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Kate T 8
Katrina C 7Rnds+5pull + 6Push
Miguel J 15 Rxd
Clayton R 9
Emma H 9Rnds + 5pull Rxd
Amy H 8Rnds + 8Sq Rxd
Miles W 9 Rxd
Andy W 7Rnds + 5 Pull
Mel B 2.5k run/30 Push up/90 Lunges
Connie M 8Rnds + 5 Sit up + 5 Push
Micah M 18 Rnds + 5 pull + 7 Push
Melissa W 7 Rnds +JPU + Push
Jamie E 10 Rxd
John J
Phil G
Ally F 9 Rnds + JPU + 14 Squats
Jo L
Shaun O 10 Rxd
Bill S 8 Rxd
Dan L 5Rnds + 5 BPU + 8 Push
Lyndon P 12Rnds + 5Pull + 8 push
Jim H 8Rnds + Sit ups + Push ups (Mod)
Yvette M 16Rnds + 5 Pull + 8 Push

Thomas R (Mary) 7Rnds
Tracey W 7Rnds of (5,7,15) + 5 + 6
Oz (Mary) 8 Rnds (1Abmat/Assist Pistol)
Kate A 8Rnds + BPU + 6Push
NIkki K 8Rnds + 5BPU + 1 Push
Roger S 9 + Pull Rxd
Pip HR 7Rnds + Pull (1/2 run/JPU/KPU)
Monique H 11Rnds + 5pull + 4 Push Rxd
Liz B 6Rnds + 5 pull + 6 Push Rxd
Alex C 5Rnds (BPU/Mod Push)
Claire M 6Rnds (BBPU/Mod Push)
Lachlan S 8 (BPU) (11.30 run)
Julia D 7Rnds + 5 Push + 6 Situp (15min run)
Nada M 7Rnds (BPU)
Dalibor I 7 Rnds + 10 Push
Geoff P 18Rnds + 4 Sq Rxd
Chad B 5Rnds (15min run)
Erica D 11 Rnds (KPU)
Gerard L 10 Rnds + Push (12.35 Run)
Sarah S
Steve W 11 Rxd
Steve Mus 13Rnds + 5 GHD + 4 Push
Sarah G 11 Rnds + 5 Pull + 6Push Rxd
Fu Bo 3Rnds (0,10,15/BPU)
Tony L 8 Rnds (3k row)


Ahhhhhhhh to get that Crossfit fix back running thru the veins is truly magical!! After an intense week of Program Management simulations and Death by Powerpoint at the Hyatt Regency Coolum (& 3kg heavier)Its great to get that 1st WOD out of the way and reflect on the diet/lack of exercise & indulgence of free alcohol.!! The answers still yes it was worth it and whilst my best intentions were to complete the WOD's whilst up there...... I was kicked out of the gym on the 1st night as the young lass remarked that "You looked to intense throwing the weights around". I smiled and replied in my biggest & deepest wankiest voice......"Thats CrossFit baby, you should try it some time" and left the building.


Short lived excitement!!! Bloody contractors who refurbed our showers did a crappy job! whilst seated putting socks on, the seat gave way and now I have a lwr lumbar injury (on top of melanoma surgery this arvo)puts me out of action for rest of week!!

edwin townshend


100 across


Damn Whitey you sure it was only 3kg you put on? Hope your on the mend soon mate.

Danny M

Whitey, look after yourself mate, hope the surgery goes well.

Clay 12rxd (13.30 run)
Matt S 19+5pull rxd (10.20run)
Danny 15rxd (? run)
Brian 16+pull rxd (9.56run)
Dougie 20+pushup (9.20run)
Mike T 12 rxd (11.30run)

Brad 15rxd (11.30run)
Greg A 13+pull (row)
Kory M 17+4pull
William G 13rxd
Ingrid O 13(mod B.Ext/Situp/Sq) 13.40 run
Helen B 9+pull (band pull,row)
Clarke M 8 (band pull)
Rob N 19+pull rxd (9.30run)
Tor V 5+pull rxd (13.30run)
Sam E 5+4pull (band pull, 13.30run)
James Hi 4+pushup(band pull, 12.49run)
Vira 5 (band, knee push, 15.10run)
Andy J 16+1 pushup
Jenni R 5 (3pulls/rnd, 11.50run)
Christine A 12+pulls (mod reps 3/5/15)
Lee U 10 (mod situp 10/10/15, 8.50 run)
Cathy H 9+4pulls rxd
Mike Mac 6+situp (mod Pull/Situp/Squat, 14.17run)
John He 7rxd
Karina ?(13.30run)

Danny M

Phil C 11 (mod)
Steve T 17 rxd
Dom McK 7
Simon T 9+3pulls rxd (11.20run)
Jacqui K 9+2pushup (5/5/10 mod rep)
Nathan S 8 rxd (12.00run)
Fletch 7 "Mary" mod ROM
Bel G 9 (band pull)
Rach V 17+3 pull rxd
Anna R 13 + 3 pull rxd
Joel B 7 "Mary" mod ROM (9.20 run)
Arend Q 10 (band pull, row)
Andy Mac 9 rxd (10.20 run)
Mike R 12 (3/7/12 mod reps)
Ben H 11 rxd
Aaron Pol 13+5pull rxd
David S 8 rxd
Maz 12 rxd (10.20 run)
Gaz 18 rxd
Lee H 12 rxd
Shane H 6 rxd (14.07 run)
Myles C 10 rxd
Steve McK 9 + 5 pull rxd
Alexei 12 +4 pull rxd (9.30 run)
Damian L 11+pushup (row)
Elliot P 8+6 pistol "Mary" rxd

Lily C 12+5pull rxd
Jo H 7+4 rxd (row)
Dean F 8+ 3 push (15.25run)
Emma M 6 (mod, 15.00 run)
Liz S 6 (mod, 14.00 run)
Sherrin H 8+2 (mod, row)
Kris A 10+5pushup rxd (10.30 run)
Rashan 10
Dougs 14+ pull (9.50 run)
Jodie H 3+push (mod, row)
Rob C 12 rxd (17.20 run)
Sarah B 9 + pushup (mod, 1/2 run)
Shane T 6+pull (mod)
Ed B 9+pull (row)
Jean M 8+5pushup (mod, 10.52 run)
Pitt O 4 (14.15run)
Matt T 8 (mod, 12.20 run)
Janelle K 11 (mod, 1k run)
Sally K 5 (mod)
Brooke B 6 (mod)


Craig N - 17rxd + 5pullups + 10pushups + 13 squats. (Run ?)

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