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Andrew "AJ" Smith

G'day CFB,

I have a question and thought the collection of minds down there might be able to help me out. I have read all the CF Journal articles about hand care and taping it up, and what to do if a callus tears away. They also mention something about wearing your calluses smooth. I have tried using a pumice stone but found it to be a bit too smooth. There is a picture on one of the journals where there is an athlete using some kind of cheese grater looking device to wear his calluses down. where can you get one of these "cheese graters", and is there anything else you can use to get these calluses down.

See you all next Saturday when I get my ass handed to me on a platter...



P.S. Matt, Nice journal video and picture at the main site!

ian b

happy b'day Anna,hope you have a great day!

AJ-sandpaper also works a treat(about 120 grit goes well if you want to be technical)..

Brett Fforde

AJ I use a 'corn plane' and you get them at the chemist.

I recommend caution as they are sharp as hell initially and may take off more than you want if you are not careful. Then I pumice stone the palm to even it up a bit.

Hope that helps and hope I meet you on Sat :)



Happy Birthday Anna.


Happy Birthday Anna , enjoy the day off!

AJ, I like the soak in the tub, wait till the skin is soft then scuff off the dead skin (it is easy to tell, its the white, not the pink skin) then moisturize method. Make sure your gripping the bar in the right spot too.


Happy birthday Anna - have an awesome day

AJ - i keep my ones low by cutting them with sharp scissors - and have not ripped them in ages - also i try and keep the bar dry and no chalk

Andrew Smith

Thanks everyone for your advice... Hopefully I can sort my hands out in time for the Hard'nup challenge on Saturday. Speaking of which, When are the workouts being put up?


Jesse S

Happy Birthday Anna!

Bill S

Anna, Happy 21st!!! :) Have a great day!!

Shaun McK

Happy Birthday Anna.

Nathan B

Happy birthday Anna.

Nathan B

Managed my first ever sub 10min FRAN yesterday. Previous PB was 10:21 but go through in 9:12.

Danny M

Happy Birthday Anna!! Awesome work this morning..
A.J. I have a rough tongue, much like a Kitten. I lick my palms daily, that seems to keep them smooth. Hope this helps.


Danny - that is the best post of the year :):):):)


Happy Birthday Anna, sorry I couldn't be there to watch you suffer:-)

Miles, I am with you, that was Ninja funny.

Scotty A

Happy Birthday Anna

Andrew Smith

Thanks for that Disco!!!

I Have been licking my palms for a few hours now. It doesn't taste as bad as it did when I started, but I think it might be because I have lost my sense of tasete... All in the name of peak performance!!!



5am: (Rounds + Farmers Walk + Burpees + Push Press)
Kate.T 6 (25)
Micah 6 (40)
Bill 5+F+B rxd
Paul.F 4+B (40)
Pauline.F 4+f (15)
Boo 4+F (20)
Sean.O 6 (30)
Davin 5+F (40)
Katrina 8 (15)
Andy.W 6+F (20)
Anne.K 6+F+B (27.5)
Rob.C 8 (15)
Jim.H 4 (22.5)

Lisa.S 6 rxd
Adam.W 5 MOD
Michelle.M 5
Clay 5 (40/20)
Brad 6 (40)
Anna.R 7 (25)
Mon 6 +PP+FC RXD
Baby.J 7 rxd
Roger 5+F+B
Patty 7 (20)
Rachel 6 (20)
Miles 7+PP(30)
Owen 6 (40)

Nathan B

I'm sorry I'm a bit confused. I thought Danny was offering to lick AJ's palms!!!?


SO many things I would like to write in response to Danny's post...oh, well, better leave it.


Scott A 6+B(40)
Rach W 5+F+B (22.5)
B-Dog 6+F+B rxd
James S 6+B (35)
Andy Mac 6+(40)
Linz 7+F rxd
Ross H 6+F rxd
Clive 6+F+B(20)
Emma H 6+B(10)
Amy H 5+B(10)
Joel B 7+B(40)
Donna J 6+F(20)
Tor 6(20)
Matt O 6+(20)
Nick 5+B(20)
Moose 5 (40)
Kate M 6(20)
Mickey P 7+B(40)

2pm Trainer WOD:
30 Wallball
300M row
30 BJ 24"
30KB swings 24kg
30 DB pushpress 30kg
30DL 100kg

J-Bone 8:16 rxd
Matt S 8:52 rxd
Aussie B 11? rxd
Pommy B 11:01 15kg pushpress
Wendy S (3 rounds 'rehab gone bad') BS,KB,Box,Jpull,lunge

AMRAP 10mins
100m row
10 burpees
10 pushpress
Miles 4 rounds

Good Dom 6 (30)
Evil Dom 5+B(30)
Fletch 7 rxd
Sean S 5 2/3
Bernie 7(40)
Oz 8(40)
Nicki 5(16)
Jaqui 6(15)
Tiff 8(15)
Rob D 5(40)
Kelsie 7+F (15)
Kim R 6+F+B(15)
Damo 6+F+P (30)

Jimmy 5+F rxd
Westy 6+B rxd
Jessie 6 rxd
Sharif 6+P(15)
Geoff P 6(25)
Ando 5+F rxd
Jess M 7+F (20)
Lou 6(15)
Pat R 3+B(6)
Sam C 6+B(30)
Karel 6+F (20)
AP 6 rxd
Chris M 6+B (30)
Greg H 5(40)
Tony B 5+B(40)
Miels 6 (20)
Chris R 6+B(30)
Matt F 5(30)


Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
Before I joined Crossfit I didn't expect that an idea of a perfect day includes farmers carry and burpees at 6am...


Happy B'Day Anna. Did a scaled version of the WOD. 15mins due to time limits. Used 60kg for push press and 22kg for farmers walk. 4 rounds plus farmers walk. Wife did great today, but we failed to warm up crunching for time . Bad move on our part. Hope tomorrow we recover from that and get a better WOD in.


Happy birthday Anna! I hope you had a great day today.

Just realised that I did 27.5kg. I was so tired I wrote the wrong weight.

Andrew McGilvray

Hi AJ,

For callouses i use the "HEROS CHIROPODY SPONGE" .. it is much more effective than a pumice stone .. every few days use it at the end of a shower when your hand have softened up a bit or soak your hands in a bucket of warm water for a couple of minutes .. as the edges start to blunt just scrape it on some concrete and it will be good to go again .. its only a few dollars and lasts for months so its very good value.

Remember that you only want to smooth the callouses out .. don't dig them out because that will only make things worse .. just a couple of seconds of light scrubbing on each callous will do the trick.

Hope this helps. cya.


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