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Hi guys if anyone has picked up a mangled peugot key on it's lonesome at the gym tonight please drop it in at the cfb counter if you don't mind :-)


Nice work Danny & Jimmy! I am very nervous for my turn now :)


Hey Danny and Jimmy, Good work, that looked brutal


Nice work guys!

Dom McKenna

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Great work Danny!


Montana C 1+8SN Rxd
Alison J 2+8DU Rxd
Glen E 5 Rxd
Mel P 2 (20)
Lachlan B 1+2DU Rxd
Jo L 1+7SN
Darren W 3+29DU Rxd
Rebecca S 3+16DU Rxd
Alex C 2+5SN Rxd
Michelle C 2+29DU Rxd
Miles W 2+7SN Rxd
Martin R 3+2SN Rxd
Jamie E 3+3SN Rxd
Denise H 1+14SN
Tim H 1+14DU Rxd Master
James S 2+21DU
Anita W 2+19DU (16kg)
John B 4+1SN Rxd
Suzy B 3+1DU
Gary B 3+13SN Rxd
Doc P 1+4DU Rxd
John J 3+3DU (25kg)
Andy W 2+18DU Rxd
Fletch W 4+5SN Rxd
Jeriah A 3+10DU
Lauren D 4
Collette O 7 (16kg KB)
Rob C 3+17DU Rxd
David E 2+3DU (20kg)

Ben L 3 Rxd
Alan H 3 Rxd
Ellen M 2+23DU (12)
Madeline C 3+7SN (20)
Olivia K 3+22DU (20)
Steve Mc 4+7SN Rxd
Steph T 3+DU (20)
Corey W 4+30DU Rxd
Mitch B 2+13SN Rxd
Claire M 3+10DU Rxd
Bill C 3 Rxd
Brad F 2 (20)
Steve M 4+7SN Rxd
Jin K 2+8SN (15)
Dalibor I 2+1SN Rxd
Allister G 3+11DU (20)
Helen M 2+4SN (20)
Allyson L 2+6SN (20)
Ben H 3+4SN Rxd
Steve R 2+5DU (12)
Gerard L 4 Rxd
Glen W 2+8SN Rxd

Clay S 4+10SN Rxd
Tim L 5+22DU Rxd


That was great fun

Glen W I am doing that again on Sat, 1 rep ! :):)

Glen E

What's the thought process of repeating the workout over the weekend? Is that against the spirit of the competition?

Great Job Tim L... To think that I sat there for the last 30 seconds swearing at that stupid rope to get some double unders out!! Sorry for those in my proximity this morning!!

Matt, very well run qualifying... Hopefully other affiliates follow your lead in the professionalism in the way that it's run!!

Bill S

4am in WA:

Trial Run:
Bill S 4 Rxd
Aaron M 4 + 29 DU Rxd

Will be doing my submitted version via video tomorrow arvo (hopefully)!!


The Games Site FAQ States

"An athlete may submit multiple efforts of a workout. Their best valid performance, regardless of whether it came from a video submission or was performed at a registered affiliate, will count for scoring for that week."

It would be interesting to see if I got better or worse doing it again - knowing my double unders it would be a lottery :)


Jason Kalipa has done it twice so far :-)

Marty Rogan

Sweet! I am keen to do better so see you guys tomorrow.

Tim L

cheers glen! yea i had a rope malfunction twice in the last 30 seconds too haha

Glen E

Thanks Miles, good news... Definitely worth giving it a second go over the weekend now that we have a feel for it. Regardless of result, it was a great WOD


Sarah S
Jodie H 3+14 Cleans (PC)
Joey D 2+8 DU Attempts (20)
Kate M 5 (PC) 25kg
John S 2 (20)
Krista M 2+9SN Rxd
Olivia G 2+14DU Rxd
Mel Web 2+12DU Rxd
Eddie C 3+8DU (20)

Trainer WOD
Matt 6+1SN Rxd
Doug 7 Rxd
Lily 6+30DU Rxd
Kate 5+19DU Rxd

Gary B

I have a problem, I can't seem to go more than a few hours without hopping onto the Games website and checking out the leaderboard! It's becoming quite an obsession. Does anyone know a cure? Can you get therapy for it?

Alex C

OMG Lili!!!!!! That is soooooo cool you are totally awesome mate!

Kate S

@Brad... your key is on DJ's desk mate!

