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That is all I am going to say about this one!


That is TOO COOL! I'd Love to do that!


Awesome guys! I must say it looks much more professional than i was expecting! And that is just the practice run / "guest house"..... look forward to seeing the finished house and coming to visit!


Shouldn't the number's go down not up? ...oh! that's right i forgot where i was training.My body starting to hurt just thinking about this WOD oh well hard'n up and let's get started!!:)


Ricky, your reps will be going down irrespective of what the set numbers indicate ;-)


James HR (25pushx3-25/50/25JPU) C/O Rnd3 -50 sits
Ben W C/O Rnd 3 60Pullups
Lachlan B 31.18
Paul F (3x25Pull/65Pushup)C/O
Ed B (3x25Pull) C/O Rnd 3 -26 Sit up?
Emma H C/O Rnd 3-75Pull/36Push
Jo L C/O Rnd 3 (135 Situp)
Nat L C/O
Amy H C/O Rnd 3 - 20 Pull
Shiela W (3x25Push/3x15 Bpull) 31.02
R.T.F. (3x25 Pu) 25.58
Rob C Rxd Short by 50 Pu
Katrina C (20Pull/20Push) 29.05
Les J (3x25 Pull) C/O Rnd 3-53 Push up
Baby John C/O
Yvette M 31.27 Rxd
Kelleigh B (25/35BPull/35 Push) 31.18
Kyl R 31.18 (Bpull)
Steve Mus 24.64 (Hip Ext/Sq/Su/BJ)
Monique B C/O Rnd 2 - 4 Pull up
Melissa W (3x25Push Up) Rnd 3- 35 Squat
Miles W C/O Rnd 3- 10 Pu
Kate Th (3x25 Pull) 30.50
Anne K (3x25Push- 25/50/25 Pull) 31.03
Narelle D (BPU 5-7-10/3x25 Push) C/O
Shaun O C/O 46 Pull
Bill S C/O Rnd 3-25 Sit up
Tim H C/O
Jim H (3x25Pull- 25/50/50 Push)C/O Rnd 3
Lyndon P C/O
Cam N 31.13

Fletch 29.09
Aaron Pol C/O Rnd 3-20 Situp
Thomas R 30.42 Rxd
Oz U C/O Rnd 3- 30 Situp Rxd
Roger S (3x25 Pull/Push - 25/35/45) 29.55
Shaun McT C/O Rnd 3- 60 Pull
Ben H C/O Rnd 3- 5 Pu
Glen W 28.18 (Sq/Back Ext/BJ 24"/Su)
Anna R 28.04 (Sq/Back Ext/BJ 24"/Su)
Tara S (25/35/45 Pull) C/O Rnd 3-42 pull
Dalibor I (3x25 JPU) 27.50
Gerard L C/O Rnd 3-Sq/Pull/78 Situp
Sally K (3x25 Push/3x15 BPull) C/O Rnd 3 - 3Pull
Pip HR (25/25/50 JPU& Push) C/O Rnd 3-46 Push
Steve W (BJ/Back Ext 3x25/su/Sq) 27.45
Sarah G (15/25/35 Push & Pull) 30.58
Paula F (scaled) 21.51
Primo (JPU/Knee push 25/35/50) 30.11
Shaun McK (JPU&Push 25/35/50) 25.10
Steven McK (3x25 BPU) 29.58
Romana W (scaled) 20.54
Nikki K (3x25 JPU& Push) 30.27
Nada M (3x25 JPU& Push) C/O Rnd 3- 35 Squat
Kate A (3x25 JPU& Push) 25.20
Emma K (BPU/Push-25/35/45) C/O Rnd 3-44 Pu
Fu BoC/O Rnd 3- 20JPU
Kate Sm (3x25 PUSh & JPU) 25.20
Rebecca Pol


ooops, I made a mistake with my score.... at cut off I was up to round 3 pullups

Monique H - C/O Rnd 3 - 4 Pull ups


I was only on the 20" box, not the 24" like Anna.


Craig N - 36.34 rxd + 1 x blister from the pull ups

Danny M

10am Trainer WOD:
Matt S 27.10 rxd
Danny M 33.10 rxd
JBone 29.14 rxd
Clay 34.06 rxd
Jimmy 37.16 rxd

Carmel L 33.05 rxd
Collette O 31.44 mod reps
Kate M c/o 3rnd mod rep
Frank C 31.19 mod rep
Louise B 27.00 mod rep
Andy J 26.56 mod WOD
Mat G c/o mod rep
Brian G 33.10 rxd
Crazy R 31.42 rxd
Ricky 27.00 mod rep
Bec C 30.22
Ingrid 27.38 mod rep
Christine A c/o 3rnd@Situp
Adam P 33.00 (13 reps pullups short last round, Video Referee)

Ryan M c/o 3rnd@5pulls
Mad Dog 26.17 mod WOD
Joel B 28.11 rxd
Shane H c/o
Tom A 29.35 mod rep
Geoff P 3rnd@50su
Rach V 26.09 rxd
Mike R c/o mod rep
Bel G 29.40 mod rep
Miguel J c/o 3rnd@50pull
Mark D c/o
Tor V c/o 3rnd@40push
Tiff By 29.21 mod WOD
Jacqui K c/o 3rnd@30su mod rep
Duane O 31.00 rxd
Mary W c/o 3rnd@60su
Chris K c/o 3rnd@56pull
Andy Mac 3rnd@40su
Liz B c/o 3rnd@25 pull mod rep

all c/o at 35.00
Lily C 3rnd@17pull
Phil C 3rnd@50pull
Rashan 3rnd@19pull
Matt T 3rnd@20push
Grant B 3rnd@15push
Karel W 3rnd@15pull
Lee W 3rnd@12pull
Sherrin 3rnd@60pull
Liz S 3rnd@60push mod
Tony L 3rnd@5push mod
Stacy A 3rnd@30su mod
Alex B 2rnd@24sq


YAC Crew... Well one of us anyway!

Michael 28.09
(subbed in 25 body rows at the end- grip strength was wasted)


Im new at this can someone explain how this WOD is done please.


Mine was actually 2 full rounds, + 75 squats + 25 pushups. Just scaled to 25 reps of pullups per round (2nd round I broke it in half between situps as my arms blew). After the 25 pushups I used the final couple of minutes to do some extra pullups and then max reps situps in the last 45 seconds. Don't know if this was exactly a strategy other than to keep working as much as possible.

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