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Crazy Ross

Matt THE MASTER OF CROSSFIT is like a textbook of warm-up for crossfit. That is impressive one and feel like that I have to do warm-up like that everyday before the session. It is good practical one for me. Thanks!!


Great Video Matt !


Jo H 70-75
Emma K 90 across
Kate T 70-81F
Nat L 120-140
RTF 120-140 (45sec L-sit)
Melissa W 40-50
Jo L 40-47.5
Mike R
Jamie E 80-105
John J 80-90
Dan L 90-100
Rob C 110-120
Miles W 100-110
Miguel J 90-105
Chad B 95max (80x5)
Bill S 160-175 (8sec L-sit)
Lyndon P 90-100 (L-sits 3sets)
Shane T 80-90
Micah M 110-120
Matt J 80-110
Steve Mus 112.5-120

Dom McK
Alex C 70-90
Fu Bo 40-65
Andrew H 80-90-85
Claire M 60-70
Jon N 80-85
Tracey W 70-90
Shaun O 130-140
Aaron P 140-150
Nada M 40-45
Nikki K 50-60
Kate A 50-55
Roger S 110-135
Josh G 80-92.5
Monique H 70-82.5
Oz 175-190
Thomas R 115-130
Anna R 70-72.5
Tony L 90-100
Steve W 110-125
Sarah S
Glen W 80-95


Matt 160 across
Danny 155-160
Clay 120-137.5
Brian 155-160
Linz 160-170


Clarke M 20-35
Jacqui W 55-65
Duane O
Ingrid O 55-65
Madeline L 50 across
Lachlan S 85-105
Louise B 45-50
Julia D 35
Andy J 105-110
Matt G 140
Adam R
Ally F 55
John H 40
Mark R 65-80

edwin townshend

Once again CFB shows us the true meaning of the the Crossfit community working at its best, thanks for sharing Matt.

Ricky kelly

That warmup video is going to help alot! being a novice and getting help like this is greatly appreciated.Thank you! : ) Hope you post some more later on


You are all missing the main point of the warm up video- its all about the beanie!

Nice video, I'll be starting this tomorrow. Is there going to be a 150 burpee penalty for anyone attempting a wod without having done the CF warmup? :-) Guarentee between gossiping and bar gazing Ill be one of the first to wear that penalty!


Virgil 110-125
Maz 100-135
Liz B 80-82.5
Jazz 55-60
Jacquie K 50-55
Andy Mc 120-125
Katrina C 65-70
Nikki F 65-75
Arend Q 60-90
Mark D 90
Sam E 80-85
Yvette M 80
Annette H 55-60
Tor V
William P
Steve T 110-120
Greg A 110-122.5
Mike P 110-125
Bel G
Simon T 90-100
Cameron L 85-100
Connie 50-55

Clayton R 70-82.5
Lee W 70-82.5
Alexei A 105-110
Damian L 110-117.5
Geoff P 125-127.5
Matt T 60-75
Pitt O 60
Emma H 70-75
Amy H 70-80
Lily C 90-92.5
Phil C 160 across
Tyson 50-70
Kris A 50-60
Rashan 60-80
Victoria McD 20-27.5
James H 40-47.5
Stewart A
Dougs R 60-65
Dean F 50-80


Great 6pm session, thanks Matt for the extra coaching!


Forgot to put up my weight: 5pm Tor V 80 - 92kg

Johnny McK

thanks for the video Matt nice warm up.

Is it possible to get one of the Burgner Warmup? That would be great!

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