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Wow! How exciting. I am handy with a paint brush and a broom if you need it, lol.


You bet Sarah, we are going to have some huge working bees:-)

Pat B

Dude!!! that is awesome!! What is the total size?

Pat B

Never mind I just read the post.. the pretty pictures distracted me.

Emma Keogh

O.....M.....G it's so big you could flip those cars inside for a WOD if you wanted to :)


Looks awesome Matt , well done .


Pat ... hahaha

Emma ... we don't get to keep the cars


So I'm predicting the first WOD after you take possession will be an AMRAP of farmers carry of gear down to the new site and a 50m run back.

helen b

woohoo! its huge ! Impressive. plenty of willing workers will be available too.



Awesome Matt!!! How exciting!!!

Brad F

It may not be an AMRAP, instead an AMRAIT (as many reps as it takes). Whatever it is you can count me in. Big Gratz Matt.

Andrew L

Lol, re the working bee, if Timmy Long's assistance during the post flood cleanup at my place was any indication, a whole crew of CrossFitters will get the place spick and span and ready to rock in record time... count me in :)


shotgun flipping 1 (ONE) tyre to its new home!

Dan R

Looks impressive. Will make a great set up

Kath McCormack

LOOKS AWESOME! Congrats Matt and Wendy on building such an amazing business/community. You are a massive inspiration for us down here in Melb... Looking forward to coming up and visiting soon.

Ashley Shield

Congratulations to you Matt and Wendy and to the whole team as mentioned above this is a testament to the business you have built. You are both and inspiration as coaches/people and athletes. Thankyou for your for-site to bring Crossfit to me and all of us.

Bill S

Well done Matt....looks huge!! How handy is it being 3 doors down and on the same street? It was meant to be!!! :-)

Kate S

Can't wait. Talk about growth. Remember Fitnance.. I think I had my first few workouts with you Matt in that tiny little sweatbox.

Lee Wade

Awesome Matt & Wendy. You must be so pleased, proud and stressed I bet. :-)
lee :-)

Rach W

Wow!! That's going to be AWESOME guys!!

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