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wendy s

mmmm - more sensational photography!!

Roger (Fossil absentia)

Stuck in Sydney for work - bugger - recalling the fun of Jackie from last time... Good luck with it everyone bummed to be missing it


oh ha ha Roger :)


Hello all,

Missed Monday's WOD due to being on the road from a trip. Tomorrow I will hit this early in the A.M. and then hit the WOD for Tuesday about mid day. Being back in training with CFB is the best life choice I could have made.


Team 1
Mike R 11:13
Jo H 13:53 Rxd
Jo L 10:54
Kelleigh B 10:55
Duffy 13:48 (25Th/15Pull)

Team 2
Baby John 8:05 Rxd
John J 8:48 (Mod)
Adam M 10:33
Fi Mc 11:07
Nat L 11:22

Team 3
Glen E 9:14 Rxd
Miles W 10:36 Rxd
Amy H 13:03 Rxd
Katrina C 14:38 (JPU)

Team 4
Julian L 13:20
Nadia R 16:49
Melissa W 12:30
Bill S 12:48 Rxd

Team 5
Rob C 10:22
Jim H 13:50
Emma H 12:44 Rxd
Mel B 14:38

Team 6
Kate T 13:50 Rxd
Tim H 15:09 Rxd
Phil G 11;53 (Mod)
Rebecca S 13:44

Team 1
Chad B 17:38 (15kg)
Shaun McK 10:57 (15kg/JPU)
Monique H 10:50 Rxd
Rohan B 14:08 (BPU-Green)

Team 2
Shaun McT 8:52
Steve Mus 8:23 (16kg OA Snatch)
Thomas R 6:50 Rxd
Alex C 10:19 (JPU)

Team 3
Melissa D 10:46 (25Th/BPU)
Scott M 16:30 (25th/JPU)
Steve W 11:46 Rxd
Sarah G 12:54

Team 4
Karel 13:26 Rxd
Steve McK 9:34 Rxd
Kate A 12:53 (15 Pull)
Andrew H 8:31 Rxd

Team 5
Anna R 9:29 Rxd
Matt R 11:03 Rxd
Anna H 12:40 (BPU-Green)
Erica D 10:22 (JPU)

Team 6
Gerard L 10:42 Rxd
Corey W 8:55 Rxd
Clayton R 11:06 Rxd


Yeh :) a PB by 40sec ! :) - It gets scary when you cannot walk properly to your thrusters :) - This is one tough workout !

Well done Jo H !

Thanks Glen E for pushing me.



Matt R,

Congratulations on your first two muscle-ups!!
How cool was that ?:-)



FYI, The last time we did Jackie, http://www.crossfitbrisbane.com/blog/2010/02/wod-wednesday-2422010.html#comments

Glen E

Great Job Miles... Next is sub 10 minutes!!

Ben Weare

Thanks Garry, I was looking for that...

Bill S

Nice work Miles, Glen and Baby J!!!! Note to self...."Row smarter, not harder"!!!!! lol! I can confirm Jackie is my least favourite female benchmark WOD!!! :-)

Alex C

Thanks heaps to the boys in my team this morning (Shaun Steve and Tommy) for the push along!! i reckon you shaved about 3 minutes off my time. i would have rested a lot longer with those thrusters. the pain is just setting in!!!! Tom you were awesome to watch you made it look easy!!!!


Okay having done Jackie for the first time I now know from experience that spending most of you time in the Row with a 1:30-1:40 split is not a good game plan! I don't spew but this is the closest I have been to meeting Pukie. I had the feeling on my way to the pull up bar then after the workout then 30 minutes later and still had the shakes an hour later.

Lesson learned: the extra 10-20 sec you gain getting off the rower to be first to the bar costs you and extra couple of minutes more in resting during the Thrusters and pull ups.


That's not even to mention the soreness in the legs, the feeling of DOMS during the actual workout is NOT a good thing.

Baby John

Sharif, don't ruin the fun for all the people that already knew that. I didn't do this WOD last time but got the heads up on what happens to the people that treat the row like a WOD in itself (ie: 4 x 500’s). It's amazing the difference 15 extra seconds makes to a 500 split. It's the difference between falling off the rower into the fetal position and jogging over to the thrusters and smashing them out.

Ben Weare

Just wanted to mention the effort of the girls in 12p team one...Carmel, Kate and Lou.

As we found out today I'm not a great cheer leader (I was once described by Matt as "Either surly or taking the piss")...so there are never a lot of "Come on guys!" from me.

One thing that really humbled me today was the mental toughness of you all...you kept going when I would have put the bar down and sucked my thumb. Thanks for the inspiration, which I will file away and bring out when I need it :-)


Ah Sharif you were GUNNING that row.

Matt's demonstration of the thruster today was eye opening- its obvious how he does six and a half minutes.....he was flying-throw on some butterfly pull ups and you have a blistering time.


