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Nice Work Dougie!!


How many rounds was that?


9rnds + 9DL + 12PU + 7 BJ


Dave B 6+6PU
Corinne D 6 Mod
Lauren D 4+3DL
Rich G 8+5PU
andrew W 7+10BJ
James S 6+7BJ
Mel B 6 (30)
Feltch W 8+2PU Rxd
Alex C 2+2PU Rxd
Glen E 6+3BJ Rxd
Montana C 3+7PU Rxd
Gary B 6 Rxd
Dane D 7+1DL Rxd
Mitch F
Suzy B 4 (40)
Nick P 6 (40)
Rob Co 7+4PU Rxd
Darren W 8+1DL Rxd
Denise H
Tim H 6+7BJ Rxd
Kate T 5+8PU Rxd
Rebecca S 6+12PU Rxd
Miguel J 7+2BJ Rxd
Jim H 4 Rxd
Miles W 5+5BJ Rxd
John B 7+12PU

Andy Mc 5+8PU Rxd
Steve W 6+2BJ Rxd
Matt A 5+5PU (40kg)
Paul W 4 (Step/40kg)
Steve Mck 6+12BJ Rxd
Claire M 6+7PU Rxd
Natasha N 3+3PU Rxd
Sean R 4+3DL Rxd
Liv K 5+7PU Rxd
Ben L 6 (50kg)
Karel W 5+9DL Rxd
Maddie C 4+7BJ Rxd
Michael Mac
Brad F 4+1PU (50)
Jon A
Alan H 6+9DL
Laura Mc
Shaun Mck 4+3BJ (40)
Matt J 5+10PU Rxd
Bill C 7+2DL Rxd
Melody J
Jake I 6 Rxd

Tim Long 7 Rxd
Michael Mac 4+7PU Masters
Roger S 6+11BJ Rxd
Emma K 7+9PU Rxd
Brad Mc 7+12PU Rxd
Micah M 8+4PU Rxd
Amorica R
Alex S 7 Masters
Wendy S 6 Rxd
Clay S 6+3DL Rxd
Kate S 8+3DL Rxd

Bill S

4am in WA:

Bill S 7 Rxd
Aaron M 6 Rxd

Alex C

A big thankyou to Danny and Nick this morning. Nick for your judging and encouragement as I struggled through my pushups it would have been easier for you to just count the dodgy ones but you encouraged and persisted with me so thankyou and welcome to CFB!! Thanks Danny for taking the time to help me and for your tips, much appreciated and at least out of the 70 odd push up attempts i got 2 rounds and Nick did a fantastic job judging them. Although half way through the "no's" I wanted to cry Danny and Lily were very patient and I would almost caring to my push up issues.

Baby John

Was rxd omitted from the end of my score or just left off? If any of my movements were not considered full range then I need to know so can fine tune and improve the quality of my movements.

Much love,

Baby John

Gary B

The competitive environment created by these Open workouts is awesome! I think it really inspires some of us to push ourselves to a new level of intensity. What is the chance of CrossFit Brisbane hosting our own competitions from time to time, using the same basic format as the Open?


gary- you have the opportunity to do that every morning at 5am and 7:30am on saturdays ;-)


Thea J 3+1PU (30kg)
Ben H 6+6DL Rxd
Joey D 4 (40kg)
Sarah S 4+2DL Rxd
Rohan B 6+5PU (50kg)
Nathan B 5+7PU Rxd
Maddie L 5+2PU Rxd
Mel Web 4+7PU Rxd
Krista M 4+7PU Rxd


11am Trainer WOD
Jimmy 10+1DL Rxd
Danny 8 Rxd
Lily 9+5PU Rxd

Janna M 4+12PU (40)
Robyn B 5+4PU (4)
Tiff B 2+11BJ Rxd
Steve T 9+5PU Rxd
Gene S 8+7PU Rxd
Doc P 3+5PU
Helen B 4+11BJ (40/17")
Louise B 5+3PU Rxd
Troy D 6+2PU Rxd
Rob Mc 6+2BJ Rxd
James W 5+1PU (50)
Tim P 5 Rxd
Jodie H 2+2PU Mod
Ed C 7+9DL Rxd
Andy L 5+4DL Rxd
Matt H 6+7BJ (40)
Gerard L 6+6DL Rxd

Doug A

Good work Jimmy boy!

Emma Keogh

Awesome scores from the trainers! AWESOME!


That was seriously legit ROM Dougie. Way to go.


full of admiration for our Trainers.... never less than 100% and leading from the front.... A wise man once observed that example is everything.... we are in great hands!!!

Corey W

Great work trainers, massive effort !!!

LIly C

Hi Baby John,

That is probably my bad, just forgot to write RXD. You were definitely RXD.

Well done everyone today!


Gary B

Awesome job, Jimmy, keep it up mate. And I hope we see your name in the top 60 too. (Surely we can't send the girls along to the regionals on their own!)


Mary W 7+9PU Rxd
Ben S 7+2PU Rxd
Joel B 8+2DL Rxd
James H 3+2DL Rxd
Fi Mc 5+6DL Rxd
Anna R 8+5PU Rxd
Natan G 9+6PU Rxd
Elliott P 7+2DL Rxd
Cam LJ 9+9DL Rxd
Andy J 7+9DL Rxd

Steve A 7+9PDL Rxd
Damian L 6+3PU Rxd
David S 7 Rxd
Jason C 6+10BJ Rxd
Aaron P 9=9DL Rxd
Simon T 6+9DL
Shaun O 5+9DL Rxd
Arend Q 3+9DL Rxd
Lachlan S 6+7BJ Rxd
Collette O 7+4Vup (Scaled)
Libby A 2+9DL Rxd
Annette H 4+10Pu Rxd
Katrina W 5+6DL Mod
Olivia G 6+3DL Rxd
Costa L 4+9DL Rxd
Alison J 5+6PU
Viggi H 5 (50kg)
Sam B 8+6DL (Scaled)
Pat G 5+10Pu (Scaled)

Mike P 8+2DL Rxd
Jamie E 5+13BJ Rxd
Lee H 6+8DL Rxd
Steph S 4+4DL Scaled
Liz Bo 3+6BJ Rxd
Kate M 6+1PU Rxd
Kris A 5+4PU Mod
Deryn C 4
Steph R 6+2Vup (Mod)
Andrew C 6+5DL (50kg)
Robbie C 6+3DL Rxd
Alex B 5+7DL Rxd
Dan Mc 6 (50kg)
Matt H 4+6PU Rxd
Scott L 5+7PU Mod
James L 6+9DL Rxd
Rashan M 6 Rxd
Ingrid O 4+1PU (Mod)
Liz Bu 7 (30kg/12" Step)
Allyson L 4+7PU Mod
Brooke B 4+10PU
Steve M 7+12PU Rxd
Ash S 1+6PU Rxd
Steve R 4 (45kg)
Joe G 6+9PU (50kg)

6pm Weightlifting
Darren W 50kg
Micah M 50kg
Emma K
Mary W

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