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Alex C

In case I forget happy birthday lily love the back bend :-)

Chris Bohan

Crossfit Zurich

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters (dodging traffic)
5 Back squats, 100kg.


Brett F

Happy Birthday Lil.

Kate Suna

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, you look like a monkey and train in a zoo!!! Luckily, you really don't look like a monkey Lil. Have a wonderful day and make sure the boys all you spoil you (wash up for her after brekky Jimmy!!).


Happy Birthday Lil!! Hope you have a fantastic day

Bill S

Happy birthday Lilly!!

4am in WA:

Bill S 45kg/45kg/50kg/50kg(F)/50kg/50kg/50kg/50kg/55kg(F)/55kg


Mel B 15
Corinne D 15-17.5
Gary B 30-40
Lauren D 15-17.5
Dave B 20-30
Bill C 30 Across
Montana C 20-25
James S 20-30
Alex C 27.5-30
Caryn A 15 Across
Sonya R 20
Vaughan N 15
Darren W 40-62.5
Kate T 15-23.5
Clayton R 40-50
Robbie C 30-40
Luke Y 30-40
Mel P 20-22.5
Rob Co 40-50
Allyson L 15-20
Tim H
Josh G 40-45 (3 OHS)
Fi Mc
Emma H
Amy H
Rebecca S 30
John B 50
Lachlan B 40
Micah M 50-67
Steve M 40-50
Miles W 40

Bron V 17.5
Tom R 60-70
Glen W 35-55 (HPC/FSQ)
Alan H 35-45 (2)
Joe R 15
Brad Mc 40-60
Michael L 35-52.5
Nathan S
Danise H 12
Natasha N 17.5
Michael C 20
Monique H Rehab
Angela W 20-27.5
Jon A 20-37.5
Chris P 15
Alastair G
Brad F
Sue-Ann L 15
Helen M 17.5
Martin R Games WOD 11.2 6+2PU Rxd

Gary B

Happy birthday, Lil ... and please don't you be in any hurry to run off and start your own gym!


Trainer WOD
Lily 35-42.5
Jimmy 60-70

Andy L 25-30
Krista M 20-27.5
Helen B 15-21.5
Viggi H 20-30
Josh Mc 20
Jazz B 17.5-20
Steve T 40-55
Rob Mc 20-40
Sarah S 17.5-20
Louise B 15-25
Annette H 25
Sharif D 30-60 (HPC)
Rohan B 30-45
Ian B 40-52
Shane H 40-55
Matt H 20-35
John S 20-30
Kae Mc 15
John H 40-55
Joel B 40-50
Laura Mc 15
Michael W 20
Jenni R 20-22.5
Donna J 15 (OHS) 7x3
Ben L 35-40
Steve P 25-30
Andy J 40-50
Ingrid K 15

Kate S

@ home
Gene S 40-55kg
Kate S 30-40kg

mIcHeLLe C

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lily!! I second that Gary B :)

Wendy S

Happy Birthday Lily Doll!!!! You're awesome!

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