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Dom McKenna

Ahhh sweet memories of the Wounded Warrior games, great pic! Man Sharif helped me battle through that work out!


RTF 24 Spotted
Adam M 30 Transitions
Miguel J 10 Spotted 15 Unassisted
Tim H
Miles W 20 Spotted
Mike R 14 Transitions + 42 Dips
Kate T 14 Transitions + 42 R Dips
Micah M 11.02 Rxd
Jamie E 15 MU 17.13
Ally F 24 Transitions + Push Ups
Collette O 18 Transitions + Push ups
Baby John 20MU 21:00
Phil G 50Kg 5x5 Back Squat

Shaun McT 12:04
Fletch 5.45
Thomas R 6.25
Roger S
Aaron P
Nikki K
Corey W 13 Assisted + 1st MU!!
Tracey W
Kate A
Anna H 18 Transitions + Push ups
Brad S
Steven McK


Monique H
Steven Mus B/Squat x 3 100-102kg

Wendy S

Thanks for my awesome scarf Shane! Now all I need is a Harley :-)


10am Trainer WOD
Brian 4:33 Rxd
Mike 12:58 Rxd
Clay 18:13 Rxd

Brett H Transition+Dip
Helen B Transition+PU
Duane O 10:36 Rxd
Greg A Transitions
Rohan B Transition+PU
Christine A Transition+Dips
Sharif D Transitions+PU 30
Mad Dog Transition+Dips
Sam E Transition+PU 15
Fi M Transition+PU 21
James W Transition+PU
Lou W Transition+PU 21
Brad M 13:38 Rxd PB
Andy J 15 Rxd C/O
Brendon D Transition+PU

Danny M

Stewart A
Steve T 16.00 rxd
Jo H transitions+dips
Mike Mac
Adam P
Ryan M 11 transitions+dips
Joel B 19.40 rxd pb
Oz 7MU+16 assisted
Yvette M 15 transitions+ring dip
Compass 10 transitions+dips
Cam L 9MU / 15.00
Arend Q
Chad B 15 transitions+dips
Brad S
Jorke 22 transition+pushups
Katrina C 16 transitions+pushups

Lachlan S 18 transitions+ring dip
Sally K 12 transitions+pushup
Lee H assisted MU
Janelle K 12 transitions+pushup
Jodie H 17 transitions+2box pushup
Geoff P 8.58 rxd
Amy H 25 spotted MU
Emma H 25 spotted MU
Matt T transitions+dips
James H 12 transitions+dips
Victoria M 12 transitions+pushups
AP 150 Burpee penalty fine paid in full!! 13.06
Sherrin H 17 transitions+pushup

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