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I am celebrating my 2nd anniversary at CFB today. There have been so many great experiences and memories and I look forward to enjoying many more. In reflecting on what the most significant outcome of the 2 years has been I would say it's the self-awareness that comes from accepting the challenge each day and exploring ones own limits.

It has been helpful that the Games wods have been running as they have helped create my "report card". Sadly I can't embed graphics in this post as I have created a visual plot of my competencies across the movements performed in the first 4 weeks of competition. It is revealing and I have shared it with Matt and am happy to show it freely. It tells me that I have come a long way in some areas and am well behind in others.

After 4 weeks of Games wods I am 186th of 216 50-54 y/o's. I am excited to just be in the 216! In population terms that's not a big sample across the world so I already feel a little bit differentiated. But more importantly being 30 from the bottom has fired me up beyond words to do better next year.

It's having the belief that I can improve on my deficiencies, the faith in the coaches to enable me and above all the burning passion and desire to become better... that will do me as a summary of why I love CrossFit!

Thanks to all the coaches and staff for the last 2 years and above all thanks to every other CFB member - in particular those with whom I have struggled, sweated, sworn and rejoiced ..... I am grateful to all of you and look forward to many more sessions of the same....

Emma Keogh

Happy 2 year Crossfit Birthday Roger you are a legend mate and totally represent the spirit of Crossfit! One can only hope to still be tearing up WODs like you when we reach the "golden years" :)

The 50-54s better watch out next year.....the Fossil is coming!!!


Happy 2nd year Roger , mate you are a true inspiration to alot of people .

Keep up the good work .


When I'm your age, I want to be as strong as you. Actually, I want to be as strong as you now!

helen b

indeed Happy 2 Year anniversary Roger. Long may you crossfit



Melody J

My wod...
walk up and down hospital corridor 5 times.

Shane H

Awesome stuff Roger you are a legend mate and it doesnt matter were you finish in the world
being in there to start with is the greatest acomplishment stay strong and i look forward to the years ahead crossfitting with you

Tim L

excellent stuff fossil! when (if) i grow up, i would love to have the passion fire and joy that you have and bring to cfb and our little community :D


Ed B 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Andy W 4+2 Clean Rxd
Gary B 5+3 Cleans Rxd
Kate T 3+3 Cleans
Katrina C
Montana C
Kate W 7+3 T2B Rxd
Lauren D 7+4 Clean 25kg
Jo L 7+2 Clean 25kg
John J 5+5 V-up (50kg)
Micah M 7+3 WB Rxd
Mel B 5+4 T2B (30kg)
Rebecca S 3+6 T2B
Alex C 1+1 T2B Rxd
Miles W 3+7 WB Rxd
Darren W 6+8 T2B rxd
Jim H 6+2 Clean (40kg)
Brad Mc 7+3 Clean Rxd
Chris C 5+9 WB Rxd
John B 7+4 T2B Rxd

Chris B 6+6 T2B Rxd
Victoria O 6+10 WB Mod
Steve M 7+3 Clean Rxd
Denise H 4+4 WB (SU/20kg)
Steve W 6+4 WB Rxd
Steve Mc 6+1 Clean Rxd
Bill C 6 Rxd
Tim H 5+6 T2B Rxd (Masters)
Corey W 7+10 T2B Rxd
Dalibor I 5+5 Cleans (50kg)
Rob Co 7 Rxd
Karel W 4+3 T2B Rxd
Anna R 6+2 T2B Rxd
Tim L 8+4 T2B
Mon H
Claire M 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Suzy B 7 (20kg/SU)
Michael C 5+7 WB Rxd
Glen W 5+5 Clean (Mod) 40kg

7am Games WOD
Emma K 7+1 WB Rxd
Matt J 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Dominic P 4+13 WB (40kg)

7am Intro
Ross 5+9 SDHP Rxd
Harry 3+4 BJ
Garry DNF
Bella 5 Rxd
Justin 4+3 SDHP Rxd
Adam 3+1 SDHP Rxd

Alex C

Thankyou Clay for your encouragement this morning. It was really appreciated :-)


Well said Roger! - its great to have somebody to compete against - even though you have pulled ahead in the last few months :)

What I most remember is how you have worked through any injury issues you have had and then moved forward - that says a lot about your character.

Being a baby master myself one of the things Crossfit has done for me is helped fix some of the injury issues i had when i came.
When i started every time I did a burpee it hurt my back i just could not do them , I then progressed to doing them but i could not land in a squat and then this week I managed the wod and jumped all burpees into a squat pain free - I like Crossfit's reverse aging :)

However when I grow into a full master I want to be Tim H - what a weapon he is !


