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On "beyond the whiteboard" you can post your work formula measurements to more accurately determine power output. These include a Squat Low Height, measured from ground to bottom of butt at full squat depth, and a Squat High Height, measured from ground to bottom of butt cheek standing.

Our family had quite an interesting result:

Virgil: 35cm/84cm or 2:1 low to high squat height
Liz: 23cm/77cm or 3:1
Oliver: 8cm/49cm or 6:1

Oliver also had the best form, with his chest right up, a very flat back and knees tracking nicely over his toes. Oh to be 5 yrs old!

Matt Swift

Liz, that is very cool!


Thursday WOD

42kg for OH 13:30 Unbroken Oh Squats

Danny M

So, as an alternative WOD for people who did yesterday's horror WOD, there was a choice to sub 21 Double Unders for the Box Jump. Both WOD's considered rxd

Alex C 8+20du rxd
Miles W 13 (30kg/24")
Katrina C 12 rxd
Chad B 9 (30/du)
Kate T 12 rxd (du)
Jimmy H 12 (24", mod)
Mel B 11 (15/30")
Tim H 10+5pj (20")
Mel W 10+pj (20")
Mike R 12 (32.5kg)
Rebecca S 11 (25/24")
Matt J 14+1pj rxd
Jo L 10 (20/20")
John J 12 (40/20")
Duffy 10 (30kg)
Miguel J 15 rxd
Anita W 10+5pj (12kg)
Shaun O 12 rxd
Bill S 13+1pj rxd

Fletch 17+pj rxd (du)
Thom R 21+pj rxd
Corey W 15 rxd
Steve Mus 16+pj rxd
Claire M 9+pj+19du rxd
Matt R 15 rxd
Micah 17+bj rxd
Scott M 11 (40/24")
Tara S 12 rxd
Mel D 10 (12/20")
Shaun McT 18 rxd
Chucky 14.5 (30)
Steve W 15 rxd
Jacqui W 12 (25/du)
Steve McK 14 rxd
Monique H 12 rxd
Erica D 13 (22.5/20")
Sarah G 16 (22.5/24")
James HR 11+pj rxd
Alan H 14.5 (30kg)
Anna R 17 (I think, but 3 for sure!)


I note on the whiteboard Matt referred to yesterdays workout as the ladder of death, but funnily enough didnt post on the whiteboard till later in the day so we didnt have a heads up ;-)

Im subbing push jerks and box jumps for physio today :-)

Alex C

Funny I also noticed "the ladder of death" was posted after we had done the workout but I think that's what the crossfit site calls it because it's all linked? Also matt can you change the gym time on beyond the whiteboard? It's in American time and when we click it goes to Saturday (when it clicks over in the us) ?? Thanks

Matt Swift

hahaha ... the fact it wasnt posted on BTW till later was actually because I am an airhead and forgot to do it:-)

As for the timezone, it is actually set to Brisbane. If it was set to US it would be a day behind not ahead. We are always one step ahead of them:-) It seems to be a quirk in the software, I will followup with them.

As for the "ladder of death" that was our name, we created the workout and it seemed appropriate:-)


10am Trainer WOD

Matt 17+PJ Rxd (20kg DBs, 31" Chair)
Danny 12 Rxd (31" Chair)
Wendy 13+2 KB Swing (sub PJ for KB)
Mike 14 Rxd
Clay 14 Rxd
Brian 18+PJ Rxd
Donna 14 (25")


Kory Mc 16+1 BJ
Maddog 9 (25kg)
Brett H 14 (24")
Clarke M 14 (30kg/20")
Lou B 11 (25kg/21DU)
Lyn M 11 (15kg)
John B 13+1PJ (30kg/24")
Joel B 15+PJ Rxd
Greg A 11 (30kg/20")
Rohan B 11 Rxd
Linz B 21+1BJO Rxd (31" Chair Jump)
Kate M 11+4PJ Rxd and 30" Box!
Lachlan S 13 Rxd
Andy J 16 (22")
Helen B 11+5BJ (22.5kg/small box)
Sharif D 11 (35kg/20")
Shane H 16 (HPC)
Andy L 11 (30kg)
B-Gun 8 Rxd (DU)
Ian B 15 (24")
Carmel L 15+BJ (22")
Tor V 10+5PJ Rxd
M "Donna" 3Rnds +11SU @ 12kg

Alex C

Yes Matt very appropriate name... just convenient it wasn't posted on here LOL


Sorry lachie...victory by one round and one jerk! (the exercise, not me). Looking forward to racing you face to face again, see you next week!

Matt Swift

That was a good effort guys, on both the skill work and the WOD. I have written down the scores as they were written on the board. Please feel free to make any adjustments in comments.

Fi Mc 13 + 5PJ (15kg)
Phil C 15 rxd
Stewart A 11 (40kg 20")
Bel G
Jo H 7 + 1pj (DU rxd)
Gerard L 14.5 rxd
Michael Mac 10 (30kg & 24")
Jacqui K 6 + 2PJ (DU 20kg)
Kris A 9+5pj (du 30kg)
Nadia R 15 + 5pj (17.5 24")
Simon T 13 + 1PJ rxd
Geoff P 12 + 5bj rxd
Virgil 13 + 2 bj (40/20")
Victoria M 13 (20kg 20")
James H 14 (20kg)
Damian L (seated Press 15kg DB, 21 situps) 11 rounds + press
Dave S 16 (40kg 24")
Johnny Sanchez 14 + 1pj rxd

Brooke B 14 + 5pj (12/15kg 17")
Amy H 12 + PJ + 2BJ
Emma H 13 + 5pj + 2bj rxd
Oz 18 + 15du rxd
Mike P 18 rxd
Sarah B 13 + 5pj (15kg 20")
Cost A 13 (20kg 20")
Karel W 12 + 5pj (30)
Lily 18 + PJ DU rxd
Yvette M 19 (24")
Sherrin 13 +5PJ (20kg 20")
Andy H 12rxd
Rob C 17 5pj 2bj rxd
Mary W 14 + 5pj (30kg 24")
Tony L 13 (24")
Anna H 15 (20kg 24")
Alexei A 14 + 4pj (chair bj 31")
Liz B 11 + 5pJ (30kg DU)


Anna R 17 rxd

Lachlan S

Haha nice one Sanchez, bring on next week I say !!!

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