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DOUBLE UNDERS!?! Please don't do this to me! My girlfriend thinks I'm getting abused from the bruises.

Doug A

Some galant rxd efforts this morning but not quite enough to count! Well done guys and girls good effort. And congrats to Ally, James and Aron who got there first consecutive double unders!

Anne 16:36 rxd
Ed 15:45
Dean 13:20 rxd
Kate 12:36
Andrew 19:16
Alex B 13:03
Pauline 20:49
Cameron 13:04
John 10:49(Annie rxd)
Paul 18:04
Bill 13:21
Ally 17:46
Micah 16:06

James S 14:31
Aron 12:18
Kai 14:23
Clay 12:47 (20vups each round)
Shaun McK 8:44
Roger 13:50
Adam 10:18 rxd
Monique 8:52 (mod)
Chris 10:41
Patty 13:22 rxd
Rachel 13:38
Tara 8:37
Michelle 11:48
Josh 10:15 rxd
Anna 10:16 rxd
Greg H 12:27
Brad 11:35

Shane H

it will do you the world of good to get back on the bike
Maybe you should bring her down so she can see how you get them
to stop her thinking you are being abused by you're friends


Hard n the f up Karel...you pussy.....see you tonight...because you are going to smash it!!


This WOD was a wonderful follow up to yesterdays Goat reference (thanks Matt for providing a link to enlighten us). It got me thinking about the vast array of exercises and movements that would qualify for a Roger-Goat.. so many come to mind that I think I will have to adopt a numbering system as well.. eg Roger-Goat-1 etc... so my first nemesis might be Double Unders/OH Squats/Knees2Elbows; 21-15-9 for time... looking forward to others suggestions.. sadly; by a rough estimate I can define enough options for Roger-Goat 1-15 without even thinking hard... *sigh*

Bill S

As discussed with Dougie this morning, I'm proposing a "Double Under" Challenge to find who has/is the most proficient Double Underer @ CFB!!! :) I'm proposing a couple of challenges 1) The person who can do the most consecutive DU's unbroken and 2) Say 150 DU's for time (attempts and missed DU's don't count). If anyone wants to add any comments or other suggestions, by all means. Dougie has indicated he's taking up the challenge so to all you DU "specialists" out there, I say bring it on....gotta find a why to get my name up on Matt's honours board....haha!! With approval from Matt / Danny for those interested, maybe put your name down on the whiteboard similar to the MU Challenge. Danny / Matt, any objections?


Shane, she's not a masochist like me.

Weis-bar, I know I should but I really didn't want to do Karel-Goat again so soon.

Andrew White

Thanks Dougie for providing another way of inflicting pain!!! As I asked this morning can anyone tell me the transition from Crosspain to CrossFit occurs.

Andrew W still a CF novice but loving every minute!!

Shane H

I'm with you on this one Weis-bar you just need to suck it up mate
with all the practice you can only get better just look for you're inner goat
Andrew the answer to you're question i reckon is never there is always the next step and like they say no pain no gain stay strong brother

edwin Townshend

I like my GHD sit ups better than V-ups...

17.27 Rxd

Doug A

AUS(CFB trainers) vs USA (BLT 3/5 Marines)
20 min for max reps:
250m row (calories)
Power cleans, 70kg
Box jumps 24"
Push Press 20kg DB's

AUS = 1,559 reps
Matt S
Doug A
Rob A
Danny M

USA 1,259

Great workout with the boys. Thanks for visiting, have a safe trip home.

Brandon 13:32 rxd
Greg (USA marines) 21-15-9 HPC40kg, Burpees 4:10 rxd

Matt 11:03 (modified) Welcome matt
Tor 11:58
Pat C 13:09
Adam D 11:15
Mad-dog 14:39
Scotty 8:56
Kate M 16:07 rxd
Andy J 10:29
Elliot 9:38
Owen 11:34

Doug A

Bill - I thought the challenge was 150 burpees for time as punnishment if you cannot do 50 DU in 1 min one month from now. I think we need a few more people to do DU's before we have a max rep challenge!! But up to the floor to decide...

3 rounds for time:
15 pullups
15 KB swings
15 OH squats, 40kg
15 burpees
Doug A 8:56 rxd
J-Bone 9:32 rxd
Jonnie 9:00 (mod - subbed OH squats for MB cleans)


haha Bill....you mixed it all around mate....trying to get out of your 150 burpee punishment if you can't do 50 DUs in less than a minute in a months time...don't try and twist dougies words by bringing us into your world of pain.

you'll be fine Karel....i feel bad now i called you a pussy...sorry about that....got way ahead of myself....c u tonight...try and come to the 5pm session and we can do it together :)

Josh Gan

My vote: Max rep DU challenge or 500 DU for time :)


Oh i meant to answer you to Andrew W....are you serious !!! As you get better it gets worse - but a good-worse. Like that movie where they discuss being sexy-ugly...you go from being really-sucky to being just sucky-sucky...and well you'll have to talk to the likes of Dougie and Co if it ever gets sexy-sucky....if this all makes sense....

essentially no though...you should always put yourself in a world of pain.....unlike Karel :)

Bill S

Dougie, unless I was totally deaf (or ignoring you), I don't recall the conversation this morning about the 150 burpee punishment...anyhow, I would have no problems doing 50 x DU's in less than a minute as I proved this morning...haha!! Weis-Bar, sounds like your interested in the challenge...congrats your in!!!....haha!! I'm open to all DU Challenge suggestions but I think a month is far too long...but I'll leave it up to you Dougie, your call bro!

Wendy S

Josh, you only want the max reps challenge because you are a DU freak! But hey .... I'd like to see it!

Matt Swift

Now if you are going to do a double under challenge, there are two bog standard tests that you should use:-

1. Max continuous double unders (best of three attempts)
2. Max double unders in 10 minutes

For the numbers to count you need an external counter, there is a huge scope for mis-counting reps

For clarity, 1 rep = one jump where the rope passes under your feet twice (don't count how many times the rope passes under your feet, know this sounds obvious but we have seen people post big scores only to realise that they were counting the rope not the jump)

Enjoy! I am in for the challenge. Josh, I can take you brother:-)

Crazy Ross

Locked in Double Under 150 or 500max for time.


Shane H 11:37 Hup
Danni 16:27 Hup/DU attempts
Bernie 11:47
Abmanda 9:44 rxd
Joel McK 8:52 rxd
Weis-Bar 11:03
Andy Mac 14:47
Joel B 12:08
Mike P 12:38
Kelsey 17:00
Kim R 8:02 mod
Karel 17:00 Hup/DU attempts

Tiff 9:39 Hup
Alex S 8:15 Sup
A.P. 10:54
Ingrid 13:38 Hup
Carmel 8:50 Hup
OZ 11:02 Hup
Kristen 13:59 Hup
Jimmy Iron 10:01 Hup
Lyndon 10:00 Hup
Damian L 13:15 Hup
Liz 17:27 rxd
Amelia 14:04

Congrats to Ingrid on her first Kipping Pull Up!!!


Congratulations Ingrid!!!!!! I am impressed!


You are on Bill....i'll face off with you for a DU challenge..loser does 150 burpees....Bring it on..

Message to Shane: Hey pirate-trev, my back is now sore as well. we're both getting old...


I'm up for the double under challenge! Sounds like something we could incorporate into the open day??


Well done ingrid on getting your first pull up. that is great!!!

Shane H

Hey Lisa keep stretching its the only way to help with the soreness
Trev knows best it's the purate way

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