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Great article well worth a read - http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2010/04/strength-in-naughty-or-nice/


Westy, that was interesting ... now tell me, were you searching for "naughty but nice" when you found that article?


Hehehe nice one Swifty - I'm all about trying to impove my performance but you know I have twins... Where on earth would I find the time! ;)


Improve too.. ;) (darn predictive text!)


G'day all,

haven't posted in quite a while. Took some time with family and was testing alot of ideas out with programming on my own for a bit. So...... I have put in the things I need for certain goals, and have decided to put the central part of what I do as CFB!!! It's going on 2years since I started my journey in crossfit, and I have always come back to CFB. So, here is how it goes. I spend rounghly 30mins focusing on certain skills involving Cardio then hit the CFB WOD and then finish with some Core focus for specific needs. I found my programming to be good in many aspects, but also lacking in others.

Today, my Monday is 10mins Rower, 10mins Jump Rope, 10mins Run then...
Monday CFB WOD and then
Ladder up 1-10 of
feet to bar leg lifts


Monday WOD after the cardio focus
20:00 with helping some new comers

Wife did great using a clean and jerk at the weight of 30kg vice snatches to get used to the weight


Westy awesome article! I heard on the radio recently that a food distribution charity on the north side was looking for people with strong backs and good work ethic to help them load and unload food stuffs for people in need who are doing it tough. In the spirit of that article maybe a few cfb members could head over to help out those people and in line with that article clearly benefit performance wise :-) doing a good deed with a better Fran time as a result haha- Danny could possibly coach us on box lifting technique! If anyone is keen i could grab the details?


Emma K 7+5 Rxd
Miles W 11 Rxd
Rob C 16 + 4 Sq Rxd
Katrina C 9 + 3B+4pu Rxd
Jim H 13 (Mod)
Rebecca S 8
Phil G 10 (Mod)
Jo L 7 + 9 PU + 6 K2E
Melissa W 8 + 9PU + 12 Sq
Jamie E 11 Rxd
Shaun O 10 + 3B+6K2E Rxd
Andy W 14 (Mod)
Ed B 10 3/4 Rxd
Baby John 11 Rxd
RTF 15 + 4 H-sit
Tim H 9 Rxd
Fi Mc11 + 7 Sq
Matt J 8 + 3B + 6K2E
Jo H 12 + 2 K2E
Emma H 10 + 3Push
Amy H 10 + 3B + 1 K2E
Kelleigh B 9 + 2 PU
Mel B 310 + 19 Lunge (mod)
Bill S 10 + Pu Rxd
Yvette M 17 + 3B Rxd
Adam M 9 Rxd
Dan L
Ally F 12 + 3B

Lachlan S 10 (knee raise)
Roger S 10+3B Rxd
Thomas R 17 + 3B + 6K2E + 5 Pu
Fu Bo 7 (H-sit/ 5PU)
Primo 10 (h-sit/3PU)
Steve W 10 + 3B (Mod)
Chad B 10 (1/2 K2E/H-sit)
Aaron P 13+1 Sq
Dom McK 8
Monique H 11+ 7PU Rxd
Corey W 12
Kate A 10 + 1 Pu
Zac T 8
Andrew H 11 Rxd
Steve Mus 13+ 6 Pu (H-sit)
Alex C 10 + 2 PU
Liz B 9 + 9 PU + 8 Sq
Jon N 9 + 9 PU + 12 Sq
Sarah G 10 + 9 pU
Matt R 11 Rxd
Steven McK 12 + 3 B
Anna R 13 Rxd

Alex C

my scaling was 3 push ups and H sit

Danny M

Danny M 15+1burpee rxd
Clay 13+3k2e rxd
Linz 13+4sq rxd
Brian 14+5k2e rxd
Jimmy W 16 (mod v-ups)
Mike T 10+1pushup rxd
Donna 13+3k2e

Matt G 9+3bp
Greg A 10+1k2e
Phil C 12+6k2e
Bel W 6+8pushup
Rohan B 7+3bp
James HR 8+3k2ap
Lou W 9 (mod reps)
Andy J 15+4k2e rxd
Sam E 7+8pushup
Alan H 10+3k2e (mod rep pushup)
Sharif D 8+2pushup (mod v-ups)
John H 9+k2e (mod rep k2e)
Lachlan B 7+7pushup
Ben H 10+k2e rxd
Brad M 16+1burpee rxd
James Win 6+4pushup


Hey Brad, if timing works around the family commitments I'm keen to lend a hand!


Mate I have no idea what they require timing wise so Ill get back to you :-) All in the name of a sub 3:30 min fran ;-)

Danny M

Glen L 10 (k2armpit)
Andy Mac 9 rxd
Cam L 13 rxd
Arend Q 8
John McK 9+3k2e
Jacqui K 8+6pushup (mod rep k2e)
Annette H 10+3bp (V-up)
Joel B 17 rxd
Ryan M 10+5k2e
Gaz 21 rxd
Jesse S 11+2pushup
Jess M 10+1pushup
Fletch 17+1bp rxd
Connie M 13+3bp (V-up, mod rep pushup)
Miguel J 13+bp rxd
Myles C 11+k2e
Mike P 18+bp
Gerard L 11+10sq rxd
Damian L
Brad S 10+3k2e
Wendy S 14+3V-up

Crazy Ross 13+3bp rxd
Oz 15+2k2e rxd
Sherrin H 9+3bp (mod rep k2e)
Liz S 10+3pushup (mod rep pushup)
Sarah B 9+3bp (mod rep k2e)
Jenny T 9+3bp
Tony L 8+3k2e
Kris A 11+3bp rxd
Elliot P 14 rxd
Westy 11+3pushup rxd
Steve T 20+6k2e rxd
Clayton R 12+3bp (V-up)
Dougal 10+9pushup rxd
Mary W 11+3pushup
Brooke B 7 (mod rep pushup, V-up)
Lily C 11+6pushup rxd
Nadia R 8+3pushup (3k2armpit)
Rashan 12

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