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Matt G

Is Brian posting the pictures? as this picture was also posted on Friday 28/05/2010.


haha Matty are you collecting pictures of Brian? :-) My bad, I will change it!


We're thinking of heading to The Pineapple for steak after the clinic if anyone is interested in joining us...


15 rounds for Tuesday's WOD. After some Double Under Work and Rows.


mmmm Steak


Glen E 110-130/50-70/10,3
RTF 110-130 (rehab is for Quitters)
Jamie E 100-110/45-55/
Ally F 45-52.5/30/Slow lowers
Ed B 110-120/40-55/12,8
Zac T 150-160/70/15,5,5
Miles W 100-110PB/45-55/10,8
Rebecca S 45-52.5/30-32.5
Mel B
Melissa W 50-55/35
Baby John 130-150/60-65(3x5Strict press)/11,11.9
Tim H 110-120/40-50/5
Yvette M 75-85/45-50/5,6
Kate T 75-85/40-45
Lily C 90across/45-47.5

Tony L 90/50
Shaun McT 160-165/20,13,10
Fletch 120-135/60-70
Natalie Mc 90/47.5
Glen W
Oz 165-180/80-90/29,17,10
Roger S 120-140/50-60/18,17,12
Emma K 90-95/50/ Slow lowers
Shaun O Mod WOD/65-70/35 dips
Fu Bo 65-70/25-27.5/Slow Lowers
Kyl R 120-140/60-70/20,12,11
Lachlan S 100-110/40-50/910,10,8
Anna R 70Across/40Across/6,6,4
Kate A 50/27.5
Erica D 35/30-32.5
Sarah G 45/30/10,10,7
Monique H 70-77.5/40/5,5,4
Steve Mus 120-130/45-47.5Strict Press/12,11,6
Steven McK95/40-50/10,8,5
Geoff P 130/67.5/25,15,14

Lachlan S

gee wiz that first set of dips really took it out out me. Was really starting to feel the burn after 910

Matt G

Didnt you know Matt I collect all the pictures, just so i can put them up on my wall, and inside my locker. You all should start a boy band.


There is constant talk of some sort of band Matty, and now Linz is here they have a bass player.... be careful what you wish for!


10am Trainer WOD
Clay 130/60-70/8,13,13
Danny 150/70/15,14,14
Mike 110/75/15,14,12
Linz 160/85-90/ 15,14,12
Brian 160/75-80/31,18,17
Wendy 65/22
Matt (yesterday's WOD) 18

Helen B 50-55/25-27.5/ lower 4,3,1
Greg A 120/45-47.5/8,6,5
Lachlan B 90/40/8,6,4
Annette H 45-55PB/40-42.5/1,8,5
Ingrid O 50-60
Mad Dog 45-50/27.5-32.5PB/4,4,4
Fi Mc 40/22.5
Matt G 140/90-95/14,10,9
Joel B 100-105PB/60-65/21,15,15
Rohan B 80/120/7,4,3
Andy J 100-110/55-60/21,13,15
James W 40/20/5,3,2
Sam E 80-90/50-55/5,4,3
Ben H 90-95/55-60/15,12,8
John H 60/50/10,5,3
Anna H 55-57.5/27.5-32.5/lower
Nat L 140-150/80/5,5,5 lower
Steve W 120-125/55-62.5
Mary W 65-72.5/27.5-35/10,6,4


oops....forgot to write my weights up
80-90kg for the deadlifts
12 - 16kg KB's for the press
4-4-4 for the dips and no shoulder pain!!

Matt G

God help us Clay, then they will all start wearing their shirts really tight or take them off every chance they get.....wait a minute, that's already happening.

Johnny McK

Pretty bummed about missing the Trigger Point today - bailed up at work and couldn't make it.

Will have to do some reading and youtube'ing to catch up!

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