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New PB...my last 5km run in Sept 09 was 29:47, so I've shaved a bit off this morning with 28:13 :-)


New pb for me 23:42. Hard to compare courses unless you run at a 400m track but it's about 3 min quicker then my last attempt on my hills of death course. I got lucky on traffic lights too :-)

jacqui. w

jacqui w
200 squats in 10.48


Tim H 23:40
Jo H 22:12 row
Emma H 25:04
Amy H 25:01
Yvette M 20:55
Primo 31:04
Nat L 33:58
Andy J 19:14
Lyn M 29:23
Steve Mus 20:30
Thom R 20:35
Kate A 25:00
Brad M 23:42 PB
Matt R 22:12
Anna R 22:54
Liz S 31:02
Sherrin 24:38
Nikki K 22:05
Aaron Pol 22:28
Steve Mck 22:31
Cassius 27:43
Liz B 28:13

Lily C 20:44
Phil C 16:28 (Lost)
Kris A 16:31 (Lost)
Lee H 26:07
James K 19:24 Row
Jacqui K 30:42
Janelle K 21:18 3km
April K 29:05
Chad B 20:30
Jodie H 23:00 3km
Fiona McN 28:01

Jimmy K

Hi Saturday morning crew. Just wondering if anyone has accidentally taken my wallet home with them today. Plain black leather gents wallet - pretty sure I left it on the stand out the front of the gym (although any obscure place is just like me as well). If found please call 0412 677 940.

Lily C

Unfortunately I think I got lost on the first lap as well! No idea what my time should have been :(

Simon T

5km - 24.40

Lachlan S

5km - 25.12


CrossFit Resolve WOD
AMRAP 10 mins
7 SDHP 42kg
7 Box Jumps 28"
7 ring dips

Matt - 9 rounds + 7 sdhp + 3 box jumps


Thanks for giving our WOD ago Matt - great score as well!!

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