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Julian L 20-70
RTF 130-145
Katrina C 40-52.5
Mel B 20-22.5
John J 60-80
Mike R 50-70
Nadia R 25-40
Nat L 110-115
Emma H 65-70
Amy H 70-across
Anita W 15-17.5
Fi Mc 25-40
Glen E 110-115
Lachlan B 60-80
Mel B
Phil G 60-85
Micah M 110-122.5
Jim H 50-65 (FSq)
Tim H 70-92.5
Shane T 90-110
Kate T 50-65
Matt J 80-90
Baby John 135-160
Melissa W 35-40
Jo L 35-40
Lyndon P 100-115
Kelleigh B 60-66

Casey S
Fletch 100-110
Shaun McK 50-70
Melissa D 25-30
Tracey W 60-72.5
Alan H 55across
Kate A 50-57.5
Alex C
Andrew H 80-105
Kai K 140-155
Matt R 72.5-87.5PB
Monique H 60-72.5
Thomas R 110-117.5
Anna R 60-65

Nat McMaster

Thanks all again for your support and training, see you again in two weeks, Nat

Baby John

For some reason I thought that my PB for back squat 3’s was 160kg. However after arriving at work and having a look in my diary 160kg is my 1 rep max and my previous best for 3’s was 150kg. Therefore today’s was a 10kg PB!!!! Anyway, as I’ve been coming for close to two years PB’s are becoming rather illusive so today is going to be a good day.

Also a special mention to Micah for not only getting a big PB but being able to hold it over his remaining 4 sets was a huge effort. Good work mate!


10am Trainer WOD

Danny 120-132
Clay 100-110 PB
Linz 130 across PB
Brian 135 across
J-Bone 100-110


Niki F 50-55
Duane O ?
Rohan B 70-80
Rob C 90-105
Shaun O 80-95
Matt G 80-95
Sharif D 70-87.5 PB
Ingrid O 40-60
Greg A 70(5)
Carmel L 50-65
Jenni R 35-40
Ben W 80-95
Helen B 37.5-47.5
Sanchez 80-95 PB
Joel B 70-85 PB
Lachlan S 80-95 PB
B-Gun 20-45
Clarke M 40 across
Lee U 70-85
Collette O 40-45
Lou W 40 across
James W 20-70
Amanda C 40-65
Miguel J 80-92.5


Note to self - put alarm clock back on again Sun evening after weekend snooze in :(

Miguel Jimenez

I hear you Miles

Danny M

Mike Mac 50-65
Jo H 55-70
Lee H 75-92.5
Brad S 60-75
Steve T 90-115
Annette H 45-75pb
Liz M 10-15
Simon T 85-100pb
Michelle C 20-37.5
Cam L 90-105pb
Shane H 80-100pb
Arend Q 60-80
Gerard L 80-95pb
Yvette M 55-63.5
Steve McK 75-92.5pb
Geoff P 80-100pb
Mark D 60 across
Connie M 30-40
Owen F DL 105 across
Damian L 5 x 500m row 15pullup/25pushup
Myles C 70-95

Westy 80-90
Mike P 115-122.5pb
David S 100-105
Sally K 45-55
Emma K 35-75
Alexei A 90-100
Janelle K
Lily C 70-80
Jeff C
Phil C 135-137.5
Stewart A 120-130
Karel W 102.5pb
Kris A 80-102.5
Dean F 80-110pb
Virgil 95-102.5pb
James H 20-50
Victoria M 20-30
Oz 115-140pb
Jodie H 50-62.5pb
Matt H 55
Mike Mars 70-85
Claire M 55pb
Kate M 70-85
Steve W 90-107.5pb
Nick R
Andy L 60-70

Micah M

Thanks John! Great work mate. Well done to Mel, Jo at 5am and all the other PB's today.

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