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Andy W 110/90/115/85/115/80
Narelle D 65/50/65/40/70/35
Ben W 150/120/150/100/150/80
Les J 90/65/90/55/95/50
R.T.F. 130/90/132.5/85/130/75
Melissa W 60/45/60/35/60/35
Paul F 150/120/150/110F/130/80
Jo L 60/45/55/35/55/30
Ally F 60/50/62.5/45/65/42.5
Collette O 60/55/65/45/70/42.5
Adam M 140/110/140/95/140/75
Micah M 140/100/142.5/82/142.5/65
Kate Th 90/80/90/70/90/50
Miguel J 100/80/105/75/100/65
Jim H 105/90/110/80/110/70
Tim H 110/90/115/85/125/80
Miles W 110/82/105/80/100/65
Yvette M 85/75/85/65/86/60
Lyndon P 110/82.5/112/75/115/70
Matt J 110/82.5/112.5/75/115/DNC
Baby John 150/110/155/100/150/90

Thomas R 130/100/135/85/140/75
Steve W 110/90/115/85/115/75
Tony L 100/80/100/75/100/F
Tara S 70/57.5/72.5/50/72.5/50
Grant B 105/80/115/80/115/70
Nikki K 55/42.5/57.5/42.5/62.5/45
Karel W 120/90/120/80/120/70
Oz 190/180/190/160/170/90
Gerard L 120/90/125/80/125/70
Kate A 55/32.5/56/42.5/57.5/42.5
Rachel V 90/72.5/92.5/65/92.5/60
Fletch 140/120/145/100/150/82.5
Aaron Pol140/120/145/100/150/82.5
Glen W 100/80/100/70/100/60
Tom A 90/70/90/60/90/50
Shaun McT 190/150/190/120/170/90
Monique B 80/70/85/65/90/60
Anna R 75/70/77.2/62.5/80/55
Emma K 70/65/60/
Dalibor I 110/90/115/75/120F/60
Joan W 60/50/70/40/80/30
Gen W 50/40/60/30/50/20
Steven McK 100/80/95/60/95/50
Shaun McK 105/80/110/70115/60


Sorry for my crappy writing this morning Clay, however my last single before the 30 reps was 120.
Good work Miguel, Tim, RTF, Paul, Ben and Yvette............ in fact everyone at 5am!


Couldnt make class and had done deads on sunday-

bench- 3x92.5 3x97.5 6x105
b squats 3x100 3x105 8x110 4x10/60kgs
croc rows 3x15 20kgs

rubbish lifts! There is always tomorrow though.


Hmm..don't understand this WOD. Max deadlift and then 10 x 75% max deadlift? How did people choose what to go down to?
Re the video posted, I like Danny's muscle ups better!!!!!
Anyone who commented on the house, thanks heaps! Peter got straight onto the phone to me after a crossfit workout he attended there in Brisbane, and it gave us both such a lift! I MISS so many of you inspiring people there! I wonder if I could occasionally use this comment space to give an update from down here? I'm usually a bit long-winded, but not sure how to keep in touch otherwise...
Doing my own WODs here, not following yours since I haven't had internet access for so long. Did the same WOD as you yesterday for something different. There are some cool things about having to do WODs on your own, such as:
- learning to work with what you have and be a bit creative.
- APPRECIATING equipment as you get it. Matt, sorry, I had no IDEA of the investment of all that equipment. People, DON'T BANG the BARS!!! Ha ha, seriously, though, even though crossfit may be the 'garage gym' form of exercising, therefore less expensive equipment required, it still all adds up! We are doing lots of body weight stuff since we still don't have a bar and weights. Soon, though!!
- and most importantly, really knowing the reason why I'm doing this. Up there, surrounded by all you great people, attending WODs was only partly because of the fitness, but also because of the great atmosphere, great music, awesome people, great bodies to perv at (whoops, scrap that one), and it also became part of my ROUTINE, which is partly good, and partly bad. Here, there's none of those things, and no trainers to say, "Come on Blythe, keep working until the end", etc., so I've really had to look hard for the reason I'm doing it.
BTW, Pete is full of hot air, he said he was really complimentary about how dedicated I am etc etc, but it's really not like that. Every workout is a struggle, both physically and mentally, and when you're on your own with no one else to try to impress/beat/look to for encouragement or inspiration, etc (now I'm showing how shallow I am), I really have to dig deep.
There we go, a little update. Weather is spectacular down here in autumn, scenery is straight from Anne of Green Gables, I feel really really lucky to be doing WODs but still having time to play card games with the kids and build and take a bit longer chatting with people I meet throughout the day. It's all a very cool experience.
Miss you all. xx


Ricky 60/50/60/45/60/40


Bec C 80/65/82.5/55/82.5/50
Brian B 165/140/170/130/170/110
Elliott P 110/90/120/80/130/70
Christine A 92.5/75/95/60/95/45
Sharif D 110/90/112.5/90/115/80
Jean M 60/45/60/40/55/32.5
Romana W 45/25/45/15/40/15
Kate M 110/90/115/80/120/70
Helen B 45/22.5/45/20/45/20
Tor V 110/85/112/75/112/67
John H 60/50/60/X/60


Blythe, very good to hear from you! You are dearly missed here. Spoke to Peter the other night and am very proud of your efforts in creating your own WODs etc. More motivation than I would have I'm sure. Keep up the goodwork mate, and we will always be here to support and encourage you if you need us :)

Danny M

10am Trainer WOD:
Clay 130/110/135/100/140/85
Danny M 160/135/165/125/165/105
Jimmy W 5x5 80kg
Wendy 75/65/77/60/77/50
Felipe 125/100/127.5/82.5/127.5/65

Shane H 120/100/125/85/130/65
Tiff B 70/60/75/50/77.5/45
Shaun O 140/110/140/90/140/70
Duane O 135/100/137/95/135/75
Kory M 145/110/150/100/160/95
Glen B 120/100/125/80/125/60f
Phil C 170/130/170/115/170/100f
Sam E 80/60/90/50/80/40
Bel G 70/60/72.5/50/75/45
Rob C 130/100/140/100/150/100f
Katrina C 65/45/70/42.5/72.5/45
Simon T 120/95/120/80/120/60
Joel B 112/92/112/72/117/57
Geoff P 145/110/140/90/135/75
Andy Mac
Ryan M 112/92/117/72/122/57
Stewart A 120/100/125/80/130pb/60
Mark D 80/60/90/60/100/60
Adam P
Mike P
Chris K 160/120/155/110/150/100

AP 180/160/185/140/190/110
Mike Mac 400m Lunge Walk
Lily C 85/70/90/60/95/55
Janelle K 55/50/57.5/45/60/40f
Alexei 105/90/110/70/110/60
Liz S 52.5/40/52.5/37.5f/52.5/32.5
Liz B 90/80/95/70/100f/60
Jenny T 50/37.5/50/32.5/52.5/30
Emma H 77.5/70f/77.5/62.5/77.5/55
Amy H 77.5/70/77.5/62.5/77.5/55
Tracy W 90/75/95/65/100/55
Matt T 70/60/70/50f/70/40


Craig N 180/120/180/90/180/70


YAC Crew

Michael 100-80-120-80-140-80
Kales 80-60-90-55-100-50
Chris 100-80-120-80-125-75

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"Awesome facility and staff. Great people to be around"  - Peter W


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