My plan of holding a cruisy 1:45 went out the door as soon as I saw you take off Sharif! Unfortunately I did get to meet pukie, well and truly learnt my lesson there.


10am Trainer WOD
Matt 6:29 Rx'd
Danny 8:23 Rx'd
Linz 7:07 Rx'd
Brian 6:35 Rx'd
Mike 8:28 Rx'd
Wendy 10:13 (15thruster,35F.squat)
Donna 12:37 Rx'd
Jimmy 8:11 Rx'd

team 1
Ben w 9:46 Rx'd
Lou B 12:03 (green band)
Carmel L 9:58 Rx'd
Kate S 10:01

Team 2
Sharif D 13:54 (BPU)
Andy L 14:56 (KB swing sub Pull up)
Jodie H 16:25 (20BPU)
Ingrid O 11:06 purple band

Team 3
Annette H 16:29 green band
Lou W 14:30 green band
Luke H 14:50 green band

Team 4
Sam E 10:00 15kg/BPU
James W 11:28 (5bpu,25JPU)
Brad M 7:32 Rx'd
James Sch 8:38 Rx'd

Team 5
Andy J 7:53 Rx'd
Clarke M 13:18 (BPU)
Collette O 13:39 (30 BE)
Lyn M 11:10 (BPU)

Team 6
Micah M 7:23 Rx'd
Brett H 9:38 Rx'd
Fabian V 8:20 Rx'd
Lee U 12:03 greenband

Corey W

After having a week off not training and having a head cold turning up to today WOD almost made me spew , cant wait for tomorrow .


Craig N - 9.05 rxd


Shaune I @2AFDS - 7.44rx'd

Danny M

4pm CFWP:
Jacko 12.09 rxd
Em Y 12.17 (12pull)
Jamie 12.34 (12 orange band)
Ellie 11.05 (15pull)
Mags 14.15 rxd
Em B 11.40 (10pull)
Liv 13.12 (20 pull)
Maddy 12.18 (12pull)
Laura 10.14 (10 orange band)
Clay 9.15 rxd

Team 1-
Miguel J 9.52 rxd
Liz M 11.45
Connie M 15.00 (green band)
Cam L 10.35 rxd

Team 2-
Steve T 7.01 rxd
Jeff C 12.38
Jacqui K 16.59 (band pull)
Myles C 9.28 rxd

Team 3-
Lee H 9.40 rxd
Matt H 16.06 rxd
Michael P 8.22 rxd
Michelle C 14.42

Team 4-
Joel B 7.35 rxd
Brad S 9.25 rxd
Shane H 8.36
Lachlan B 10.29

Team 5-
Gaz 6.50 rxd
Yvette M 8.20 rxd
Mark D 8.19 (15pull)
Alan H 8.18 (15kg)

Team 6-
Tiff B 14.19 rxd
Ben H 9.27 rxd
Matt J 9.18 rxd

Team 1-
Rashan 15.04 (20 pull)
Jason B 10.43 rxd 1st time!!
Anita W 11.19 (1/2 reps Th/Band pull)

Team 2-
Alexei 10.24 rxd
Oz 10.17 rxd
Sarah B 14.12 (Band pull)
Dean F 11.18 (mod back ext)

Team 3-
Kris 13.29 rxd
Emma K 12.27 rxd
Mike Mac 12.08
Damian L 11.48 (mod 100 situp/back ext)

Team 4 -
Geoff P 8.31 rxd
Lily C 10.11 rxd
James HR 12.09 (JPU)

Team 5-
Liz B 16.38 rxd
Kate M 12.02 rxd
Brooke B 11.25 (30 Th/Band pull)

Team 6-
Phil C 9.03 rxd
Westy 11.40 rxd
Mary W 13.41 rxd 1st time!!

Then on a dare, the following team did a tag team "Jackie"
Westy on Row
Phil C on Thruster
Oz on Pullups
Time: 5.40


The bulk of that tag team time was spent on what I'll call an 'emotional' rowing journey - sorry lads!


Yes Brad gunning and stupid at the same time, it wasn't a rowing WOD. On the up-side I know the competitive drive is still there, when I looked at Ben's pace and distance and Sanchez's I immediately went into I'm not going to slow down and let them gain ground... not a good game plan. I remember Danny saying during the ROW something like "That's a cracking pace you might want to think about how you will go on the Thrusters" I heard That's a Cracking Pace you blah blah blah Thrusters". Wendy was having a laugh at me after the WOD asking how it felt doing a fast row before the thrusters and pull ups.


Noob question, does 20k Thruster = 20kg or 10kg on both sides of the bar?

Matt Swift

Welcome! 20kg means total weight, so it would be done with a 20kg bar or 2 x 10kg dumbells. The only exception to this is if the workout specifies a weight for dumbells, eg sometimes it will say "10kg db" and that would mean a 10kg in each hand. If it just specifies a weight, assume it is the total weight.

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