Phil C

Hey Guys,

First time blogger on the CFB site, soooo......Hello Nerds....My name is Phil.....some of you may remember me from such months as September 2010 or January through March 2009. Memorable months for me I can tell you. You may be more familiar, however, with my wife Lily Cosgrove? I believe she works out there quite consistently?? Even helps out on occasion??

Anyway, while looking for videos of a different nature on the World Wide interwebs, I stumbled across her doing a workout dated today. Well you can imagine my surprise!!!! She left this morning very early saying she was off to work. I naturally assumed that meant a law firm or something?? I can never really remember these things!! So what was she doing working out today at midday?? The sub-caption of the "accidental" Video said it was a Crossfit games qualifier Workout!?! "WOW", I thought that looks pretty serious. I recognised some other people, I knew to be very impressive athletes in the film as well. The badass Kate Suna was there! Jimmy Whybird, Clay Shaw, Wendy Swift and Rob Cook were there holding clipboards and counting....and so were the biggest meanest Brahmans on the bull fighting circuit, Matt Swift and Doug Armstrong!!! You would understand that I became, at this point quite anxious about the well being of my darling, delicate lady!!
In the next ten minutes I witnessed something which amazed me I saw that room full of extremely impressive people "ignite"! Including my baby girl!!!
I have a memory of the intimidated bookish girl who I coaxed along to try this crossfit thing I'd been trying. On the first night, after the workout (which was power cleans as I recall) we sat in the car, and poor Lily burst into tears, proclaiming that "she wasn't cut out for" that kind of exercise, and that she didn't "understand the movements".
Well let me tell you guys...what a massive change, not only physically, but mentally my lady has undergone. I must give full credit the support of the Wonderful group of people we have been involved with at CFB. Always the highlight of any day hanging out socialising with guys! The care and support given through the daily physical hardships, from the country's finest strength and conditioning team, to the loyal affable regulars and the new excited prospects is life affirming. I see it everyday in the remarkable positive direction Lily has taken. You all have inspired her to devote herself to something she truly loves, as was evidenced in the awesome efforts you all put into todays trial. Just wanted to say thanks to CFB Staff and members alike. You dudes rule!!! Keep Crushing those Games workouts!!! You have my full support!!


Gary B

Just wondering, Phil, are you the reason Lily always turns up to work with a charming smile on her face? Keep up the compliments!


Thanks Kate :-)


Phil, the CrossFit Brisbane female trainers are BADASS! Lily and Kate rocked it today! Thanks for your kind words bro! These days I am super happy if I can beat Lily in a WOD. Did I mention that I SMASHED her by 1 rep today?


Sharif D 3+5DU (PC)
Madeline L 2+5SN Rxd
Helen b 1+1SN (20)
Dane D 3+11SN Rxd
Joel B 3+12SN Rxd
Ben S 4+8DU Rxd
Dom P 2+4DU (20)
Lachlan S 3 Rxd
Libby A 1+18DU Rxd
Ingrid O 2+1SN Rxd
Dom Mc 5+91m Mod (Row/KB)
Laura Mc 1+20DU (12)
Andy L 1+1DU Rxd
Steve W 3+7SN Rxd
Andy J 4+29DU Rxd
Steve P 2+7SN (25)

Mary W 4+9DU Rxd
Steve T 5+11SN Rxd

Joe R 1+2SN Rxd
Michael Mac 1+13DU Masters Rxd
Janelle K 2+9DU Rxd
Steve A 2+8DU Rxd
Tiff B 2+12SN Rxd

Robyn B 2+8SN Mod
Steph R 4+13BJ Mod
Matt J 4+3DU Rxd
Shaun O 3 Rxd
Damian Mc 1+2DU (12kg)
Sally K 4 (Mod)
Jason C 2+4SN Rxd
Damian L 6+120m (Row/KB)
Costa L 2+30DU
Peter F 2+5SN Rxd
Simon T 3+3SN Rxd
James H 2 (15kg)
Karl L 2+10DU Rxd
Jacqui W 2+2SN (15kg)
Ed B 4 Rxd
Nathan B 3+12SN Rxd
Lee H 3 Rxd
Garry O 4+8SN Rxd

Brooke B 3+1SN (15kg)
Alex B 3 (150m row)
Rashan M 2+6SN Rxd
Ryan T 4+17DU Rxd
Matt H 1+9SN Rxd

6pm O-Lift
Darren W
Micah M
Mary W
Anna R
Emma K
Brandon D
Monique H
Liz B

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