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Looks like a scene from the next Bond movie......


RTF 50-57.5
Lily C 40-50
Yvette M 40-45
Nat L 60-70
Kate T 30-35
Emma K 40-50
John J
Jamie E
Micah M 60-75
Tim H
Dan L
Melissa W 25
Jim H
Mel B
Ed B 50
Miguel J 40-50
Matt J 45-60

Brad S 20-30
Thomas R 87.5
Glen W 8-12.5 DB C&J
Aaron P 40-50
Shaun O 40
Fu Bo 20-30
Anna R 42.5-52.5 PB
Monique B 30-50
Matt R 42.5-60
Kate A 27.5
Tracey W
Sreve W 50-57.5
Nikki K 30-32.5
April K
Steven McK 50-52.5

Sarah B

Who is that dapper gent?


Bond, James Bond. cue music........


Aaron in his power suit!

Power = Fashion x Durability / Time!

Danny M

10 am:
Clay 75
Danny M 75 across
Rob A 75 across
Mike T 60
Jimmy 60 2x(1cln, 2jrk)
Donna J
Linz 60 2x(1cln, 2jrk)
Brian B 75

Greg A
Rohan B 20-30
Jenny T 15-20
MadDog 25-30
Carmel 30-40
Primo 25-27.5
Helen B 15-17.5
Clarke M 20-25
Matt G 40-50
James Hi 20-25
Tor V 40-50
Sam E 20-30
Andy H 20-30
Andy L
Christine A 30-40
John H 40-50
Kory M 62.5-65

Danny M

Tiff B 30
Phil C 77.5
Brad M 95
Jo H 27.5
Bill S 80-85
Paul F
Arend Q 40 across
Mike R 40-50
Oz 75-80
Dougs 30
Virgil 40-50
Andy J 50-65
Lachlan S 40-50
Lisa W
James H
Victoria M
Chad B
Dave S 60
Damian L 40-50
Chops 30

Steve Mus 40-52.5
Amy H 40-45
Emma H 40-50
Sherrin H 30-40
Stewart A 60 across
William G
Lauren 22.5
Jodie H 30-42.5
Narelle D 22.5
Rashan 40-52.5
Lee H 40-45

Aaron Pollard

Those are obviously very accurate observations of my Daniel Craig-esque physique (not to mention style and class; if only I owned an Aston Martin DB9) and to those very observant CFB people I say "thank you".

Aaron (The Axe) Pollard

Sarah B

Please remember that the Aston Martin DB9 does not maketh the man! It's your Fran time that does that :)


Aaron has a very decent Fran time- he is the body double for bond in the new movie :-)

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