70kg-145kg

Liz 70kg-92.5kg
Greg 80kg-140kg
Patty 40kg-80kg
Rach 40kg-60kg
Kai 120kg-170kg
Tara 30kg-60kg
Michelle 30kg-70kg
Aron 85kg-110kg
Shaun Mck 80kg-115kg(PB)
Lisa 85kg-120kg
Anna 60kg-70kg
Clay 110-147.5kg(PB)
Sharif 75kg-102.5kg
Miles 85kg-105kg
Roger 120kg-165kg
Adam (mod)
Felipe 110kg-147.5kg(PB)
Josh 80kg-112.5kg(PB)
Dom 60kg-90kg
Kim 25kg-60kg
Angela 60kg-75kg


Bill you are a weapon !!


Congratulations on hitting the 200kg mark Bill! Although, those of us lifting substantially less would appreciate it if you could make it look even moderately difficult next time (even if you have to pretend).


stokesee, i don't even know you, but awesome lifting @ 120kgs...


Thanks Weis-Bar....just keeping the girl power up :-)

Doug A

Fletch 110kg-165kg
Katie 60kg-110kg
James S 60kg-145kg(pb)
Pat 60kg-105kg
Brandon 120kg-152kg
Mad-dog 30kg-57.5kg
Tor 107kg
Scotty 80kg-120kg
Edwin T 40kg-122.5kg
Michael 80kg-160kg
Carmel 60kg-92.5kg
J-Bone 120kg-180kg
Michael W 140kg

English Col


then a GOAT WOD

Thrusters @ 25kg
Knees to Elbows (hanging knee raises for rounds 15 and 9)


Fried. (I realise now I cut my singles short by two on the deads too)


For anyone wondering why English Col is playing with Goats:-)


Catching up on some of the WOD's from last week:
Press 1/Push Press 3/Push Jerk 5 x 5; 52.5 kg
Followed by:
Little/Mini/?Lazy "Killer" [5 rounds only]; 14:56

Danny M

Slinger 130kg pb
Crazy Ross 130
Danni B 67.5 pb
Weis Bar 105 pb
Bec E 97 pb
Tiff 80 pb
Franky 110
Joel B 117.5 pb
Jimmy Iron 175
Ross M 110
Dom S 95 pb
Max W 130
Geoff P 110
Elliot P 120
Brad M 150
Jorke 110
Virgil 145
Kim R (4 rnds, 5DL 25kg, 10 Burpees 10.11)

Andy Mac 142.5
Amelia 70 pb
Bel 77.5 pb
Karel 112.5 pb
Shane H 137 pb
Lou 80 pb
Joel M 140
Abmanda 80 pb
Michael M 97.5 pb
Steve A 120
Sam C 90
Kath J 45 x 5's
Pat 30 x 5's
Rob C 80
Lee W 102.5
Damian L 130
I-Coach 170
Oz (5 rnds: 5 DL, 10 Burpees 7.23)


G'Day all,
today was a great day with the DL's, although I had to gear down on the wieght. Mind was not in it as well, and energy wasn't where it should be. Wife did outstanding with 65kg on DL's.

Shane H

Thanks heaps for the session I-coach and Andy Mac great lifting
I-coach you were top notch with every lift keep going with all you are doing and thanks for the encouragement
Andy Mac keep going mate you are improving every week

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