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Friday here for the WOD....

42kg for the Push Jerks
18rounds...and first time i na while I was forced to lay down after a WOD...Internal push


6am CFWP:
Em B 12 +5PJ (22.5kg)
Liv K 11+4BJ PJ (20kg/30")
Ellie B 16rnds PP (20kg)
Maggie M 13rnds +1BJ PP (20kg)
Jamie L 14rnds PJ (22.5kg)
Laura D 16rnds +5PP (20kg)
Em Y 9 +5PP (20kg+DU)

Chad B 6 +Vups +7Pu
Mike Mac 6 +200m run (mod)
Amy H 5rnds
Emma H 5 +run rxd
Nadia R 7
Leigh G 11 +10T2B +4PU
Tiff B 6 (row/HU/Pu)
Yvette M 6 +200m
Jo H 5 +6T2B (row)
Fi Mc 5 +170m run (10xVups/20Pu mod)
Jim H 6 (mod)
Shaun O 6 rxd
Kyl R 6 rxd
Steve Mck 6 +200m rxd
Luke H 6 +70m HU
Connie M 6 +Vup +Pu
Bill S 5 +run +7T2B rxd

Lily C 6 (V-ups)
Phil C 6 (row)
Alex C 6 +200m +10V-ups (mod Pu)
Ally F 6 ++200m +4V-ups
Tor V 3 + 200m +5T2B
Erica D 7 (10V-up/10-ve KPU)
Thom R 7 +200m +3T2B rxd
Greg A 7 (V-up/Row)
Jacqui K 5 +10 (V-ups/10PU)
Sarah B 4 +200m +7pu (V-ups)
Anita W 4 (H-ups/20asst Pu)
Damian L 6 +row +K2E
Brad the Texan 3 +200m +10 +15
Shane H 6 +100 (V-ups/Back Ext)
Tatiana Z 7 (10V-ups/5Pu)

Bill S

A slight correction to my WOD score this morning. Should have been 5 + Run + T2B + 7 pushups RXD. Thanks to Tommy R for pushing me through the last set of T2B...had nothing left to finish my pushups before time was up. Go again next week!! :)

Erica D

That SUUUUUCKED. But in a really good way. ;) What a monster week!

Andy G

7 (row 200m instead of run)

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