Ingrid O 6+4 Cleans (35kg/5 T2B)
Greg A 5+1 Clean (50kg / T2R)
Maddie L 5 rnds (30kg + 5kg DB Thruster)
Viggi H 6+5 SU (40kg)
Sean R 4+3 T2B (40)
Mick L 4+9 T2B Rxd
Alex S 7+5 Cleans (40kg)
Amorica R 7+5 Cleans (V-Sit)
Kate M 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Christian T 5+2 Cleans (50kg)
Andrew C 6+9 WB (30kg / V-Sit)
Rob B 6 (40kg)
Donna J 7+10 FS P (30kg/SU/FSq-Press)
Sarah S 4+1 Clean (V-sit)
Mitch B 5+3 WB (40kg)

Tim H

Congratulations Young Fossil. Your enthusiasm is infectious and a driving force for me not to let you youngsters get too far ahead.
Thanks Miles for your support and encouragement too (not quite sure what type of weapon you were thinking of though, rusty, broken, blunt, ...).

Megan Pearson

Megan's WOD: climbed The Great Wall of China, Beijing - 4 km up stairs!!!

Gary B

Whoever said young people today have no respect for their elders obviously didn't know about CrossFit. Fossil and Tim, you older guys are the most profound inspiration to us younger blokes. When other chaps your age up putting their feet up and making hundreds of lame excuses, you guys are in the gym every day battling it out with the rest of us. It's no suprise that we look up to you with great respect and think, Now that's where I want to be when I'm his age!


Shane H 5+1 Clean Rxd
Annette H 5+3 Cleans Rxd
Olivia G 5 + 2 Cleans Rxd
Oz 5+5 T2B Rxd (15min)
Joel B 6+10 T2B Rxd
Marty R 7+4 Clean sRxd
Eric A 5+8 DB Thrusters (35kg)
Michael L 6+10 T2B (50kg)
James HR 3+5 T2B Rxd
Sumi N 6+10 SU (20kg)
Tim P 5+2 Cleans (50kg)
James W 6+8 V-up
Ian B 6+14 WB Rxd

1pm Games WOD
Clay 5+3 WB Rxd
Danny 6+3 T2B Rxd
Andy J 5+5 T2B Rxd

4pm Games WOD
Cam LJ 7+8 T2B Rxd
Steve A 5+9 T2B Rxd
Roger S 4+7 WB Rxd
Ben S 7+2 T2B
Natan G 8+11 WB Rxd
Fi Mc 6+9 WB (30kg)
Aaron P 8+7 T2B Rxd
Krista M 2+4 T2B Rxd
Ben H 7+3 T2B Rxd

Jason C 5 Cleans Rxd
Mary W 6+6 T2B Rxd
Sean G 7 Rxd
Michael P 6+1 T2B Rxd
James H 1+7 WB (40kg)
Garry O 8+5 Cleans Rxd
Costa L 7 (45/SU)
Lee H 6+1 Clean Rxd
Lachlan S 6+1 T2B Rxd
Libby A 7+2WB (25kg/SU)
Gerard L 5+10 T2B Rxd
Andy T 5+9 T2B (45kg)
Dane D 5+1 Clean Rxd
Matt B 3+2 Cleans (50kg)
Steph R
Ryan M 6+3 Cleans Rxd
Sarah B 5+10 SU (25kg)
Andy Mc 5+4 WB Rxd
Alex A 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Chris Mc 7+8 T2B Rxd
Jean M 7+3 WB (20kg/SU)
Emma H 6+1 Cleans Rxd
Amy H 6+5 Cleans Rxd
Trent A 4+2 Cleans (30kg)
Simon T 5+3 T2B Rxd
Tiff B 6+5+3 (Mod)

Tom R 7+10 T2B Rxd
Steph S 7 (25kg/Vup)
Liz S 5+9 WB (25kg/Vup)
Brooke B 7+10 Vup (27.5kg)
Janelle K 11+3PU (5DL/10Vup/5PU)
Elliott P 6+12 WB Rxd
Damian L 10+1 SU (50kg PC/SU/PP)
Joe G 4+7 T2B (50kg)
Jonathan S 5+1 Vup (50kg/Vup)
James L 5+9 T2B (50kg)
Scott L 5+1 WB (50kg)
Jon C 5+1 T2B

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